Pulse of Life…and Love

There’s a pulse that beats steadily around the world, indeed WITHIN the center of our Earth’s makeup.  Alive with the breath of BE-ing.  Awakened through the powerful force of love.  As the blood travels daily from the heart center of our bodies to the tips of our fingers, so does this love travels into every tiny cell of every living thing. 

We forget in the busy-ness of our lives that the vibration of love and of LIFE is ever present, hovering around us, always ready to enter into the whole of our being.  It is we who put up our hand and ask it to wait a moment…when we finish this or that, when we have time to be still and allow it, when the emotions that keep us tied to past experiences aren’t weighing us down, when we are so exhausted we can’t possibly keep up the pace.  And then we stop.  We begin to surrender and to allow the pulse to beat within our own hearts…in rhythm with the heart of our Divine Mother Earth.  As we fall in step with her vibrations, we become channels of love and healing.  We awaken the quest for peace and consciousness that already lives within.  And we step forward into our own purpose and passion.

THIS is the journey friends.  Pausing, being still long enough to feel the rhythm, to allow our own heart to move in sync with that of our Great Mother.  In doing so, we not only connect to the Source, but we uplift All That Is and become instruments of change. 

And in truth, if you are here, reading this….surely this is your heart’s desire.  You seek to become more and more connected to WHO YOU ARE as a Divine presence walking on this earth.  You open yourself to her embrace and guidance.  She is ever with you…in the breeze through the trees, the rippling of the water’s edge, the song of the bluebird in your backyard.  SHE is all around you.  Waiting, patient, always available to you.  Open your heart….let her voice stir your soul.  She speaks to you directly….often….just listen…she’s in the whispers of your heart….


Beyond Our Own Belief

“What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine.”  ~Oprah, Master Class~

Can you find in your life where this has proven true?  It goes along with having our prayers “answered.”  What we expect to be the answer isn’t always what the Universe lovingly holds for us.  And yet, sometimes we’re so sure we KNOW how something’s supposed to turn out. 

As I’m contemplating this quote by Oprah that I love so much, I’m reminded of my own marriage.  At the age of 20, I was sure I knew what I wanted in a partner.  A few years into our marriage, I was equally as sure I didn’t have it!  We embarked on a rocky road that lasted for some time, albeit through some very good ups and not-so-great downs. 

About five years ago I realized what is so true in so many ways in our lives:  God gave me what I needed, and what my HEART wanted.  He intended for me to have a partner who is loving, committed, patient, compassionate–and yes, as strong and determined as I can be.  All of what I thought I was missing those early years was surface, the “niceties” if you will.  When this whole time, the qualities that matter most were always here for me.  I just wasn’t grown enough, open enough and healed enough to receive them. 

What God intended for me went far beyond anything I could have imagined when I began this relationship journey.  I couldn’t have known, and yet I was so sure I did.  For a bit I was cross with the “powers that be” for putting me in a relationship that offered NONE of what I wanted.  What on earth had happened?

It’s amazing to me now, from here, to look back and remember that feeling.  But what is so much greater than that feeling is the *knowing inside of me that the Universe gave me the best possible partner, filling each of us with a Divine Love to carry our marriage through the most difficult of times.  For here’s what’s true:  there is no human love that could have fulfilled such a tall order. 

I am so very blessed.  And while much of this seems about my marriage and my own journey, it’s truly about what is possible and how we fool ourselves.  I was in some ways very ignorant to something so much greater than me.  Indeed, I couldn’t have known.  For so long I believed that God wasn’t listening, wasn’t answering, wasn’t there.  And yet, all through the most difficult of our struggles, Divine Presence was the “glue” that held us together.  For that was in no way of ourselves. 

I heard someone say the other day about writing his autobiography that we learn things about ourselves as we write, the Divine inspiration comes through the process.  And I’ve just learned something–well, I’m sure I *knew it, but I’ve just learned a new language for it.  Thinking about how this relates to the whispers of our hearts, I realize it wasn’t my heart’s whispers that cried at night when I felt so unhappy and empty inside.  For yes, the heart whispers are our heart and soul speaking to us.  The unhappiness I felt–that was the pain, the space of my heart that required healing crying out to ME.  It wasn’t about my husband at all.  I couldn’t hear those whispers, the pain was too great and had to be lovingly healed.

The journey of self and Spirit amazes me always.  We have so much to learn, and so many places in which to surrender what we think is true.  For behind the scenes and indeed–beyond the veil–there is a greater Force at work.  She is the Divine essence of Love.  She is always with us, even when we believe it to be otherwise.  We have only to surrender our hurt, our pride, our desire to hold onto pain…and let it all go.  For in its place lives a beautiful, loving embrace of what is true. 

And so my friends, know this:  wherever it is in your life you feel your prayers are unanswered, your wishes unheard and your deepest desires discarded–THAT is where Spirit is working the most on your behalf.  She holds a space in which exactly what you long for is already available to you, waiting for you to know, to be present and to be able to acknowledge it without judgment and old wounds getting in your way.  Wherever you are in this process, call on Spirit to whisper her Love into the space of your heart in a way that allows you to move forward.  Some of us are in the healing process in a very direct and deep way, creating shifts of change in our lives that are long overdue.  Others of us presently move with the Flow and feel the next step of our journey unfolding. 

However you find yourself today….whatever is your truth in this moment…..Divine Love is ever with you.  She forever lives in the whispers of your heart…..and will hold space for you to meet her there……

Breath of Fresh Air

The beauty of having a period of time in your life when you feel as though you are virtually drowning, is that moment when the waves subside, the water recedes, and your spirit feels alive again as you begin to BREATHE.  In this space, every breath feels invigorating, filled with Life Force and a desire to embrace your self, your life, your loved ones and all that is around you with love and elation.

How amazing it is to me–life can look and feel so different from one day to the next.  We take for granted the ease with which the flow of our emotions, our dreams, our love can be moved and shift in the most substantial of ways.  Springtime–fresh air; feel it, breathe it in and know this is the breath of life entering every cell of your body.  Let it fill you up, pleasing all of your senses in doing so.  Really focus your attention on the exhilaration you feel fully in yourself as you breathe it in.  So simple.  Yet profoundly awakening.

And so that’s it for today friends.  A breath of fresh air–allow her to envelop you in her embrace.  Her sensual delights stirring the passions within you, compelling you to live in this moment, fully present to WHO you are in the core of your spirit.  Feel it.  Sense it.  BE it.  BE YOU.  However that is for today, whatever you feel this day–allow it to be so.  And in those moments you begin to waiver, turn your attention back to the air you breathe.  Step outside, breathe in the energy of Life awaiting you.

For it is in this space of Oneness, you are lovingly offered the message of connection and being…..from the truth of your spirit…..the depths of soul……and in the whispers of your heart…..

Soul Fragments

“Forgiveness is giving up hope that the past could have been any different.” ~ Oprah

Really just take a moment and let your self fully digest this concept. We’ve all learned about forgiveness, but consider the spiritual alchemy of this statement.  “Giving up hope” – something we are not often inclined to do.  Instead we put an enormous amount of energy into hoping, wishing, attracting.  And yet–full reality is we cannot change the past.  So why “wish” it wouldn’t have happened the way it did?  What you have experienced is already imprinted on your spirit and your life–as part of who you are and where you’ve been.  Even if you would not repeat those same experiences, even if you are different today than you were then–the truth remains they are still a part of what makes you YOU.

Let’s begin with how the events of our life shape us, stretch us, grow us and support us in becoming more fully the living essence of the Divine.  We are meant to have challenges, we are meant to experience the fullness of both joy and pain.  The soul has no labels on what transpires in our lives, it is the human mind that creates such storylines.  We are merely players in a Divine play, we are the characters acting out what is meant to inspire, enlighten, empower and move us in our Earth journey.  The soul understands there is a richness in the life of Earth school.  And the soul doesn’t judge what we encounter along the way.

Here’s what happens when we hold onto something past its time in our lives:  the spirit splits, leaving a piece of YOU in that space of time.  You become fragmented and the ability to bring yourself present is challenging if not impossible.  For if you hold onto something from the past, a similar emotion will be triggered in present time, preventing you from being open to what is available to you NOW as you are filled up with hurt, anger, resentment, frustration.  Your cup is too full.  Your spirit is left in a trail over the years of your life and you remain “broken.”

Forgiveness, my friends.  Just letting go of the hope, the wish, the desire for things to have been different than they were.  If you are on this journey, then somewhere inside of you is a belief in the Divine purpose of our existence–ALL of our existence.  We can’t then opt to say, well, Spirit wanted this wonderful blessing for me, but evil forces brought on that negative experience.  And it is we HUMANS who have given these labels of “good” and “bad.”  But that’s a whole other day’s discussion….

Here’s what’s true:  We grow as fast as we choose to.  Can you choose to forgive?  To let go, to accept your life experiences as part of your necessary journey to embrace the beautiful Divine spirit you are?  It’s a choice.  How ready are you to make it?

Begin with the things you can let go of, taking the time you need to work through this process.  Write down all that you know you’re holding on to still, and then allow yourself to go on and write the things you weren’t aware of; once you begin, it will flow naturally.  And then, start where you can, the places you’re ready to acknowledge as part of your journey.

Don’t forget to include the forgiveness you need to give yourself.  Turn inward and find compassion for who you were then, understanding we are constantly evolving and today you might choose differently.  Find love for yourself as you hold the greatest power there is to love YOU.  Your soul knows it, your heart feels it.  Listen……for if you allow it, you will hear it in the gentlest of whispers……

Your Words Are Your Prayers

In the most traditional sense to many of us raised in the Western hemisphere–prayer consists of getting on your knees, finding just the right words and the right “way” to ask God for what we need in that moment. All too often the desire to “pray” arises out of the desperate need to have a greater power quickly create miracles on our behalf. But truly, does not this concept of prayer at times feel empty, disconnected and without the loving intimacy of joining together with the Divine? Where is the joy? Absent is any sense of being embraced by one who supports us in becoming our most authentic and empowered selves. Instead, it feels as though we stand in front of The Great and Powerful OZ–hoping to be acknowledged and heard, willing to do anything to earn his assistance.

What I believe to be true is that we are always loved and nurtured by All That Is. The Universe WANTS us to find happiness, joy, passion and delight over the course of our lives. Spirit journeys with us into the darkest of our shadows, and celebrates our Divine light of being as our inner spirit shines and thrives. Through all of these experiences, we remain in the arms of Compassion, carried into the depths of who we truly are, with the Universe ever-present as Guide and Caretaker on the journey.

We are Divine, born of the Divine Mother and Father to this entire Universe. The Divine lives IN us–IS us. And so, all of our words, our thoughts, our actions–each one is its own prayer. Indeed we live in a world Divinely created, and so whether we interact with another person or creature, it’s the heart of the Divine whom we meet and engage. If prayer is “speaking to God”–or in our language–talking to the Divine, then it’s true that every word we utter is prayer.

Spirit is always with us, always available to connect with us in whatever way we allow. It’s not something we have to earn or prepare just right for it to happen. It’s our birthright, naturally a part of who we are and what our life IS. We don’t need to do good deeds, sit in the right pose or say the right words to share in the power of Spirit. Nor are we “entitled” to it–it simply IS. Our only choice–to allow it to be so. Wherever we are, whatever we may be doing, we are in a state of prayer–spiritual prayer. A very different form of praying from any religious standard. This is not to say we don’t all have our own rituals, our own preferences and natural style of dialogue. But there are NONE that are necessary to connect to Spirit. That my friends is GRACE in action.

I would invite you to visit the website of a friend, Virginia Ellenson and her site Labyrinth Journal. Virginia has created a unique way of allowing our words to organically form into prayers, much like the meditative walk into the center of the labyrinth and back out. In her labyrinth writing, words flow and create a form of their own that becomes a beautiful prayer. When your heart most feels the desire to deeply connect and you aren’t sure just what the words are, take a moment to visit the Labyrinth Journal and try Virginia’s practice of writing your prayers. All that is needed from you is to allow the words to flow, and you’ll be amazed at what you find within yourself.

What prayers are in your heart today? For these often offer the most profoundly intimate of connection with the Divine. We hear the truth of ourselves, understand our deepest desires and enter into the sacred space of healing through the heart chakra. And the pathway there, loved ones…..is through the quietest and most gentle whispers of your heart…..

Understanding the Attraction

We come to this life–and if you believe in reincarnation or past lives, all our lives–with a contract, a chart, a purpose to our journey here.  If you have chosen to believe this as true, then it must also be true that what comes into our lives is meant to, and can ultimately enhance our union with Spirit and one another as well as connect us more intimately to who we are.

Continuing on this premise then, every experience in our lives is “good.”  At times we can easily concur, but in those moments even when what we are feeling or facing doesn’t feel so “good” anymore, the truth remains.  As much as we can attract the more enjoyable aspects of living on this Earth into our lives, we also attract the less pleasant experiences to assist us in becoming more authentic.  Taking time out to understand the attraction is a necessary tool in achieving this.

We each have a core belief system–attained in part by the energy we naturally carry as well as through our experiences and even the upbringing and tribal cultures we experienced as a child and continue to experience as adults.  It can at times be difficult not to “take on” what is true for others–indeed the majority in some cases–around us.  And even more complex is the reality of realizing we have beliefs buried within that have yet to make themselves clear to us–until the “bumps” of life catapult one of them directly to the forefront.

While it may not seem so, it’s so very beneficial to take time out of your confusion, pain or frustration to understand WHY you attracted this situation, person, feeling into your life.  It’s equally as important to do this when the “good” enters our lives, however the times that life feels a bit more difficult somehow offer to us a wealth of insight if we allow it.  It’s unnatural to want to go within during these times, but the spirit begs for us to do just that.  While in the space of our innermost being, we can connect to what is true “behind the eyes.”  Shifting into this very real perspective is moving into the process of transformation–spiritual alchemy.

Whatever it is in your life–ask yourself–why did I attract this particular situation here, now?  What underlying belief is driving its presence?  Do you not feel enough on your own?  Are you missing your true joy?  Is change too unbearable for you to move into something new in your life and so the old holds you in its clutches?  Did you think this person, place, idea would make you something more than you are?  Where have you lost sight of your dreams, hopes, desires and your true self?  If you are able to pinpoint some of these answers, you will quickly realize the belief you’ve carried all this time, weaving itself so forcefully into your life, only to assist you in letting go of what is no longer true for you.

We can easily get caught up in the Rat Race when our goal is to live fully in the Heart.  The pathway there is to be still….and to listen……to the whispers of your heart…..for you will hear your truth if you do…..

Reconnecting Through Lessons Learned

Life is funny sometimes, isn’t it?  Just when we are feeling full of all it has to offer us, we may be knocked from the mountain top in the space of a heartbeat.  And not only does the fall hurt, the cuts and scrapes along the way bring their own pain and wounding.

But here’s what’s true friends:  every experience in our lives, sometimes most especially the uncomfortable ones, offers to us the opportunity to reconnect and grow stronger in who we are.  The truth is that so often we find the purest essence of Spirit as we are experiencing some of our lowest places.  Is that not the beauty of this journey?  Just as we are feeling our hearts ripped open, and a hopelessness in doing anything to make it different, we are reminded that our inner life is what matters the most.  We are offered the loving arms of comfort from the Divine.  And if we are allowing it, Grace is penetrating our every cell.  And in this place–there is nothing TO do, except to simply  “allow.”

Just realizing these truths, feeling the love of the Universe weave herself through the pain of our emotions, brings comfort and healing and awakens us once again to the yearning from within.  We find ourselves stirred to continue this path with purpose, to reconnect to All That Is and strengthen our ability to be authentic.  We are blessed beyond measure….and we have only to be still long enough to realize it.  So take your time today, loved ones, to be still…and to listen…..to your own heartbeat….and the whispers of loving truth you find there….