Emotion as Wisdom Carrier

We are so afraid of the waters within us that we often tense as soon as we see tears, asking what’s wrong. When perhaps we need to ask those at sea, ‘what do you see?~ The Book of Awakening

Just take a moment–read that message again and feel it seep into your being. We are so programmed to believe tears are a sign of something being wrong, someone needing to be fixed, rescued, comforted. Sometimes we miss the transformation and download of wisdom being received on a soul level. Often when we are in the midst of such rich ability to sense, to feel with every ounce of our being, we are undergoing a very deep release, which in turn brings in the grace of awakening–shifting our very perception of who we are and how we relate to this life.

Interesting this was the first communication with the ‘outside world’ for me today–this bit of truth from The Book of Awakening‘s daily dose of inspiration, received from my sister through text. We share a very open and intimate relationship when it comes to our emotions, so even the fact that it was she who shared this with me is significant.

What she couldn’t have known was the course of my morning. The number of tears that fell unexpectedly from the core of my being as I wrestled with a situation that appears to be just one of life’s ‘common dilemmas’ but is so clearly a call from my soul to go deeper, to SEE more of who I am and how I wish to live that truth. The turmoil within was so much a part of who I’ve been, the way my beliefs have formed, the ‘reality’ that lives in my cellular tissue even–that I ended up with a headache. That old familiar neck tension, the feeling in my throat that it’s closing, tight, unable–but perhaps even unWILLING to be moved. The stage of healing the wounds that lived there feels to have taken place. It’s now a matter of honoring my soul that has rested in that space–my 5th chakra. So many of my life’s lessons emanate from that energy center. She has become a familiar friend….and sometimes adversary.

When Lydia sent that text, she had no idea I’d been in dialogue with my soul this morning, engaging this very truth. The impulse was to name it, fix it, be done with it. Yet–it just wasn’t that simple. Instead, I had to listen with my heart and see with the eyes of my soul. I had to let go, turn inward and ask ‘Jackie, what do you see?’ And then the choice–to listen to her voice–my voice.

As I opened myself fully to listen, I felt the shift, the release of emotion as well as old paradigms of how to live, who to be. I connected deeply with another space of my authentic self. Ego was asked to step aside so that my soul could guide my way. Once the fear became clear, the decision became easy–the path that doesn’t give fear the leading role.

And so I ask you my friends….not what’s wrong with you or how to fix you so you’re ‘happy.’ But rather…’what do you see?’ from where YOU are? Through the mists that lie between our mind and our soul….when you look more intensely and listen with your heart….what do you find there?

Much love…xoxo