Ever Present

As I look out the window this morning in contemplation about today’s post….there is a stillness in the air. It’s that fresh morning calm when humans are mostly asleep, inside their homes and still quiet in our neighborhood, enjoying the serenity of Saturday morning. The squirrels aren’t yet up and scattering about as they play and gather leaves for their autumn nest. Birds remain tucked away in their quiet places too. And there is a sweet hush present here inside the house.

And yet, I’m struck by a line from The Peaceful Warrior:

There’s never ‘nothing’ going on.

What Socrates was intending to teach Dan was that the energy of our Universe is ever present. Beyond what we can see with our human eyes, there is always something greater, deeper, very profound at work. The trees are growing even though we don’t see it happening. I’m certain that somewhere beyond my window there are little bunnies hopping about, for they love the quiet of dawn. Even here in the house, although people are quiet, the cats have already enjoyed in their breakfast, and Stanley is now contentedly curled up on my lap as I type this.

Clouds are moving in the sky, people are awaking to the start of a fresh new day. And even the tiniest of Nature’s creatures, the ants are surely already up and at work. There is a pulse of Life that is ever present dear ones. And She beats as steadily as does the native’s drum, the healthy heart, the music’s rhythm. She is ever present, ever breathing the beauty of living into Her planet and all her Divine creatures.

Remember this as you go through your day. ‘There’s never nothing going on.’ Always there is the energy of BE-ing surrounding our Universe. And here’s the most appealing aspect of this truth: always we are called to allow it to embrace us fully, always this loving grace is present to weave itself into the very fibers of our being and through us extend outward around the globe–touching all of Life. This is one of the greatest gifts offered to us as human beings, the warmth of Divine presence. She is always with us, divinely orchestrating Her symphony of Life–ever present.

Energy of the Goddess

We all do it. Enthusiastic about a new project or shift in our life, we go full speed ahead, reveling in every beautiful moment of creation and birthing what has grown within us. Only to realize suddenly that the drive, the enthusiasm, the excitement have run their course, and it’s time to step back and quiet our inner self once again.

Here is the space in which I find myself. So much has occurred in a short period of time, opening my self to new energies, new opportunities and ways of experiencing life and myself. I’ve followed the steps along the way and moved with the drive of the masculine energy we all carry. And now…it is the call of the Goddess that comes.

She is soft and warm, welcoming and honoring the spirit within. There is a beckoning to go more deeply within and hear the stillness breathing with the beat of my own heart. So much has been accomplished, changes have been made, spaces of letting go and allowing new life to enter. And now, the silence has come to call.

It’s the castle of our souls we long to enter. The space of sacred presence that is mingled with Divine love, healing and purpose of our being. Here we encounter both the light and shadow of ourselves, the fears and gifts alike. Here we sit in the company of the Divine, soaking in the radiance of purity so brilliant it blinds the naked eye.

We ache for this experience, to be in this place, the sanctuary of our souls. It plays out as a desire to be full, loved, fed, warmed in our physical life. And yet at the depths of our being is the truth: we literally LONG for the Divine to fill us up. Instinctively we seek out a space in which to feel ‘enough’ and connect to the passion of our spirit. And from deep within ourselves, the need to share communion with the sacred is the force that overrides all other thoughts and desires.

Listen my friends. Be still long enough to feel it, to hear it–the energy of the Goddess. She waits for you, opening herself to surround you with grace. She is calling to your soul…..you’ll hear her voice….in the whispers of your heart……