Staying True

We can’t possibly know what Life will bring to us each day…nor even begin to understand what our response to each moment might be. One note of guidance I would offer: ‘stay true to you.’ 

It’s all too easy to get caught up in what might be best for someone else, how we can make them feel good or better–to see how they need to be more at peace, joy, rest within themselves and attempt to alter our choices in order to assist them in accomplishing that state of being. Yet, no matter what we do for someone else–these are gifts we are unable to give as they truly come from deep within

© Alicepopkorn/Flickr Creative Commons License

Perhaps this is one of Life’s greatest lessons to learn–Honor the beauty and grace that is YOU. I’ve mentioned before that years ago my family said to me to choose what was best for me, and trust that as the mother of my children it would be what is best for them too. The ‘best’ in this case is that which whispers to us from the purity of our own hearts. When we are in tune with that frequency, we position ourselves to follow the Divine guidance being sent to us in each moment. 

We cannot gift well being to others. But what we CAN do is to honor the voice we each carry from within, and through that journey, we will certainly enhance the lives of those around us–whether we are able to see the impact or not. As we allow our own light to shine, we increase the light that shines from those whom we touch. This is truth, my friends. As we choose to heal, we also increase the healing present in those we love. When we are open to the abundance of the Universe, somehow that impacts the abundance flowing into the lives with whom we connect. 

I choose Life, Love, Joy. I choose to honor each emotion that creeps into my awareness without judgment. I choose ‘staying true’ to the fullness of who I am. And I claim the consciousness that my choices do indeed affect the WHOLE. For it is truth that we are indeed ONE. As I stay true to me, I honor the truth that is you. 

May we each allow the Light of who we are to shine brightly. Namaste’, dear ones: I see the light in you. 

Much love.