Love is Seduction

‘More and more people are realizing to love their mate intimately and honestly is their spiritual practice; the two are not separate.’ ~ Aphrodite’s Daughters

I read an article yesterday titled ‘Danger: How to Know If You’re Having an Emotional Affair‘, and although I understand a bit of the intention, parts of it really fired me up. The overall message in the article felt focused on keeping our hearts ‘in check’ and maintaining a marriage the way it ‘should’ be done.

It’s challenging for me to find the ‘shoulds’ in my marriage, in my love for my husband, my lover. For me, the commitment I feel for him and for what we share and create together comes directly FROM my heart. If we place rules and limitations on what the heart is allowed to feel, to express, to honor, how then can we possibly be in an open, honest relationship with ourselves or our partners?

A Mermaid in the Sunset - Love is Seduction by Marco Busoni
A Mermaid in the Sunset – Love is Seduction by Marco Busoni

I’m not advocating for affairs, for blind followings of lust or heartthrob. I’m saying there is a beauty to the raw wildness of our hearts, and if we can trust its whisperings, whatever action we take will ultimately and certainly lead us deeper into a knowing of ourselves and subsequently all those with whom we share intimacy. This is true not only of our lovers and partners in a physical sense, but of those we love on the deepest levels, with whom we can be naked in some way.

To imply that intimacy comes from adhering to a set of rules and how it should be feels in opposition to the very beauty that IS intimacy. Intimacy for me is a purity of self, an allowing of what is rather than a stamping out of what ‘should not’ be. There’s a beautiful unveiling that takes place when we follow the seduction of our hearts. How does one determine, with what measure can anyone possibly say the heart is wrong?

Perhaps there is an attraction, a genuine heart-centered connection occurring. I believe we must first be honest with ourselves regarding what we feel. We must take the temperature of our own beliefs and values, honoring our integrity and intuitive knowing. Walking this way in our world leaves little room for ‘right and wrong’ when it comes to the language of the heart.

My spiritual practice is very much centered around intimacy, as well as the ecstatic movement through what is mine to experience. There is no authority outside of my being that could begin to understand, much less dictate what is right for me personally, or how I ‘should’ engage my marriage, lover, partner. When we dare to cross that line on behalf of another person, to speak THEIR truth as though it were ours to do so, we unravel the integrity of their individual and soul power. What to one may appear and/or feel to be ‘wrong’ may very well be healing and liberating for another.

We must begin to understand the power of the heart, of her voice. We must honor the knowing in another and drop the need to dictate who or what they ‘should’ be. The ‘danger’ is in our fear of what might come, of how we might find beauty in the midst of what this world considers chaos. Our emotions, the calling of our hearts is one of the most potent doorways to the center of all we are. When we shush even the tiniest part of that voice, we create ripples that will hold us still in time. We must give full berth to the love unfolding within, in its purest authentic expression. This, loves, this is our way to intimacy, to holiness and the deepest level of commitment to ourselves, our marriages, our lovers. Love, in her purest, most radiant form – is seduction.

‘The Teaching My Blood Whispers to Me’

I have ceased to question stars and books; I have begun to listen to the teaching my blood whispers to me. ~Herman Hesse

Sensations awoke and began to move through my body when I read this quote today, especially the phrase ‘the teaching my blood whispers to me.’

It’s 2015. January. This is the month I have known my book would finally come into form. The vision has been with me for some time–not just a dream of writing a book, an actual vision of the process, the writing, the text. There is a gentle flow that moves us to the place where we breathe life into the dream. And then….we give it form; a way to move through this world, to touch people on a human level, to connect to the very places in us that seek to be caressed, awakened, aroused.

Photograph by Miyako Ishiuchi
Photograph by Miyako Ishiuchi

This is where I find myself now. The book journal is never far from where I am. The pages are filling with the inspirations and passions of what is meant to be written by me, as me, through me. I know when I hit the mark because my self begins to tingle and the cells dance the macarena. Everything is lit up and all signs are go.

Today, as I sat at my desk and the words move through me, I felt it. And I felt too what this quote served to validate for me–what is meant to to be told comes through the blood that is mine, the experiences and truths and knowings, the magic and creativity and DNA, the very Life Force of all that is beautifully and uniquely me. This is the story I am to tell – mine. I’ve always known that, only now I know it’s not just a story of my life. It’s a story of the Sacred Feminine coming full into Herself. It’s a story of so many women who came before me, and perhaps some who will follow. Only, the telling of the story will shift its course. The vulnerable, raw and pure sharing of who we are as women is what unleashes our power. THIS is our story, our offering, our blessing….this is our blood. My blood. ‘The teaching my blood whispers to me. ‘ Yes.

Listening to the Hunger

Delicious food is one of those things I most love, and it’s typically very easy to determine which kind of food I would enjoy on any given day.  Within moments of asking myself what would taste divine, there’s an answer speaking very clearly of which delectable treat will satisfy today’s appetite.  I’m not one to diet or restrict my eating habits–at least not at this point in my life.  And so this process of selecting foods that delight my senses is one that often brings contented “fullness.”

While walking this morning, however, I could feel that usual question of “what would be delicious today” come into my mind.  Contemplating my own inner desires, it was difficult to settle on something that would satisfy the hunger.  My most favorite things even–left me feeling empty.  As the question from my soul came into my awareness, there was a hesitation to even consider it.  “What then, am I truly hungry for?”  If not food–then what? 

The hunger is for a deeper connection.  To myself, to Spirit, to the purity of my soul.  It’s a longing that cannot be quieted with culinary favorites.  There’s a yearning in the depths of who I am that calls to me, beckoning me further into the very cells of my being.  I don’t know what I’ll find there–and in the briefest of moments fear I may not find at all what I know I’m so, so hungry for–Divine light, an inner truth as yet unknown.  And yet…the call keeps coming–the hunger grows and can be fed only with introspection, openness and surrender.

I wonder what you might find within yourself should you ask this very same question.  “What are you truly hungry for?”  While the words may vary for each of us, the ultimate truth is the same.  Love and connection–to ourselves, to one another, to the Divine.  We long to feel our own existence in every possible way.  Our every effort striving to be, to feel, to live with purpose and vigor.  And so the hunger calls….leaving empty the space of myself that at times is so easy to fill and satiate. 

That fullness eludes me today.  Instead it’s the food of the Sacred my soul aches to experience.  I choose to listen.  To respond, to be there.  To hear….the desires emanating from my soul through the whispers of my heart…..

To Dance With Love

This is perhaps my most favorite card in the Soulcards 2 series by Deborah Koff-Chapin.  Gazing into the image, there is a deep longing in my heart, to dance THIS dance. To connect so purely, so divinely and deeply with Spirit–I can feel the breath drawn wholly into my chest, expanding the heart chakra, opening to intimacy, love, union with the ancient knowing that is present within each of us.  This being is surrounded, even enfolded within the wings of loving embrace, fully welcoming in the true essence of her soul and the gentle whispers of her heart. What do you feel as you enter the space of this dance?

What It Means To Be Intimate

Intimacy.  A few years ago in a women’s group, we talked about being intimate with yourself.  At the time I could barely imagine what this could mean, especially in terms of our cultural perception of what intimacy might be.

But it has just occurred to me – what it means to be intimate with oneself.  Becoming intimate with Jackie has meant so many things, beginning with giving her permission to be herself – to feel what she feels, to use her voice and her expression to be Jackie – however that may look or be received.

This has required – and continues to require – tuning in to my own channel; filtering out the content I do not wish to view or absorb into my being.  Self-judgments, negative opinions of others, harmful media – and yes, even an awareness of how I eat and treat my body.  All are run through the sieve of my own heart’s desires.

I’ve had to “sit on the shelf,” feeling the full emptiness of my inability to find value in who I am.  And from those experiences has blossomed an appreciation of the simplest – and the greatest – pieces that are ME.

Intimacy with myself equates to listening to my own voice, standing in the mirror and taking in the whole of what I see.  And it has also taught me to listen to my heart, and believe in what it tells me.  Being intimate with Jackie – as Jackie – means I know her, trust her instincts and allow her emotions.  She is honored and loved by me.

The road that leads to intimacy within ourselves – and with those whom we most love – is to listen….to the whispers of the heart……