Gregg Braden ~ 1.10.11

“We may ask others out of choice, and we no longer need to do so out of necessity. All answers relevant to us live within us, as the experiences that we masterfully create as our lives. Our map of truth resides within the living intelligence that breathes as each cell of our bodies, pulsating life force throughout every aspect of our being. We have grown beyond the search that has collectively beckoned to us from our outside world. Now, in this lifetime of completion, we are reminded that our truth lives within. It has been with us throughout every facet of our journey, patiently awaiting the time when we could acknowledge and accept. It is the search that has brought us the lessons, the relationships, the mirror of others so that we could arrive at the point where we are in this moment, back to ourselves.” XVI Introduction, Awakening to Zero Point (Out of print) Gregg Braden