Simply Because I AM.

I speak my truth
Because I AM.

My head held high,
back straight,
standing tall.
Because I am.

I honor the voice of my soul
Listening intently to the whispers of my own heart.
Following the guidance I find there
Reminding me of what is true: I AM.

The words aren’t meant to foster arrogance
But to signify who I know myself to be–
Sacred, Divine, Lightbeing
Filled with wisdom, grace, love.
I AM connected to the All That IS.

Calling forth the ancient teachings
Of all who came before me,
Living their own manifestations
Honoring the resonance
From deep within their beings;
The call of I AM.

Because I AM, I *see you.
And so must too *see me–
In all our beautiful, radiant glory.
I am. You ARE. WE are.

It is OUR birthright
To be this entity of ONEness,
To speak with the voice of consciousness,
To become the energy of change.
Our birthright because
I am. YOU are. WE are One.

I am Jackie. Filled with grace, beauty, wisdom, sacred essence.
And the same is true for you, dear friend.
WE are. Divine Presence. It is simply WHO we ARE.

Much love.