Divine Spirit ~ Sonia Choquette

“Stop talking and listen so that you can hear your Divine Spirit whispering in your heart.” ~ Sonia Choquette

I saw this as a post on the FB feed today and it resonated so beautifully with our space here.  Thought you all might enjoy it too.  For that IS the heart whisper….Divine Spirit.  Be still long enough to hear it. 

Sending out love to each of you today.  xo


The One Thing

It’s always there, in the background of our thoughts, in the space of our consciousness where we are aware of it but can still move it to the corners and instead focus on what’s right in front of us, neglecting The One Thing.  Sometimes it’s nagging, constantly playing round and round like an old record.  Other times we are successful enough to keep it in the shadows and not allow its presence up front.

The One Thing.  It’s not always unpleasant–in fact sometimes it’s quite alluring and filled with intrigue.  We might even have a strong desire to follow its path.  But fear, anxiety, the unknown, being too busy–all of these get in the way.

Consider this:  what if The One Thing is that one choice, one action, one movement to spring your spirit into true joy?  So often The One Thing is something we want very much, but feel disconnected to, blocking out our innermost voice.  Intuition speaks to us sometimes through what feels like “nagging.”  And somehow, our first inclination can be to ignore it, fooling ourselves into believing some falsehood about what it would mean should we choose to follow along.

And part of the “fooling” that we do to ourselves is to believe we aren’t “good enough” for whatever it is we desire.  The One Thing becomes a pipe dream rather than a reality into which we move one step at a time.  When we slow down, take time to consider with full consciousness what The One Thing truly is and allow ourselves to connect to it with our heart, our mind, our spirit and even our body–we just might realize how much we desire to reach for it. And so perhaps the key is to simply slow down.  Listen.  Understand.  Trust.  All of these play a role in connecting to your own One Thing–and subsequently, your own spirit.

In reality, The One Thing can become the piece that moves us full into our purpose.  Each step leads to another, and before long the voice of Spirit is filling your being with direction and inspiration.  And you find yourself standing tall in the midst of your greatest dreams….no longer seen as fantasy.

We’ve all heard it:  “the heart does not lie.”  Embrace your hearts whispers by slowing down long enough today to listen….for it is there you will find the path to your greatest self……

One Word: Listen

This is the word that continues to come up in my own life day after day of late.  And not just in ways you might imagine.  The most repetitive representation playing in my mind is from the song Beyonce’ sings in the movie Dreamgirls, “LISTEN.”  It’s not only the title of the song, but is woven into each verse and the chorus, so she says it many times, with much emphasis:  LISTEN.  A reminder from the Universe of something we can all do better, no matter how well we are already practicing its message.

Understanding the art of listening is playing out in other ways in my life as well.  With members of my family, the lesson is to hear beyond the words being said, to take a moment to observe, acknowledge and step out of what might be hurt or frustrated feelings–and to LISTEN to what the other person is saying from their heart.  This is not an easy practice, nor one that will fill your human self with satisfaction.  What it will do is strengthen the stamina of your soul, and teach you how to connect beyond what is physically present.  In truth, the art of listening is just one of a much finer art:  that of being in tune with Spirit, and with the purest and most authentic embodiment of your spiritual self.

My challenge to each of you:  take the time to listen beyond the words your ears are hearing.  Use all of your senses to perceive what is happening around you, and yes, even within you.  It does begin with listening to your own authentic voice.  Nothing in the realm of Spirit can be taken at face value.  See beyond the illusion into the beauty of truth, grace, love.

And you know my friends……there is one place in which to start this practice, gaining insight and clarity…..in the whispers….of your own heart……

What It Means To Be Intimate

Intimacy.  A few years ago in a women’s group, we talked about being intimate with yourself.  At the time I could barely imagine what this could mean, especially in terms of our cultural perception of what intimacy might be.

But it has just occurred to me – what it means to be intimate with oneself.  Becoming intimate with Jackie has meant so many things, beginning with giving her permission to be herself – to feel what she feels, to use her voice and her expression to be Jackie – however that may look or be received.

This has required – and continues to require – tuning in to my own channel; filtering out the content I do not wish to view or absorb into my being.  Self-judgments, negative opinions of others, harmful media – and yes, even an awareness of how I eat and treat my body.  All are run through the sieve of my own heart’s desires.

I’ve had to “sit on the shelf,” feeling the full emptiness of my inability to find value in who I am.  And from those experiences has blossomed an appreciation of the simplest – and the greatest – pieces that are ME.

Intimacy with myself equates to listening to my own voice, standing in the mirror and taking in the whole of what I see.  And it has also taught me to listen to my heart, and believe in what it tells me.  Being intimate with Jackie – as Jackie – means I know her, trust her instincts and allow her emotions.  She is honored and loved by me.

The road that leads to intimacy within ourselves – and with those whom we most love – is to listen….to the whispers of the heart……

Wrapped in Love

Connecting to love is easy when we are emotionally happy, secure and feeling good about ourselves.  But what about the times when we are hurt, angry or fearful?  How do we connect to love then?

I’m reminded of Brian Weiss’s quote recently posted here, which reminds us to respond with love.  As you might imagine, this may not encompass the glamorized romantic version of love.  And yet, we do have within us the capacity to remain calm and patient while speaking our feelings and offering understanding.  It IS possible.  And as someone who feels wholly every ounce of my emotions, I can tell you that it has taken some time to cultivate this practice.

The ability to listen to another when you are not feeling the love flowing comes from self awareness, knowing who you are and taking the space to let yourself feel what is inside of you.  And sometimes the difficulty in being able to listen, learn and love is a direct reflection of not understanding your own emotions.  Subsequently, your hurt, anger, fear overtake the situation and love is absent.

And so my friends, does this not come back around to what we have already talked about in previous posts – and what we all know within ourselves to be true?  The LOVE must first be for YOU.  It takes a conscious effort to sit inside of yourself, with time out from the situation or the chaos that swirls around you, and listen to how you feel first.  We share love most beautifully when we are experiencing it from within.  When there is room for love in your heart, it becomes as a beam of light, shining wherever you go.

So this I would ask you today – see yourself, all of the darkest places and all of the most brilliant places in their magnificence.  Look with open eyes into the space of who you are.  See your entire being wrapped in love.  And then you will be able to offer the same to others, as a centered, confident and loving point of light.

Notice how the key elements to this practice -“Continue to listen, to learn and to love, even if someone else is angry, hurt or fearful” -begin with listening.  And so, that too is your work for today – should you choose it – practice listening.  Begin with you…..by listening to the whispers of your own heart……

Appreciating the Simplicity

There is something magnificently beautiful in the simplest things of life.  Artist Lisa Kubik illustrates this truth in her alluring work of art depicting one of the simplest and most stunning pieces of nature – a flower.  What child is not drawn to a flower when out in nature?  A flower can be an expression of “I love you” or “get well soon.”  There is something about a flower that can brighten our day, bring life into a room or even our entire awareness.

Imagine yourself as a child, running and playing in a field full of wildflowers.  Although they become part of the scenery, there’s something magical in the flowery landscape.  Just as you feel something magical inside yourself when you take a moment to really *see* and *be* with this painting.  Feel it?

If you allow, you will feel yourself smile from within.  Take a moment to observe how your senses respond.  Our eyes can’t help but take in the beauty.  Naturally, we inhale through our lungs as though we can take in the sweet floral aroma.  And giving ourselves the space, we can even imagine what it must feel like to hold this flower in our own hand.  From there – check in with your inner being.  Do you feel the warmth, the appreciation, the gratitude and love that is swirling inside of you?

This is true not only for a beautiful work of art – either on canvas or in nature – but also for yourself.  What do you find of magnificence within?  What Lisa Kubik has done in her artwork is capture the elegance and gorgeously stunning nature of just one flower.  We are given the canvas that is who we are, to paint upon, to gaze upon, to appreciate and love.  Our heart channels the essence of our soul, inspiring us to create the masterpiece that is our authentic self.

Take time today to see into YOU.  See the beauty, the uniqueness, the simplicity that you just ARE.  And really breathe that into your being, awakening all your senses to your own loveliness.  As you become connected to your inner spirit…..pause in this space…..and take a moment to listen…..to the whispers of your heart……