Listening to the Hunger

Delicious food is one of those things I most love, and it’s typically very easy to determine which kind of food I would enjoy on any given day.  Within moments of asking myself what would taste divine, there’s an answer speaking very clearly of which delectable treat will satisfy today’s appetite.  I’m not one to diet or restrict my eating habits–at least not at this point in my life.  And so this process of selecting foods that delight my senses is one that often brings contented “fullness.”

While walking this morning, however, I could feel that usual question of “what would be delicious today” come into my mind.  Contemplating my own inner desires, it was difficult to settle on something that would satisfy the hunger.  My most favorite things even–left me feeling empty.  As the question from my soul came into my awareness, there was a hesitation to even consider it.  “What then, am I truly hungry for?”  If not food–then what? 

The hunger is for a deeper connection.  To myself, to Spirit, to the purity of my soul.  It’s a longing that cannot be quieted with culinary favorites.  There’s a yearning in the depths of who I am that calls to me, beckoning me further into the very cells of my being.  I don’t know what I’ll find there–and in the briefest of moments fear I may not find at all what I know I’m so, so hungry for–Divine light, an inner truth as yet unknown.  And yet…the call keeps coming–the hunger grows and can be fed only with introspection, openness and surrender.

I wonder what you might find within yourself should you ask this very same question.  “What are you truly hungry for?”  While the words may vary for each of us, the ultimate truth is the same.  Love and connection–to ourselves, to one another, to the Divine.  We long to feel our own existence in every possible way.  Our every effort striving to be, to feel, to live with purpose and vigor.  And so the hunger calls….leaving empty the space of myself that at times is so easy to fill and satiate. 

That fullness eludes me today.  Instead it’s the food of the Sacred my soul aches to experience.  I choose to listen.  To respond, to be there.  To hear….the desires emanating from my soul through the whispers of my heart…..