Sensation of Love

Maybe it’s because amazing people in my life are pouring their support, love and energy into these final hours of the Steps campaign–so close to my heart. Or maybe it’s my sweet niece and nephew and family time held in the circle of my home this morning over tea and breakfast. Perhaps it’s even the Christmas music I’ve just started listening to a few hours ago. Could be recent intimate conversations held with soul companions. I like to think it’s a combination of it all, but whatever it is–it feels amazing.

There is this warmth glowing in the center of my being, in that quiet heartspace that exists just behind where our physical heart is. It lights up every cell and makes me want to whisper words of love in every way possible to each person I love and those I don’t even realize I love. It’s an incredible feeling of oneness, of kindness, openness. There are no barriers, no limits or impossibilities. I love this sensation of Presence. I love feeling it, expressing it, owning it. It’s large enough in my awareness and energetic field today to make me weep.

Valentine sent to us by ladybug cousins.
Valentine sent to us by ladybug cousins.

I believe we are, at our very core, this essence of love. So often we hear about ‘beings of light’ – and we are. To me what that means is that we have an amazing well of compassion, of consciousness, of connection to all that is in this world of ours. We’re designed to love–it’s our deepest desire. And when we can let go of the fears long enough to just do it, there’s an exhilaration that follows. Certainly this creates an immense expansion of love blanketing our planet, our universe. Pause a moment and consider what that might feel like.

And so this is my love letter to each of you. I thank you for being here, for connecting with me. Whether we know each other personally or not, doesn’t matter. Our spirits recognize one another and that’s how we came to be here together. Let us revel in that. And if you feel so called, pass this sensation of loving along to those in your life, in your circle. However you wish, quietly or with the sheer joy and contentment of expression in your own unique way. But do let it flow into and through you. Life will rise to meet you in this, I promise you that.

Much love to you. xo


LOVE…Is All There Is

is all there is.

She is the whispers of our hearts
The rhythm of our breath.

She is the rising of the waves
The roar of their break upon the shore.

She is the branch of a tree
With arms outstretched
In honor to her presence.

She is the soft and gentle voice
We hear in the quietest of moments.

LOVE is all there is.

She is the warmth of embrace
The comfort of a smile.

She is the silence of morning
Kissed with dew.

She is the laughter of a child
Delighted with her own presence.

She is the beauty of the rose
Opening to welcome warmth of sunshine
To the center of her blossom.

LOVE is all there is.

She is the sparkle of our eyes
Window of who we are.

She is the beating of our hearts
Life force of our being.

She is the tears on our cheeks
Taking down our walls.

She is the guidance of our souls
Compelling us to take action on her behalf.

She is the light of our spirits
Honoring ourselves and others.

LOVE is all there is.

She is the force that drives us onward
Gives us purpose
Sparks our fire
Soothes our pain
Lights our creativity
Supports the fullness of our being.

Is ALL there is.

Whispers of Love


May the tears you hold within be released in the moment of sweet surrender.

May the love in your heart be deeply felt and shared with others.

May the joy of your laughter be lifted high above the clouds and heard around the world.

May the warmth of your smile light up the faces of those with whom you share it.

May the brilliance of your being shine bright for all to see.

May the purity of your spirit soothe the pain of another.

May the softness of your presence become the embrace of grace.

May the boldness of your inner fire be the courage that moves you forward.

May the sacredness of your self be remembered in your mirrored reflection.

May the Divine whispers of your soul be ever heard through the entirety of who you are.

May you feel wrapped in the arms of love, touched by the hand of kindness and honored for the authenticity of YOU. ♥

Murphy’s Law

Questions in my spirit today, all focused on the energy, emotion and power of love: How do you love? And in what way do you allow it to move through you? Where do you become ‘Love in Action’ following the pure essence of Divine love in your heart? What moves you to FEEL love? And do YOU feel loved? So many questions, offering to us a deeper understanding of what love truly IS, how we interact with it and welcome or dismiss its stream of soul connection in our lives.

Gary Zukav, author of Seat of the Soul, has another book titled Heart of the Soul,  focused on emotional awareness. Just a few chapters in it’s clear to see the words and truths being shared have the power to reorder one’s interior relationship with love. We are all blessed with a tremendous capacity to connect to the energy of loving vibrations through our soul truth, requiring us to honor and FEEL our emotions. As we move from fear and pain into love and trust, we not only become more healthy within our emotional system, but we are able to channel that positive energy into the world around us, connecting to our soul’s true alignment with the Divine Universe and welcoming abundance to surround us in whatever way our contract offers. The key my friends, is FEELING.

So many tactics we have to avoid it: work, food, addictions, false optimism. Zukav covers all of these in his book and very clearly outlines how each of them becomes a barrier to our emotional truth. Fear and pain lives within us all, but we don’t have to operate from that space. Through honest analysis of our true emotions, we effectively transmute the fear and pain into love and trust. Seeing clearly allows us to step into our Divine personal power, to claim the soul purpose that is already ours, and to live embracing who we are on all levels.

Our emotions are perhaps the greatest barometer to understanding what our inner truth is. Allowing ourselves the ‘time-out’ moment to ask: what am I FEELING about this? Or how am I feeling today? The space of time in which it takes to connect to our inner climate offers to us an oasis of healing and honoring who we are.

Murphy’s law: Love is all you need. As I began to write this post, focused on the energy of LOVE, Murphy made his presence known. Sitting at my feet, those big eyes of his looking up and filled with a very pure desire to simply…LOVE.

In Awe

Together with my dear friend Shelly Wilson, we’re holding an event filled with Divine love in our virtual community today.  It began last night and continues on into the evening tonight.  What amazes me beyond anything in that space, in the space of my own interior self, are the vibrations of grace, love and healing felt across continents and around the globe by the people who come together there to share and be as One.

In the summer of 2006, I was blessed and honored to be part of a group attending the Chartres Mystery School in Chartres, France.  As we prepared for our week of “classes,” we joined together in spirit each Sunday a month previous and shared in a meditation.  One in particular resonated with my spirit and has stayed with me ever since.  Close your eyes and visualize our Earth with points of light all around her wondrous lands.  Imagine the people, creatures and all of life living within and around each point of light.  Now see and feel a web of connection, joining each point of light, “connecting the dots” so to speak.  Throughout those silken strands, send the vibrations of love, healing and grace to all who surround that beacon of light.  In doing so, the energy reaches all around the globe, igniting a Divine love for all.

THAT my friends, is the energy emanating from our community in present time.  I believe it’s always there, but with this focused intention intensifying its power, the effect is felt one-hundred-fold.  We are so blessed, and we are feeling the healing power and burning heat of grace in our souls.  Together we are creating points of light, a community of sacred activists around the globe.  It’s inspiring, uplifting and deeply alchemical all at once.  WE are the change the planet seeks and desires.  Not because of WHO we are, but because of the energy we have tuned into and allowed to flow into, through and then reflect back out of our souls. 

This is an amazing time to be alive!  We are given the gift of connecting across worlds, races, cultures, continents without ever leaving the comfort of our home.  WE are the change my friends.  The march is on, the time is now, the course is shifting.  And how will you know what your call to action is?  What allows you to hear the voice of your own soul in this movement toward healing, wholeness and Divine being?  You know it’s true, of course…..just listen now and you’ll hear it….for it comes to you direct….from the whispers of your heart….


*Shelly and I would love to have you join us should you so desire:  Intuitive Spirit Happy Hour.  Truly – I am in awe.  We continue our event throughout the day, with spiritual teacher and healer Darrin Owens channeling messages from the Divine Feminine presence “Gloriana.”  Each one is charged with the power of healing, purpose and love. 

*I would also like to acknowledge the following, who have inspired some of what is in my heart today:  Wisdom University & the Chartres Mystery School, Andrew Harvey–Creator of Sacred Activism, Whispering Energy & the Great Collaboration

Missing You…Missing Me

These words are from The Wild Pomegranate, a beautifully and poignantly written blog by a friend of mine: 

I find that I’ve been missing my morning writing time.  I’ve missed being in that quiet space in the morning, that creative womb of silence, where inspiration naturally blooms to the sound of a waking world and the clicking of fingernails on a keyboard.

My new moon intention is about finding my creative voice again, which has taken a back seat in recent months.  And, because it’s all about me, it’s all for perfectly selfish reasons, of course.  *laughing*  But in all sincerity, I miss the community I once enjoyed in Blogland – the daily (or almost so) interaction with like minded people who bring so much joy, inspiration, companionship and “I get you!” into my life.   Ah, there we have it – the “real” issue, I guess:  I miss being around people that “Get” me.

I’ve missed you!  You who find that what I have to say has value and import, who understand that I am a multidimensional human spirit who will not be squeezed into a box or a label or a “position”, and who cheer me on through good times and bad.

And I’ve missed sharing what’s on my heart and in my mind.  I’ve missed the words themselves.”

As I read these final notes of today’s post, I could relate completely in many ways.  First, the inner joy of writing words.  If ever I were to have a love affair it would be with words.  Writing them, typing them, watching them appear on the paper or the screen in front of me.  It’s mesmerizing almost…with a sense of magic happening before my very eyes.  At times I’m in disbelief that I was blessed to create something so eloquent and dare I say, elegant.  In truth, there occasions where I’m in awe of the words that flow so easily.  It’s a gift..I’m fully aware of this…and equally as in love with it.  

What also struck me in Gracie’s sentiment was a reflection of how I’ve been feeling while away from my writing these last several days.  A longing, a desire to connect here, to share with this community that exists in my heart and soul, if not in my everyday “real” life.  Your presence and willingness to be here in this place with me has become a part of my inner self.  We are Universally connected, in a way that sometimes “real” life can’t offer us.  Some of you live across the ocean.  It’s unimaginable that we can so naturally, so authentically come together as One in this place.  And again, I find myself in awe.  Of you, of us, of this Divine thread weaving itself into our lives and our souls. 

So thank you.  For allowing me to be myself, to share with you so purely and as Gracie so beautifully stated–for “getting me.”  You warm my heart, you speak to my soul.  And today my loved ones….your loving presence is the whisper I feel from within….xoxo

A Message Revealed

I’m seeking God today.  In a very focused, very present space within myself, this is my intent today:  I’m seeking God.  It’s a clear time of transformation in my own life, and perhaps for many of you too.  Our consciousness is always being raised, our old beliefs challenged and emotions drawn to the surface.  All of this supports our own journey, authenticity and soul purpose in living on this Earth. 

And yet, sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of it all.  And it seems there may be purpose even in that.  For if we could make sense of it, wouldn’t we aim to fix it, to help it, to cause it to be what we wish it to become?  The Universe is always shifting, changing, evolving–and so that same energy is alive in our being.  There is a constant flux, transformation, movement into yet another space of our presence and existence. 

In truth–God is always present.  Spirit is ever with us; guiding, comforting, loving.  Never are we alone on this journey.  And in the darkest of moments, we have only to seek the presence of something most Divine, and it’s always there to be found.  As I contemplated what to share here today, feeling in a place of my own uncertainty and emotional upheaval, seeking that Divine reassurance–several male cardinals flew to and fro in the backyard.  Not just one or two, and they didn’t merely land and be still.  They came and went, reminding me of the vibrancy of life, the love of the Divine and the color through which our lives are filtered.  RED–life force, vitality, passion!  The cardinal is my favorite bird, for his bright red feathers make me feel alive, filled with the energy of joyous living and desirous of connecting to my own sense of Life.  And so already, there is God.  Spirit is speaking, loving.  I have only to receive.

Ah, and there it is.  RECEIVE.  It’s not about the seeking for me today, and I’ve just now had that realization.  Today I will RECEIVE the loving, guiding presence of the Divine–in any form she sends my way.  Today I will RECEIVE.  For me, too *Heather this heart whisper is “loud and clear.”  What about for all of you….are you willing, able, choosing to RECEIVE the message meant for you today?  If so…then listen….for it’s there… the whispers of your heart….

*See Heather’s comment on From Out of a Deep Sleep