Answering the Call

The magnolia trees are just beginning to bloom in Johns Creek. I’ve loved them since we moved here and I first saw them nearly 8 years ago. These are glorious white balls of softness which open and bloom into such grace and beauty. After spending some time capturing our gorgeous rose bushes in the yard, I drove to an area nearby to connect to the elegance of our Earth. Nature called, I answered. She beckoned me to walk her paths, sit in the shade and open to her splendor. So much feminine energy. Here’s just a little bit of what She offered….

 Roses in the sunshine…here in our yard. They’re just stunning this year. 

Life and beauty of the Magnolia….

The buds begin….

Bursting to bloom….

My favorite, nestled in the shade of Her branches….

Kissed by sunlight….

Supported and grounded….

She just IS. 

Until all that remains is the cone/seed pod….cradled amongst last season’s shedding leaves. 

A reflection of our own magnificence. 

So much more to share from today’s journey…until then I leave you with sweetness of the rose and grace of the Magnolia tree. xo