Words Are Power

Recently Maya Angelou was featured on OWN network’s Master Class program.  I found myself wide-eyed, sometimes even teary-eyed, hanging on her every word.  As she began to tell her story, she talked about WORDS – and the power they hold.  Words are things, and they have the power to exalt another with love and dignity – or wound with ugliness, jealousy and disgust.

Ms. Angelou went on to point out words stay with us: they live in our carpets, on our furniture, our clothes – and eventually, they seep into our being.  Take a moment and allow that truth to really sink in:  every word you speak calls forth its own power!  And now take a moment to consider the words you use, the way you speak to others – the way you speak to YOURSELF.  What is the power you are emitting from the words you speak?

I’m reminded of something Caroline Myss taught us in Mysticism:  words are prayers.  Imagine yourself praying, asking for the power of your words to become reality.  Perhaps we would choose more carefully what we allow to flow from our lips.  Perhaps we would be a bit more willing to take the time to hear the voice of integrity that lives within.  Perhaps we would opt for love rather than judgment.

Allow yourself to travel through your day with a belief in the power of your words.  And visualize your words as prayers, calling on Spirit to create the reality you request.  Would this not compel you to be still, to search within yourself, to find the space to connect with Spirit and hear the truth of what your soul wishes?

Would this not stir from within you the desire to use your words for the good of yourself, and all others whom you love, know or meet on the sidewalk?  Would this not awaken in your being the ability to listen…..to the whispers of your own heart……