In Search of Beauty

I’ve dreamt of this in my mind, longed for it in my heart and felt it from the depths of my soul for some time. At Christmas time the new camera I got was a gift of creativity. I’ve been waiting for Spring to show her colors so I could capture each one. And then recently my sweet soul friend Cat felt and saw my dream: spending an afternoon in the glorious grace of nature, seeking out the bounty she brings with the arrival of spring. It was indeed, like being a little girl again…stirring up some of my most favorite memories of being outside and at one with Nature. Synchronicity stepped in too, because just yesterday morning I turned back to the start of my journal to read a childhood memory I’d written….all about playing outside on the rocks, our swingset and in the grassy yard with my big sister. 

So I’m elated to share the beauty that greeted me on every corner and with nearly every step. The squirrels even played along a bit! When I look at these images, I feel something stir deep within myself. I can’t help but smile. We are blessed to be surrounded by so much grace. And yet, with the busy-ness of our days, we miss it. Today, I’m savoring it. xo

For you, Cat….

Loved these beautiful purple pansies. Something about how the colors are woven together….

And these yellow were right beside them. The sun was beginning to set….

Met a new friend….he was here as I began and also as I headed back home….

Who wanted to play Hide & Seek!

One of the last blossoms to open on this tree….perhaps she was waiting for me….

Streaming sunlight felt like Angel dust….

A little sun worship? No worries for my little friend….

Robins everywhere….singing….looking for nest materials…

This might be my favorite….stunningly beautiful….Mother Nature’s inspired art….

Spring in Her glory….

So naturally She creates Her beauty…..

Even the Pine trees join spring’s birthing process….

Life & Abundance present everywhere….how do we miss it?

Sweet Adieu my friend….

As the sun continues to set…..Grace shining through the trees….

Our guide for the journey. I realized just now – hers was the first photo I took as I began….and one of the last before going back into the house. 

Let the Day Carry You


It’s Sunday morning here in Atlanta, a bit overcast but pleasant enough outside to have the windows open.  One of my most favorite things about this time of year when the weather is “just right” is the sound of our birds in the backyard.  They sing and chatter about as though there are no cares at all.  Each one has a unique heartsong whose vibrations awake our own.  When we tune in to listen, and allow their joy and beauty to penetrate our outer world, it stirs a sense of wonder at the mystery that connects all of life on this Earth.

In that spirit, allow yourself to embrace this day.  Nature does not rush or hurry through.  She moves with a natural rhythm, carried by the day into the night, only to begin again tomorrow.  Even with the devastation that has occurred in Japan and other places in our world–Mother Nature continues on in her rhythm.  And she offers to us the same elegant dance.  From the glorious “supermoon” last night to the graceful song of the birds this morning…the beat goes on.  And with each time dusk descends upon us, we can let go of the pieces from this day we no longer need.  And begin again with the new dawns of our tomorrows.

Sunset over the marsh @ Moody Beach, ME

So let this day carry you.  Allow her to MOVE you at will.  Sit in silence long enough to hear your own heartbeat, sensing the rhythm of All That Is drumming beneath, within and around you. Understand–we are all One.  We each greet both the dusk and the dawn together, with the beat of our Earth.  There is peace in this knowing.  Serenity in connecting to its grace.  We are always loved, carried, protected.

And in the moment when you are still my friends–close your eyes, place your hand on your heart and feel the beat there.  With every breath, know you are breathing in the dawn and new beginnings.  As you release, breathe out this day and let it flow from you.  This is the alchemy of Spirit.  Transformation from what was into what IS.  As you hold all of this in your awareness, feeling the beat of your heart…..listen now……to the whispers it shares with you…..