My Body is a Prayer

My body is a prayer
Uttered, whispered
In deep moans of pleasure
With sighs of ecstasy

She is Holiest of Holies
Sacred temple space
Innermost chalice
Bearing crimson wine

My body is a prayer
Heart beating
In rhythm to All That Is
Pulse ripened
In her own unbecoming

Promised in the kiss of her lips
Cradled in the arms of her embrace
Nestled in the crevice of her legs
Infused in the amrita of her nectar

Voice of the Divine
Goddess in the flesh
Aphrodite glistening
Through lush feminine folds

My body is a prayer
Ever present lovemaking
To all breath of Life
Broken open, fully bared
By thrusts of Holy Love

body prayer silverwitch

With equal measure
She inhales
And exhales
Beauty of her Presence

My body is a prayer
Consumed in continual reverence
Caressed by the taste of Eros
Penetrated fully
By the heated flow of Grace

My body is a prayer
Offering herself
Again and again
To her Beloved




HER Temple is my Body

Six women, including me. Six women gathered in my home here in Atlanta two weekends ago. Only two of us – my sister and I – had ever met. The other four women I have loved for nearly five years in the virtual realm of life, although they are women I feel have known me and I them for lifetimes. We shared an amazing sacred retreat together. We laughed, we cried, we came together in quiet contemplation and healing. We opened and gave ourselves to every beautiful moment that offered itself to us. One of these ladies is Joceline Burnel, Crowing Crone Woman of Wisdom and author of If God Was a Woman. She shared a bit about our time together in her post Women Loving Women, if you’d like to feel more deeply into who we are. It was absolutely extraordinary and each of us knows our lives will never again be the same.

On Sunday, with just four of us still gathered, we made our way to my bedroom, my own intimate sanctuary of very holy love. You see, these women have seen and loved me in a way I had yet to experience myself. Our intention was to take photos of me, potentially to be used on my sites and perhaps on the cover of my upcoming book. I love who I am, and yet like so many women still, there are criticisms I’ve held about my body – and certainly that sinks deeper into the core of how I see and feel myself. I feel like a woman who has released so much of that. But this journey to self awareness, to walking this planet with a heart wide open – this journey demands that we give it ALL. That we release and dissolve the places where we allow ourselves to be held back. And in this space of loving me, these women were instrumental in the dissolution of old programming.

Pic 8

It’s been years since I’ve had an intimate photo shoot. I must have been just 19 when I did my one and only boudoir session, mostly because I knew the photographer and he wanted to do it for me. (Well, of course he did!) It wasn’t for me. I was insecure, shy and so very much NOT in my own body. This time was very different. As we began, my beautiful love Cat began to work her golden magic, ‘styling’ me as she called it. What it felt like to me was being adorned with radiant love. My whole body responded and opened as a rose might under the heated glow of sunlight. I’m certain my skin glistened with her love shining over me. She called in our anam cara soul love Anna to assist. I’ve felt Anna loving me for years, and there’s quite honestly nothing like being loved by this woman. She is unconditional and wholehearted in her seeing of me, beyond the body and into my soul’s beauty. And she’s gifted in showing me how that spirals outward into my physical presence.

We began and the energy I felt as I knelt on my bed, my back bared and heart open, was the essence of holy prayer. I’m not one to use that word often – prayer – because it wreaks of church men uttering words filled with pious intent. And yet. My whole body was in reverent communion with all that is sacred. I’ve many times written about becoming an offering of love, baring all that I am to the Sacred Feminine, to the Beloved. Kneeling there, exposed in all my beauty and vulnerable nakedness, all I could feel was deep, deep merging with the divine woman I am.

As Joceline took photos of me, my eyes were closed and I felt myself moved from merely being in that room. I felt the love of those women all around me. Love that stops time and evokes serenity and grace. Love that melts every doubt and uncertainty about who you are and why you might not be good enough. Only beauty remained.

There was a moment, Joceline whispered to me with tears in her eyes ‘you are so fucking beautiful.’ A gorgeous, intimate moment in which she was overcome by the Divine Feminine fully palpable in our temple space. I felt the moist tears welling up in my own eyes, understanding I was the image of each woman in that room; the image of the Goddess shining full in all She is. No hiding or quieting. No judging beauty or imperfection. Every moment, every element, every woman in that room and beyond – filled with beauty and grace.


I’ve had this note on my desk for nearly a year now: ‘HER Temple is my Body.’ I’ve believed it. I’ve felt all that it conveys and stirs in my being. Being in that space of my bedroom with these women surrounding me, loving me, seeing me with the eyes of their hearts – I felt in every cell of my body what it means to become HER Temple. I saw myself as perfect, without flaw. I fully felt IN MY BODY. And I knew I was beautiful to behold. In every way possible. Sacred Feminine essence – raw, vulnerable, laid bare. I gave myself completely.

That experience was so very holy for me. As I gaze upon the images captured that day, I see reflections of each woman present. I see and feel their love poured over me, through them, through me and radiated out from each of us. I feel different in my body now. No more ‘hiding’ what I think isn’t quite right. I walk with a knowing of who I am, of what it is to feel my beauty from the inside out. I feel the holiness of what it is to be woman; this woman. Me. I hold myself with deep honor and divine love. Everything is different now. This is how we love. Women loving women. And I love these women madly. My life, forever changed by the way they have loved me into beautiful, elegant fullness. HER Temple…IS my body.

I AM Whispering

Quiet Whispers


Prayer settles my heart because it is the place of communing.

My heart knows speaking and listening as one.

My desires are near me and prayer is my nearer voice.

Whispers of my heart pour out in the breath of prayer.

I am a part of what is wonderful.

I am filled by what is holy and good.

I am receiving what I need and giving what transforms me.

I am so alive from a whisper and a prayer.


~ Carolyn Flinn McCool

Shared through Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond.

This left me breathless with my own internal validation of truth as I read it. It came to me from one of the Sister Souls in my circle, Edgy Mystic Melynnda. Affirmation, blessing, prayer….heart whisper. I’m passing it on to you, dear friends. Beautiful. 

Sacred Merging

Love waits for me behind the door

Welcoming, inviting me into Her warm embrace.


She is always there

Chanting silently “Choose me, choose me.”


She will wait. With patience and understanding

She will wait while I decide.


Will I choose love?

How can I possibly find my way to Her

Through mine fields of fear, disempowerment

Wounds and expectations?


It seems difficult but all at once becomes clear.

She is there–shining, glowing, warm, radiant;

Offering joy, peace, connection.


And so I begin. 

I begin with the choosing.

I choose Love.


One pace at a time

I walk toward Her,

Feeling Love’s heat

Enter again into my heart.


With each step forward

She expands into my being,

Awakening and warming every cell. 


Tears of release flow gently down;

There goes my anger and then my fear. 

Hot streams of pain and pride

Wash over my face.


I keep walking, moving in to Her.

Looking up, realizing how close 

To Her full beautiful presence

I have come. 


My heart is soft, pliable.

Opening up fully to Her.

I reach my hand to touch Her

Feeling her arms gently open to me.


We connect.

A warm and deep embrace.

I open my eyes to look again–

Her form is gone.


Yet, I feel her so completely in my entire being. 

She is with me still–as ME.

We are ONE, Love and I.

United–joined in Grace.


I am relaxed now, eased into myself.

My heartbeat speaks the language of Her…

Of me…

Of Love.


We are one now–

Love and I.


~ Jackie L. Robinson, February 16, 2011

*Originally posted under “Love Whispers to Me” 2.17.11. While reading back in some of my journals recently, this piece really struck me. Much has been healed over the last year and a half, and yet, I can still feel the power of the choice to merge with love. 








The Innermost Chamber

~ Prayer of the Soul ~ 

We are so far from esteeming highly enough

our soul in which God (the Divine) so delights.

Each of us possesses a soul,

but we do not realize its value

as made in the image of God;

therefore we fail to understand

the great secrets it contains.

If we reflect, we shall see that our soul

is a paradise in which

God takes delight.


Let us think of our soul

as resembling a castle

formed of a single diamond,

or a very transparent crystal

containing many rooms,

of which some are above,

some below, others at the side.

In the center,

in the very midst of them all

is the principal chamber,

in which God and our soul

hold their most secreat intercourse.

What do you imagine

that dwelling to be,

in which a king, so mighty, so wise, and so pure–

containing all good–

can come to rest?


Nothing can be compared to

the great beauty and capabilities of our soul.

However keen our intellects be,

we are no more able

to comprehend the depths of our soul

than we are able to comprehend God,

for our soul has been created

in the image and likeness of God.

It is our soul’s likeness to God

that makes it possible for us

to commune with the God in whose image

we have been made.


~ St. Teresa of Avila



Dear God

I’ve heard it many times in 2012 especially – ask for what you want. Energy is moving so much more quickly, there isn’t a space of months or years during which we are meant to heal, but mere moments, hours, days. The mystical climate of our consciousness is undergoing tremendous transformation. Just take a quick scan of the new television programs, articles in print, movies, etc. Even the media is on board with the spiritual energy that is becoming more and more apparent and ‘mainstream.’ 

Ask for what you want. The message keeps coming, in different ways. Ask your angels, your guides, loved ones–call on any of your team that you feel connected to. They are waiting in the wings to assist you, but it’s important to ask. 

All prayers are answered. I believe that truth. Even when the ‘answers’ don’t look like what we think they will. We have a direct connection to the Universe, God, the Divine. Ask for what you want.

It’s beginning to feel different to me now. I’ve never been one to look far beyond today and articulate just what I want. And yet, specific things have come to mind these last few days. I’m asking. Even more important I’m trusting. Just typing these words, I’m feeling how difficult that is. The words are easy in the mind, aren’t they? Yes, I trust. But drop it down a moment, feel in the core of your being what it is to be so vulnerable as to say – Dear God, I would like _____. And to trust that God is listening, and you could possibly even have _____. It’s not about cars or houses or money. It’s about the desires that live in the purity of your heart. 

Trust. That it’s ok to even ASK. I’m not sure I’m fully past this step. It’s ok to ASK. Ask for what you want. That means it’s ok to WANT? It’s ok to want, to desire. Why does that feel so unnatural in this respect? There’s an old dialogue – we should feel blessed for what we have rather than always wanting more. It feels selfish, greedy to be asking for more when there’s so much abundance in my life already. Who do I think I am?? Asking for something when I have so much. Already I can feel the esteemed ‘judge’ and ‘lecturer’ getting started on me. Besides ‘what makes you think you DESERVE?’

Tears warm my eyes. Ah, here it is. One of those old wounds being fed by the conversations I have with myself. Someone in my energy field, some part of me has decided she is the ruler over whether or not I deserve more. Some being other than the Universe–God–is now deciding what is right for me, what I deserve, how ‘good’ I am, what worth I really have. Without mercy. There is no grace here. Only checklists of what I’ve done and not done. Criteria that determine how I’m rated overall. I can’t possibly measure up. 

The greatest wound is feeling inadequate. ~ Iyanla Vanzant

We all have it – somewhere – in our subconscious. It’s been with us through centuries of human existence. We carry it in our DNA. I believe now is the time we are being called to heal it. Not only within ourselves, but on behalf of the planet. 

Ask for what you want. I want to see myself through the eyes of God. I want to stop being so hard on myself and to let Jackie breathe a bit. I want to see love reflected in the eyes of those around me, rather than begin the list of shortcomings I believe they see. I want to heal. Not only for myself, but for my children and their children. For the generations that came before us and have felt unworthy, rejected…not good enough. I want to stand tall in all of who I am. To raise my head up and know that I am perfect as I am. I AM enough. I want to have such compassion for me that it can’t help but overflow to everyone I touch in any way. I want to be used as a channel of grace. I want freedom to let every emotion flow without censor. I want healing on our planet. 

I could go on, as I’m sure could you. I’m asking. Now and going forward. These words are my prayer. Our time is now–for healing, liberation, compassion. Ask for what you want, my friends. And then dig deep inside yourself to find whatever tools you need to trust that it is so. I believe by our very awareness, we are instruments of healing. The more aware we are of what we feel and what we desire, the more we are able to step into our purpose and allow our gifts to be used to uplift and honor ourselves and our planet. Ask for what you want.

This is my prayer. Amen. 

Forgiveness is a Prayer

And on it goes, this delicate dance forgiveness is sharing with me. I don’t pretend to understand yet what it’s all about, but just reminding myself of these words can shift the energy within my being: 

Forgiveness is a prayer.

When I say these words, something moves inside my being. Forgiveness is the message, yes. But not as something to give or to get. It’s a prayer shared between my soul and the Divine….

Open me.

Guide me to those places within still seeking release.

Allow my heart to open, expanding with the fullness of your presence.

Draw out from me all that barricades your love.

Leave me.

Empty, wanting, willing to surrender all to you.

Void of suffering caused by my own illusions.

Baring all the armor believed to protect.

Love me.

Fill me up again with the burning fire of Who You Are.

Let your sweetness seep into every pore of my being.

Pour over me with showers of Divine Oneness.

Use me.

As a vessel of Light in this world.

With complete abandon, in service to your call.

At your will, until I am left empty once again…

Ready to be filled.

This is my prayer. Forgive.

Forgive what stands between you and me.

Forgive as in dissolve it, heal it, remove it.

Forgive as in mold me to your desires.

Forgive as in ‘let go and let God.’

Forgive as in SURRENDER.