Answering the Call

The magnolia trees are just beginning to bloom in Johns Creek. I’ve loved them since we moved here and I first saw them nearly 8 years ago. These are glorious white balls of softness which open and bloom into such grace and beauty. After spending some time capturing our gorgeous rose bushes in the yard, I drove to an area nearby to connect to the elegance of our Earth. Nature called, I answered. She beckoned me to walk her paths, sit in the shade and open to her splendor. So much feminine energy. Here’s just a little bit of what She offered….

 Roses in the sunshine…here in our yard. They’re just stunning this year. 

Life and beauty of the Magnolia….

The buds begin….

Bursting to bloom….

My favorite, nestled in the shade of Her branches….

Kissed by sunlight….

Supported and grounded….

She just IS. 

Until all that remains is the cone/seed pod….cradled amongst last season’s shedding leaves. 

A reflection of our own magnificence. 

So much more to share from today’s journey…until then I leave you with sweetness of the rose and grace of the Magnolia tree. xo 


Ever Present

As I look out the window this morning in contemplation about today’s post….there is a stillness in the air. It’s that fresh morning calm when humans are mostly asleep, inside their homes and still quiet in our neighborhood, enjoying the serenity of Saturday morning. The squirrels aren’t yet up and scattering about as they play and gather leaves for their autumn nest. Birds remain tucked away in their quiet places too. And there is a sweet hush present here inside the house.

And yet, I’m struck by a line from The Peaceful Warrior:

There’s never ‘nothing’ going on.

What Socrates was intending to teach Dan was that the energy of our Universe is ever present. Beyond what we can see with our human eyes, there is always something greater, deeper, very profound at work. The trees are growing even though we don’t see it happening. I’m certain that somewhere beyond my window there are little bunnies hopping about, for they love the quiet of dawn. Even here in the house, although people are quiet, the cats have already enjoyed in their breakfast, and Stanley is now contentedly curled up on my lap as I type this.

Clouds are moving in the sky, people are awaking to the start of a fresh new day. And even the tiniest of Nature’s creatures, the ants are surely already up and at work. There is a pulse of Life that is ever present dear ones. And She beats as steadily as does the native’s drum, the healthy heart, the music’s rhythm. She is ever present, ever breathing the beauty of living into Her planet and all her Divine creatures.

Remember this as you go through your day. ‘There’s never nothing going on.’ Always there is the energy of BE-ing surrounding our Universe. And here’s the most appealing aspect of this truth: always we are called to allow it to embrace us fully, always this loving grace is present to weave itself into the very fibers of our being and through us extend outward around the globe–touching all of Life. This is one of the greatest gifts offered to us as human beings, the warmth of Divine presence. She is always with us, divinely orchestrating Her symphony of Life–ever present.

Unexpected Visitor

I’ve just learned something new about myself! Really, like so much we ‘learn’ about ourselves, I’ve always known it, and so I’ve just RE-discovered it. I’m inspired by Nature–she is one of my greatest guides and today this realization strikes me deeply. A full dialogue to share with you all was already present in my mind as I opened this page to write. And then in the blink of an eye, it all shifted and the storyline has changed. Isn’t this the way of our own journey?

As I prepared to write, I did something I always do–glanced out my window, looking INTO the trees, feeling enraptured in the energy of shadows dancing on green grass beaming in the beautiful sunshine. Follow me, as this journey is taking many turns through the truths playing out in my interior conversation: I began to type ‘beautiful Georgia sun’ and was stopped in my tracks with the Divine cosmic reality of the nature of our planet. The sun here in Georgia is not belonging to her alone, this is the radiating source of energy that shines on us ALL, in every moment. We may not always FEEL the glow and heated warmth she gives, but we are always beneath her light as it washes over, into and around our planet. At nighttime, when our back is to her, she continues to shine. Not feeling her presence is in no way an indication of her absence.

Can you feel this truth my friends, as the truth of the Divine? Always we are in the arms of embrace, always we are held, loved, comforted and guided. Always–even when we have turned our back to the grace surrounding us. Do take a moment to let yourself feel fully the realization of this truth.

Nature. Ah yes, that’s where this post began. My guide and loved one. I’ve known it to be so, but even more so in the way my soul is feeling it in this space. So often we wish to complicate it by wanting to know ‘who is my soul guide?’ So simple, loved ones. One of our greatest is Nature herself. And SHE is everywhere, in every space we enter. There is no way to be separate from her. So the truth becomes that we are always receiving guidance…and when we feel distant from that reality, it is WE who have turned away from it.

There is peace in this knowing–a kind of serenity we all search for and long to feel. Here it is–open, available and ALWAYS shining into the heart of who you are. Be still a moment, close your eyes, feel the warmth of sunshine washing over you. And listen….for you will hear your heart doing what our hearts always do…..whispering words of grace and wisdom…..xo

Pausing Long Enough to See

I’ve been listening to reflections on beauty by Irish poet, philosopher and Catholic scholar John O’Donohue.  It feels as though each sentence and thought he shares is one to be relished, held close to my heart and remembered for not only hours, but days.  I’ve only listened to 5 tracks in a 4 cd set and already the mystical dance with my soul has begun.  With a rich Irish dialect, John reminds us that beauty is all around us, and in truth we have lost touch with its gifts of sacredness.

Consider the photos I’ve attached to this prose.  The first is of a vibrant, simply elegant autumn leaf.  Its presence here is stunningly real, stimulating our senses to smell the autumn air, hear the crispness of fallen leaves on the ground, see the perfect geometry of the leaf’s veins, perhaps even taste apple cider on our tongues as we feel the gentle breeze.  The image of this leaf evokes a sense of wonder, of connectedness, of being part of a Universe in which anything is possible, where we are loved, nurtured and always held in the embrace of grace.  Is that not the beauty we all seek?  Is this not the deepest longing of our soul?

Take a moment now to see the same leaf through the photo below.  How easily might we have missed something so wondrous, so awakening?  Going about the events and experiences in our day with our “eyes closed,” we miss the most lovely moments life has to offer us.

Allow yourself the space today to see and feel the beauty around you.  Connect to the miracles always happening in our world.  Open your soul’s ears….and listen….to the whispers of your heart….

Gratitude and Love to Rachel Edgar McIntyre for her beautifully poetic photographs ♥



Created during a Channeled Intuitive Reading.  The drawing was the doorway into the energy of the reading.  As I described to her through email what it was I saw in terms of a fern, she responded that she has a trail in her backyard that leads to a virtual carpet of ferns.  It’s one of her most treasured places to spend time and just “be.”

Nature Song


Butterflies dance by
Leaves gently blow;
My own heart cries out
Longing with them to go.

“I want to be free!”
Comes the call meant for me.
“I want to fly high,
Through the sky and just BE!”

The sun shines brightly,
Burning light into my heart;
Drawing me ever so near–
Lest my song should depart.

Mockingbird sings loudly his notes
To all who can hear;
Caring not whom he mimics
In his place, without fear.

Calm floats through the trees
As though whispering peace;
Breathing life into all who dare
Engage such release.

Adorned with grace and elegance
The mourning dove rests–
Then gathers delicate pieces
To feather her nest.

The cardinals too
Join this heartsong parade;
Love is openly shared
From their perch in the shade.

I am blessed to be here
In the sanctuary of our Mother.
And my prayer now to you–
“Let my heart speak to others.”

Jackie L. Robinson ~ 12.10.06

Appreciating the Simplicity

There is something magnificently beautiful in the simplest things of life.  Artist Lisa Kubik illustrates this truth in her alluring work of art depicting one of the simplest and most stunning pieces of nature – a flower.  What child is not drawn to a flower when out in nature?  A flower can be an expression of “I love you” or “get well soon.”  There is something about a flower that can brighten our day, bring life into a room or even our entire awareness.

Imagine yourself as a child, running and playing in a field full of wildflowers.  Although they become part of the scenery, there’s something magical in the flowery landscape.  Just as you feel something magical inside yourself when you take a moment to really *see* and *be* with this painting.  Feel it?

If you allow, you will feel yourself smile from within.  Take a moment to observe how your senses respond.  Our eyes can’t help but take in the beauty.  Naturally, we inhale through our lungs as though we can take in the sweet floral aroma.  And giving ourselves the space, we can even imagine what it must feel like to hold this flower in our own hand.  From there – check in with your inner being.  Do you feel the warmth, the appreciation, the gratitude and love that is swirling inside of you?

This is true not only for a beautiful work of art – either on canvas or in nature – but also for yourself.  What do you find of magnificence within?  What Lisa Kubik has done in her artwork is capture the elegance and gorgeously stunning nature of just one flower.  We are given the canvas that is who we are, to paint upon, to gaze upon, to appreciate and love.  Our heart channels the essence of our soul, inspiring us to create the masterpiece that is our authentic self.

Take time today to see into YOU.  See the beauty, the uniqueness, the simplicity that you just ARE.  And really breathe that into your being, awakening all your senses to your own loveliness.  As you become connected to your inner spirit…..pause in this space…..and take a moment to listen… the whispers of your heart……