Soul Networking

What I love most about this journey is difficult to define I realize, as the words begin to flow through my thoughts. For there are so many sentences, thoughts, truths that could begin with ‘what I love most’ or ‘my heart’s greatest desire.’ There are so many, and for me part of the journey has been to learn to allow myself to move through them at will and not become too attached to one particular step along the way.

And yet, the consistency has been the passion for soul networking. Ah yes, my friends, don’t you believe we all are drawn to the true essence of one’s soul and desire to interact from that space? It does feel for me that finally I’m finding so many places and ways in which to do this–from friends met on FB, to bloggers with whom I’ve connected through my writing, to my beloved family, to other soul companions met through classes, training, etc. Perhaps I could go on and on here describing how we come to connect to others on a soul level.

As I’ve gone through the last few months of what feels to be rapid change in my interior life–it’s been manifesting outwardly as well. One question that continues to come to mind is ‘how can I be of service?’ So many different ways we ask this question of the Universe, aren’t there? ‘What is my purpose? How do I use my gifts in a way that uplifts? Where do I channel the soul energy I feel from within? And HOW?’ Familiar aren’t they?

Here’s the beauty shared with me by a dear friend yesterday: NOW is the present. We can’t become caught up in whether or not this is the plan for years to come. What a relief this feels to my entire being! I can live in the NOW and allow ALL of my heart’s desires to speak, to shine, to share, to love, to serve, to give, be open and receive back all the grace and beauty reflected and surrounding me! Can you feel the releasing energy of this dear friends?

So I’ve gone on a bit more than I expected, but truly, that is the beauty of writing and sharing from one’s heart. Sharing, that does seem to be the ‘hub’ of it all in this phase of my journey. It begins with SOULSHARE, offered together with Jeanette Amlie of Blue Earth Awakening. This is a series through which we enter the sacred space of soul and honor the words, healing and gifts found there. And then the very dear Sharon Hooper and I have begun a fun new venture together, sharing conversations from the heart on our newly designed site Sharon & Jackie. (And it’s been an absolutely delightful process creating these new sites!) We welcome you to join us there and please do share your own thoughts and feelings along with us.

And for me…I love to honor and share the light I see and feel in others. So I’ll begin a series here on this blog called ‘Soul Networking’ in which these beautiful souls will be highlighted and ‘shared’ with you. We never know quite what will touch another. These ‘Networks of Grace’ bring beauty to the world in their own unique ways.

In closing, I thank you for joining me here. For opening YOUR heart and sharing the love that grows and stirs from within. We are truly a community of soul, willing to listen to and honor those whispers emanating from the sacred space of our hearts. With love, I honor each one of you.


Network of Grace

It’s been a bit since I’ve sat in this place with each of you…reflecting on the energy flowing in and out of our lives.  And it seems as though there is a tremendous influx of action and movement toward change.  The kind of change that makes a difference, in the greatest and even the smallest of ways.  Smiling at a stranger in the grocery store–just because you want to.  Hugging your loved one, speaking a kind word, committing to a cause, picking up that piece of litter on your path, petting your cat or dog with admiration for the amazing creature they are.  All of these have the potential to be infused with Divine love.  Each one carries the power to transform the energy of the moment and move you into a space of grace.

For years, I’ve wanted to be connected in a very real way to networks of grace, in which a conscious mode of living is priority number one.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m truly in awe of the energetic unity shared through the social outlet of Facebook.  And yet, this is the very place in which it is possible for ALL of us to align with a force so much greater than we could imagine.  Not the “only” place, for certain.  But in my own journey of late, it has become a very significant hub of connection….to Networks of Grace present and rapidly growing and expanding around the globe.  It’s there my beloved teacher Andrew Harvey is making a difference through the message of his book The Hope and his creation of the Sacred Activist.  Through this movement, we are living our truth through the passions of our heart–and THAT is the stimulus to the action we take. 

It is through heart-centered living and interacting with our world that we BECOME the CHANGE.  For if you are here reading this, you certainly desire to BE it.  You are seeking consciousness, fine-tuning your relationship to the Divine and willing to put your beliefs into practice.  This is it my friends–this is it!  Living and BEING in the field of grace.  And we become channels of the Divine when we allow that grace to flow from us…like a brilliant spotlight shining outward from the heart chakra.  WE are the channel of Divine love and healing.

I encourage you, however you feel guided from your own spirit, to allow your passion to lead you.  Let it spill forth from your being in whatever way it desires.  For it lives in our very soul…and is the voice of our deepest longings.  Take this moment, tune in and listen….for you will find the spark of it in the whispers of your heart….