Sensation of Love

Maybe it’s because amazing people in my life are pouring their support, love and energy into these final hours of the Steps campaign–so close to my heart. Or maybe it’s my sweet niece and nephew and family time held in the circle of my home this morning over tea and breakfast. Perhaps it’s even the Christmas music I’ve just started listening to a few hours ago. Could be recent intimate conversations held with soul companions. I like to think it’s a combination of it all, but whatever it is–it feels amazing.

There is this warmth glowing in the center of my being, in that quiet heartspace that exists just behind where our physical heart is. It lights up every cell and makes me want to whisper words of love in every way possible to each person I love and those I don’t even realize I love. It’s an incredible feeling of oneness, of kindness, openness. There are no barriers, no limits or impossibilities. I love this sensation of Presence. I love feeling it, expressing it, owning it. It’s large enough in my awareness and energetic field today to make me weep.

Valentine sent to us by ladybug cousins.
Valentine sent to us by ladybug cousins.

I believe we are, at our very core, this essence of love. So often we hear about ‘beings of light’ – and we are. To me what that means is that we have an amazing well of compassion, of consciousness, of connection to all that is in this world of ours. We’re designed to love–it’s our deepest desire. And when we can let go of the fears long enough to just do it, there’s an exhilaration that follows. Certainly this creates an immense expansion of love blanketing our planet, our universe. Pause a moment and consider what that might feel like.

And so this is my love letter to each of you. I thank you for being here, for connecting with me. Whether we know each other personally or not, doesn’t matter. Our spirits recognize one another and that’s how we came to be here together. Let us revel in that. And if you feel so called, pass this sensation of loving along to those in your life, in your circle. However you wish, quietly or with the sheer joy and contentment of expression in your own unique way. But do let it flow into and through you. Life will rise to meet you in this, I promise you that.

Much love to you. xo


Breath of Fresh Air

The beauty of having a period of time in your life when you feel as though you are virtually drowning, is that moment when the waves subside, the water recedes, and your spirit feels alive again as you begin to BREATHE.  In this space, every breath feels invigorating, filled with Life Force and a desire to embrace your self, your life, your loved ones and all that is around you with love and elation.

How amazing it is to me–life can look and feel so different from one day to the next.  We take for granted the ease with which the flow of our emotions, our dreams, our love can be moved and shift in the most substantial of ways.  Springtime–fresh air; feel it, breathe it in and know this is the breath of life entering every cell of your body.  Let it fill you up, pleasing all of your senses in doing so.  Really focus your attention on the exhilaration you feel fully in yourself as you breathe it in.  So simple.  Yet profoundly awakening.

And so that’s it for today friends.  A breath of fresh air–allow her to envelop you in her embrace.  Her sensual delights stirring the passions within you, compelling you to live in this moment, fully present to WHO you are in the core of your spirit.  Feel it.  Sense it.  BE it.  BE YOU.  However that is for today, whatever you feel this day–allow it to be so.  And in those moments you begin to waiver, turn your attention back to the air you breathe.  Step outside, breathe in the energy of Life awaiting you.

For it is in this space of Oneness, you are lovingly offered the message of connection and being…..from the truth of your spirit…..the depths of soul……and in the whispers of your heart…..