Every Step Supported

I find myself once again in awe of what the Universe can accomplish! And truly my friends, I can’t explain to you why this is, for I trust fully in the gifts that seem to be consistently surrounding me. Whatever it is that might be needed along the way, it seems to come at times without any awareness on my part that it was even a possibility.

Most recently I found myself having such a delightful time working with friends to create these beautiful little WordPress sites. It has become a form of canvas on which to paint the essence of one’s being, using the design, photos and language to allow the energy to unfold. Often I’ve thought what a fun little business this might be–and yet the fear of THAT client coming along who might desire a website beyond my knowledge and ability, has kept me circling, uncertain, unable to commit.

Just two days ago, I committed–fully. The evening before doing so, I found myself in tears with the realization that this could be REAL. From deep within my being came the knowledge, the knowing that once I said YES the doors would swing WIDE OPEN. In that moment, the emotions were not centered around the inability to create my dreams but the full awesomeness of the dreams coming true with just one word: YES.

And so setting the fear aside, I chose to stand up and just go with the Flow. When the client came along that needed something beyond my abilities, I would be honest and let them know perhaps I am not the right person for the job. Without any thought otherwise, I felt at peace with this next step and have begun to gather the pieces and put things in motion.

What has come next truly ‘knocks my socks off!’ Speaking with a very dear friend today, Stephen Michael Marcus of the groundbreaking Sacred Ground technology, brought about a whole new Collaboration and option for those clients who desire a bit more advanced website. Stephen is a highly intelligent, very intuitive and extremely loving being filled with so much knowledge and understanding of these more complex and intricate pieces. As we began the dialogue initiated through simple questions about me getting started, a beautiful connection began unfolding.

Are you getting this my friends? The Universe sent me what was needed…supporting me all the way in places where I had let go and wasn’t feeling fearful any longer. I wasn’t LOOKING for it…and truly in some ways hadn’t specifically asked for THIS to be a solution. And yet, we came together, each in our own space and journey, and are sharing our unique energies and gifts in a way that will not only honor our creative desires, but will honor and uplift others as well.

The miraculous occurrence of this continues to astound me….so much so, I’m not even certain I’ve effectively put it into words. What I wish for you to know, to feel deep within your being, to listen to from the quietest whispers of your heart is this dear loved ones: ALWAYS–ALWAYS you are loved, supported and held in the arms of grace. ALWAYS.


Emotions Gone Wild

I had an AHA! moment for myself this morning–the kind in which something your mind already is aware of sinks much more deeply into your soul *knowing and a light switch turns on.  When it first came out, we watched Michael Jackson’s “This is It” documentary and were very moved by his talent, spirit and loving presence.  Flipping through the channels this morning, it happened to be on and so we began to watch it again.  It’s been some time since I last saw it, and all over again the chills ran down my spine as I listened to his intensity, felt his passion and experienced the sense of awe and compassion he carries for all of Life and our Planet. 

It hit me in that moment.  He has so much emotion inside of him, and he communicates it beautifully and truly in a very Divine sense through his voice and his artistry.  His emotion is intricately connected to the passion projecting out of him.  Can’t this be true for all of us?

THAT was the AHA!  Sometimes there’s too much focus on working through it, be conscious of not letting our emotions get out of hand, and even getting “over it.”  But sometimes being IN it is where the genius occurs.  THAT is the very place where we surrender ourselves to the Divine power that waits patiently until we can open that door and welcome Her into our intimate space.  Emotions–whether they be heartbreak and sadness or immense joy–and being IN the moment of that emotion, are what offer to us the doorway into our own true passion.  When we embrace what we feel fully and allow it to breathe inside us, something is triggered, drawing us more and more into the sacred space of who we are in relation to our soul. 

Feel what you feel.  Be who you are.  Express the passion that lives inside you.  Let it be felt, heard, seen, known.  In whatever way is right for you.  We ALL have it.  It’s a gift waiting for each of us to accept as our own.  And inside that beautifully wrapped package lives the GRACE to step into it all–our pain, our passion, our power.  We are Divine, every one of us.  To embrace that space of who we are, we have only to let down our guard, tune in to our spirits and listen…..to the whispers of our hearts…..

Missing You…Missing Me

These words are from The Wild Pomegranate, a beautifully and poignantly written blog by a friend of mine: 

I find that I’ve been missing my morning writing time.  I’ve missed being in that quiet space in the morning, that creative womb of silence, where inspiration naturally blooms to the sound of a waking world and the clicking of fingernails on a keyboard.

My new moon intention is about finding my creative voice again, which has taken a back seat in recent months.  And, because it’s all about me, it’s all for perfectly selfish reasons, of course.  *laughing*  But in all sincerity, I miss the community I once enjoyed in Blogland – the daily (or almost so) interaction with like minded people who bring so much joy, inspiration, companionship and “I get you!” into my life.   Ah, there we have it – the “real” issue, I guess:  I miss being around people that “Get” me.

I’ve missed you!  You who find that what I have to say has value and import, who understand that I am a multidimensional human spirit who will not be squeezed into a box or a label or a “position”, and who cheer me on through good times and bad.

And I’ve missed sharing what’s on my heart and in my mind.  I’ve missed the words themselves.”

As I read these final notes of today’s post, I could relate completely in many ways.  First, the inner joy of writing words.  If ever I were to have a love affair it would be with words.  Writing them, typing them, watching them appear on the paper or the screen in front of me.  It’s mesmerizing almost…with a sense of magic happening before my very eyes.  At times I’m in disbelief that I was blessed to create something so eloquent and dare I say, elegant.  In truth, there occasions where I’m in awe of the words that flow so easily.  It’s a gift..I’m fully aware of this…and equally as in love with it.  

What also struck me in Gracie’s sentiment was a reflection of how I’ve been feeling while away from my writing these last several days.  A longing, a desire to connect here, to share with this community that exists in my heart and soul, if not in my everyday “real” life.  Your presence and willingness to be here in this place with me has become a part of my inner self.  We are Universally connected, in a way that sometimes “real” life can’t offer us.  Some of you live across the ocean.  It’s unimaginable that we can so naturally, so authentically come together as One in this place.  And again, I find myself in awe.  Of you, of us, of this Divine thread weaving itself into our lives and our souls. 

So thank you.  For allowing me to be myself, to share with you so purely and as Gracie so beautifully stated–for “getting me.”  You warm my heart, you speak to my soul.  And today my loved ones….your loving presence is the whisper I feel from within….xoxo

“I Say Yes When I Mean No”

From The Book of Awakening for today, January 16:

I say yes when I mean no and the wrinkle grows.  ~ Naomi Shihab Nye

There have been many times that I said yes when I meant no, afraid of displeasing others, and even more afraid of being viewed as selfish.  I think the first time I decided to get married, I said yes when I meant no.  Young and inexperienced in being myself, I agreed to be a fish out of water for as long as I could, so as not to hurt or disappoint or displease.  Not surprisingly, it all ended badly.

And how many times, once trained in self-sacrifice, do we have the opposite conversation with ourselves; our passion for life saying yes, yes, yes and our practical guardedness saying, don’t be foolish, be realistic, don’t leave yourself unprotected.  But long enough on the journey, and we come to realize an even deeper aspect of all this:  that those who truly love us will never knowingly ask us to be other than we are.

The unwavering truth is that when we agree to any demand, request or condition that is contrary to our soul’s nature, the cost is that precious life force is drained off our core.  Despite the seeming rewards of compliance, our souls grow weary by engaging in activities that are inherently against their nature.

When we leave the crowded streets and watch any piece of nature doing what it does – tree, moose, snake or lightning – it becomes clear that the very energy of life IS the spirit released by things being what they are.  And those of us committed to love must accept that care is the inner river flooding its banks.  Yet if the soul’s river can’t be fed by its source, there will be no care.

~ Sit quietly and meditate on the last time you said yes when you meant no.

~ Breathe steadily and surface, if you can, why you didn’t say no.

~ Breathe deeply and identify the cost of not saying what you meant.

~ Inhale slowly and invite your spirit to speak directly the next time you are asked to be other than you are.

Shifting Energy

Perhaps others of you saw this link this morning – for 2011 horoscopes on Yahoo’s homepage.  Typically I’ll read some of these and can “take it or leave it” – but today I was really drawn to and felt connected with many of the astrological readings for my sign.  What a year it’s going to be!!  If you have any interest in fun astrology – to be taken lightly or more seriously, check out this page:  2011 Horoscopes .  I would love to hear any feedback you might have after reading the outlook for your own sign and what 2011 will bring you.

This is an incredible time of year!  We are on the threshold of what is yet to come.  Stepping into a new year allows us to step into fresh, new energy in our lives.  We can pause and look ahead, contemplating what we wish for ourselves in this new space.  I’m not one for resolutions, but I do very much believe that we can co-create what we desire to be part of our journey, any time of year.  And yet…..there is something exciting about tomorrow being 2011!

Doesn’t it feel as if the new year awaits us with open arms?  Asking us how we see ourselves now…and going forward.  There are so many realms in which we could check in with ourselves…how will we love?  What kind of work will allow us to most creatively use the talents and abilities we have been given?  Where would we like to orchestrate change?  In what areas of our life are we so blessed, we must remember to practice gratitude?  How can we live a life that practices what we believe in and feel most passionate about?

Each of these questions holds its own power.  As you contemplate even one of them, you call to your inner self and the Universal energy that guides your path.  Along with or in place of your resolutions this year, check in with your soul’s compass.  See where you might be drawn to go, what calling you hear from within.  Invite an energy shift into the course of your daily life.

Are you in tune with your spirit’s voice?  Perhaps this is the perfect time to be still long enough to hear what your heart might whisper to you.