Perfume of Seduction

Awakening sweeping our planet, our universe, our hearts

Expansion, so fully as to break us wide open

Loving with abandon, letting ourselves be taken

Intoxicated by the Perfume of Seduction



As we each claim our role

Lovers, friends, sisters

Drawn together in sacred communion


We long to feel its pulse

Breathing in the musky scent

Bathing in ecstasy over and over again

Feeling Her waves wash over us


The eyes no longer see what’s true

Soul leading the charge, Heart carrying the torch

Flames consume us, burning, burning

Setting the Sacred Heart on fire


We have so longed for this,

Hungrily anticipating Love’s entry

Laid bare on Her altar

Yearning to unite with our Beloved


We see Her now, and feel Her even more so

She seeps into every remaining crack

Soothing as a balm that heals

Stimulating our deepest desires


With heightened longing, release and joy we exclaim

Yes, Yes, YES

Take me into your Temple

Your Sanctuary, Holiest of Holies


Let us come together as one

Merging, rising to heights of blissful rapture

Over and over again


Awakened now

Deep in the chambers of our Heartspace

Dripping in the juices of Divine grace


We are awakened and will sleep no more

Passed through a doorway that no longer exists

Deeper and deeper into the Mist

Broken wide open and left wanting


Ignited we now remain

Flames of the Sacred

Burning, burning, burning

Waiting for our next encounter

With Love’s Embrace


Transformation Through Discomfort

Fear. Ugh. Just the word itself stirs something unpleasant within, does it not?

I’ve often thought of someone being ‘stuck in fear’ as something obvious and so clearly holding them back. And yet, fear itself does seem to be making a quiet, but consistently subtle appearance in my journey just now. Generally, I don’t consider myself one to be afraid of going within, moving through the places that attempt to hold me still. We tend to think of fear as something that stares us glaringly in the face. That’s not how it seems to be happening for me here.

You’ve all witnessed and celebrated with me the dreams that have come to life over the last year. It seems that things I would only have imagined could be true found animation and took shape in ways that amazed and inspired me. Another is on the threshold of being created and realized – and it carries with it an enormous opportunity for expansion in nearly every way I desire.

Fear has made herself known to me in the quietest of ways: posts that catch my attention on FB. Quotes and messages I hear or read that stand out. One recently was that our lives truly begin at the place of our discomfort. And while I’m not feeling any ‘wound’ I’m still reminded of Rumi’s beautiful and sacred truth: ‘The wound is the place where the light enters you.’ And so it is. I’m even feeling a restlessness as I share with you all now.

In order to step forward into this next phase of my journey, I MUST be willing and choose to look fully into the face of some of my deepest insecurities – and a few of my greatest soul fears. I was touched deeply by Zendictive’s post today: pearls of wisdom. As Art shared so eloquently about the oyster’s ‘irritations’ of grit that enter his shell, the reality of those becoming beautiful pearls really sank in. Perhaps the language around this all doesn’t matter so much: fears, insecurities, irritations. The truth beneath it all remains the same – when we are in this space, we are truly in a pattern of tremendous growth – if we allow it to be so. If we let the voice of our inner truth speak to us, whisper her wisdom into our spirit, then we can step even more into the authenticity of who we are. Then we can open ourselves to more fully embrace the Divine purpose of our lives.

In our Mysticism course with Caroline Myss, she taught that when we feel most uncomfortable is when we are in the greatest position of sacred growth. The discomfort is stretching us to reach into the cores of our soul and find another pearl of who we are. That my friends is where I believe many of us will find ourselves as we move forward into this new age of spiritual evolutionary consciousness on our planet. I encourage you: embrace it. Let the irritations become the greatest treasure of your spirit, let the discomfort bring forth the golden light of your being, allow the voice of your soul’s truth to calm the ego’s fears. And together, we will move forward and honor the Divine Life that lives within each one of us and around our Earth.

Invite the light to enter you….however she will.

Much love to you…xo


Where the Light Enters

It’s a cliche, I know….but it’s proving true in my heart a bit:  “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.”  While I fully believed I knew how much I love and appreciate, admire and adore, care for and connect with my younger brother, it’s hitting me even more deeply as the evening goes on.  He’s been staying with us for nearly a year and a half, taking time to understand and connect with “what’s next” in the space of a loving environment.  To us, he’s been one of our family–sharing meals, favorite shows, conversations, challenges and triumphs.

I knew all of this already.  But what I’m realizing tonight, in this moment as tears flow without restraint down my cheeks is how deeply I love him.  Today was moving day.  He’s only been gone less than an hour….moving into the next phase of his life, becoming more of his authentic and empowered self…and only 45 minutes or a phone call away.  Yet, the hole in my heart is already feeling as though thousands of miles have been placed between us.

Nate’s been my best friend, confidante, spiritual companion through these months.  Always his arms are open to love and support.  Whatever might be running through my mind, raging through my veins or softening my heart–we could talk about it.  Tough decisions, relationship reflections, even working things out between the two of us in the most difficult of moments–we shared openly. 

We laughed, we cried, we sometimes just could “be” together.  I’ll miss that.  We’ll always have this special relationship we share, but it’s evolving into something different now–not bad, just different.  And in this space, I’m honoring these feelings.  Because as I’ve written about recently and shared with the quote I love so much: 

“The wound is the place where the light enters you.” ~ Rumi

I don’t feel wounded, but I do feel the heartbreak mingled with love and admiration.  As I’m allowing myself to feel the depth of emotions that have caught me a bit off guard in letting go, I’m feeling the depth of love I have been and am so blessed to share with Nate.  I’m seeing through eyes of my soul how extraordinary this man is and how much he brought to my spirit. 

The sacred heart is one that is broken open in order to allow love and compassion to grow in the crack.  I’m feeling that….and so I know that what comes through this chasm is a love more pure, more sacred and more real than I knew until this moment.  The light enters.  The light of Divine love for a Divine being who I am blessed, honored and grateful to have shared my heart and soul with over this time we were graciously given to grow together.  And because of our experience, our openness, our journey together, we each take the energy of Divine love into the world around us. 

My days will be quieter going forward.  But in the space of where Nate and I shared so much, there will be the bloom for each of us of new life being birthed.  I’m confident that as we go forward…we’ll grow with Grace and expand even more into our authentic selves…..listening to the whispers of our hearts…..