Together We Are One

As I tuned in to my heart just now, the message that come was to ‘love me.’  Having kept up a rather rigorous schedule this last week, I understand fully this is a reminder to stay grounded, take care of my needs and feed my body and soul.  Thank you Universe, I hear, receive and choose to follow this guidance.

Yet, as I continued to listen, it became clear what the message is for us all.  As the lovely Shelly Wilson has said: “I am you, you are me, we are One.”  This is the inherent truth present in today’s whispering, and the Divine Universal absolute truth I wish to share with you.  ‘Together we are one.’ 

Yesterday was my day to go into the cat adoption room at Petsmart and love these precious beings.  Each of them has been rescued in some way and are ready and waiting for a forever home.  To spend time with them, loving them, caring for them and honoring their desire to be affectionately connected is something that warms my heart each week.  At times, I would rather just take care of things at home, but deep in my spirit is the call to love them, to honor them and to serve our Earth and her beings in this way.  And here’s what I know to be true–both for me, and for all of us: although I cannot give a home to each one (even though my heart would like to), what I can do is spend time loving each of them, and through this action the energy of loving, nurturing and honoring the sacred presence they carry, I am honoring, loving and nurturing all cats, animals, indeed all of Life.  And I can do the same at home with my own cats.  Being of service and a vessel of love and healing doesn’t always require us to go out into the world.  For some, we are called to serve from our own homes, through the energy we send out into the Universe on behalf of all of Life.

As we give the love we are able, allowing ourselves to open to what IS present and available in our lives, we uplift and channel that energy into the whole of Life.  There’s not one being on this planet who alone can change the world, who can touch every creature, every person, every living thing and impact change–alone.  But each one of us CAN honor the environment, people, animals and Life that IS present in our own space, our own homes, communities, etc.  THIS is how change occurs.  We must think globally and act locally.  As I love just one cat either in the catroom or in my home, that loving energy can be intended for all cats, to all animals, to our Earth.

And so today’s heart whisper…’love me’ is first about nurturing and loving myself.  But the picture is so much bigger, for you see ‘I am you, and you are me.’  So by loving and honoring the truth of who I am, what I need and how my life unfolds, I am honoring the same in you.  For the light I see in you is in me, and the love I give myself I give to you.  ‘Together we are one.’ 

As you go about your day today, honoring yourself and others in whatever way you do, take a moment to set your intention to send that loving grace out into the world.  When you hug your child, may it raise the vibration of love felt by all children.  As you feed yourself a healthy or even just satisfying meal, may all of life feel nurtured and satisfied in their bodies, hearts, souls.  And here’s what’s true friends: as you allow yourself to do this practice, pay attention.  For through it you can connect more deeply to the passions that live in your own soul.  We all have the potential to serve, to give, to love.  Where do you find yourself most yearning to do so?  As you begin to recognize just where it is, you can also allow yourself to become more active in supporting that cause, that belief, that truth. 

How do you know what that is and gain clarity in aligning your energy to your passion?  You know, dear ones….you already know.  Just take a moment, wherever you are.  Take a few throughout your day….tune in, check in with yourself and listen…..for we find our answers through listening… the whispers of our hearts…..

Changing Altitude

Change.  Uncertainty.  Lack of clarity.  How do you respond to these?  How do WE respond to these as a people?  I believe there is a shift in our approach.  Not only are we stepping forward into “allowing” ourselves to be–to just simply BE– but also we are allowing ourselves to be ALL.  And in this case, “all” means all that we are.  Divine.  Filled with the desire to love.  Open to connecting with others.  Willing to take down our walls of self-protection and move forward, facing our fears, our anxieties.  And as we do, what we realize is they had so very little power in reality, but so very much in our own minds. 

We are taking charge of the Divine potential–not even potential–the Divine TRUTH of who we are, and what we are capable of creating.  Our greatest purpose here is to love.  And what if we could just tap into that?  What if we made that our daily mantra and responded to the dilemmas, fears, frustrations–with love?

Changing altitude in a spiritual sense is much like changing altitude in a physical sense.  When flying a plane, if there are storms, they raise the altitude at which the plane is moving.  And there’s an altitude at which our human selves can’t handle the purity of air, the lack of gravity, the intensity of light.  But our spirits CAN.  Our spirit can soar far into the Universe.  We can take in all the cosmos has to offer us.  When this world weighs us down, we can defy the gravity of our baggage and raise the altitude of our consciousness.

And this is the journey friends.  THIS is what we are here to do.  Release that which holds us in place, let go of the anxieties and just allow ourselves to step into the power of our spirits.  THIS is the calling of our souls, all of us.  We are unique in how we feel Spirit move through us, and how we connect to the beauty of Life.  But we are all the same in terms of the longing in our soul.  We ache to be true, honest, filled with the integrity of Divine presence–seeking to be filled with love and healing.  And still this is not enough.  Our collective soul desires even more–to share, to channel, to become a vessel of the energy that is GRACE.  To do this, we must, must, MUST allow ourselves to rise above the density of our baggage and our ego–and change the altitude.

All are able to do this.  With attention to our inner life, our intuitive knowing; gaining an understanding of just where the shift is needed, as we tune in listening…to the whispers of our hearts….


Pulse of Life…and Love

There’s a pulse that beats steadily around the world, indeed WITHIN the center of our Earth’s makeup.  Alive with the breath of BE-ing.  Awakened through the powerful force of love.  As the blood travels daily from the heart center of our bodies to the tips of our fingers, so does this love travels into every tiny cell of every living thing. 

We forget in the busy-ness of our lives that the vibration of love and of LIFE is ever present, hovering around us, always ready to enter into the whole of our being.  It is we who put up our hand and ask it to wait a moment…when we finish this or that, when we have time to be still and allow it, when the emotions that keep us tied to past experiences aren’t weighing us down, when we are so exhausted we can’t possibly keep up the pace.  And then we stop.  We begin to surrender and to allow the pulse to beat within our own hearts…in rhythm with the heart of our Divine Mother Earth.  As we fall in step with her vibrations, we become channels of love and healing.  We awaken the quest for peace and consciousness that already lives within.  And we step forward into our own purpose and passion.

THIS is the journey friends.  Pausing, being still long enough to feel the rhythm, to allow our own heart to move in sync with that of our Great Mother.  In doing so, we not only connect to the Source, but we uplift All That Is and become instruments of change. 

And in truth, if you are here, reading this….surely this is your heart’s desire.  You seek to become more and more connected to WHO YOU ARE as a Divine presence walking on this earth.  You open yourself to her embrace and guidance.  She is ever with you…in the breeze through the trees, the rippling of the water’s edge, the song of the bluebird in your backyard.  SHE is all around you.  Waiting, patient, always available to you.  Open your heart….let her voice stir your soul.  She speaks to you directly….often….just listen…she’s in the whispers of your heart….

Network of Grace

It’s been a bit since I’ve sat in this place with each of you…reflecting on the energy flowing in and out of our lives.  And it seems as though there is a tremendous influx of action and movement toward change.  The kind of change that makes a difference, in the greatest and even the smallest of ways.  Smiling at a stranger in the grocery store–just because you want to.  Hugging your loved one, speaking a kind word, committing to a cause, picking up that piece of litter on your path, petting your cat or dog with admiration for the amazing creature they are.  All of these have the potential to be infused with Divine love.  Each one carries the power to transform the energy of the moment and move you into a space of grace.

For years, I’ve wanted to be connected in a very real way to networks of grace, in which a conscious mode of living is priority number one.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m truly in awe of the energetic unity shared through the social outlet of Facebook.  And yet, this is the very place in which it is possible for ALL of us to align with a force so much greater than we could imagine.  Not the “only” place, for certain.  But in my own journey of late, it has become a very significant hub of connection….to Networks of Grace present and rapidly growing and expanding around the globe.  It’s there my beloved teacher Andrew Harvey is making a difference through the message of his book The Hope and his creation of the Sacred Activist.  Through this movement, we are living our truth through the passions of our heart–and THAT is the stimulus to the action we take. 

It is through heart-centered living and interacting with our world that we BECOME the CHANGE.  For if you are here reading this, you certainly desire to BE it.  You are seeking consciousness, fine-tuning your relationship to the Divine and willing to put your beliefs into practice.  This is it my friends–this is it!  Living and BEING in the field of grace.  And we become channels of the Divine when we allow that grace to flow from us…like a brilliant spotlight shining outward from the heart chakra.  WE are the channel of Divine love and healing.

I encourage you, however you feel guided from your own spirit, to allow your passion to lead you.  Let it spill forth from your being in whatever way it desires.  For it lives in our very soul…and is the voice of our deepest longings.  Take this moment, tune in and listen….for you will find the spark of it in the whispers of your heart….