Whispers in Reflection

I truly had no idea how dark this year has felt for me. Oh, I’ve moved along with each crisis, celebration and life event. And yet–I somehow stepped out of a sacred space, immersed more and more into the physical reality that swirled around me. The details don’t matter because my focus here is really the journey back into myself. My beloved soul companion Joss Burnel articulated it perfectly in saying that we each have times in our lives where our lives demand much of us and we exist in a different space. But when we come back into the quiet, the serenity, we feel before us a newness of ourselves and an opportunity in which to determine what pieces of our former life we will take forward. There is an energy of discovery in this new way of being that Life Herself has ushered us into.

DSC01356The whispers are returning, sweet friends. Those heart whispers that allow me to close my eyes and feel the Grace move through–those whispers that indeed allow each one of us to do that in our own unique ways. It’s not that we’ve been disconnected, only that for a period of time our attention and energy were needed elsewhere. It’s the ebb and Flow of our lives, though, isn’t it? It certainly has been for mine. I’m not sure I can recall a period of time in which so much has occurred in such a short space in my life. And I must admit I did find myself feeling it was absurd for all of this to be in MY life!? How on earth did this come to be? I don’t live this way. All those silly, false truths floated their way to the surface. And in reflection I see that I am human as are you–we each have these times in our lives and we are each given the gifts that reveal themselves as the dark veils begin to lift.

Our Sacred Circle gathering today was centered around the following passage from Circle of Stones. Upon reading it, I could sense the relevance to other times in my life, but it wasn’t until I sat in the beautiful, sacred circle of women I love that I really felt the truth of the darkness in my life so recently. It didn’t the look the way one might expect. I remembered to find consciousness through it. But that’s very different from moving into a deeply sacred, soulfully present space. THAT is the space I so love and find myself longing for. And that, my dear friends is the space we share here together. Thank you for bringing your presence into this extraordinary virtual sanctuary that is ours. We revel in the light of Divine Presence, and isn’t that, in truth, the space from which even the darkness originates?

From today’s event:

“How might your life have been different, if, as a young woman, there had been a place for you, a place where you could go to be among women… a place for you when you had feelings of darkness? And, if there had been another woman, somewhat older, to be with you in your darkness, to be with you until you spoke… spoke out your pain and anger and sorrow.

And, if you had spoken until you had understood the sense of your feelings, how they reflected your own nature, your own deepest nature, crying out of the darkness, struggling to be heard.

And, what if, after that, every time you had feelings of darkness, you knew that the woman would come to be with you? And would sit quietly by as you went into your darkness to listen to your feelings and bring them to birth… So that, over the years, companioned by the woman, you learned to no longer fear your darkness, but to trust it… to trust it as the place where you could meet your own deepest nature and give it voice.

How might your life be different if you could trust your darkness… could trust your own darkness?” ~ Circle of Stones by Judith Duerk 


Simply Because I AM.

I speak my truth
Because I AM.

My head held high,
back straight,
standing tall.
Because I am.

I honor the voice of my soul
Listening intently to the whispers of my own heart.
Following the guidance I find there
Reminding me of what is true: I AM.

The words aren’t meant to foster arrogance
But to signify who I know myself to be–
Sacred, Divine, Lightbeing
Filled with wisdom, grace, love.
I AM connected to the All That IS.

Calling forth the ancient teachings
Of all who came before me,
Living their own manifestations
Honoring the resonance
From deep within their beings;
The call of I AM.

Because I AM, I *see you.
And so must too *see me–
In all our beautiful, radiant glory.
I am. You ARE. WE are.

It is OUR birthright
To be this entity of ONEness,
To speak with the voice of consciousness,
To become the energy of change.
Our birthright because
I am. YOU are. WE are One.

I am Jackie. Filled with grace, beauty, wisdom, sacred essence.
And the same is true for you, dear friend.
WE are. Divine Presence. It is simply WHO we ARE.

Much love.

Savoring the Moment

Sometimes it’s easy to take your own accomplishments for granted. So any time you’ve created something from the heart, whether it be a poem, an article, a painting and so on, pause for a moment. Take that moment to reflect back on the amount of thought, effort, time and heart that went into the creation of what you’ve done. By doing this, you’ll be able to savor within that moment, that feeling of accomplishment that you’ve earned as a result of your efforts. Your moments of accomplishments are moments of replenishment, so capitalize on those moments because much positive energy within is to be gained from savoring those moments. ~ Friends for Soul

This post I read today really spoke to me on so many levels. As I’ve contemplated what to share in this space, the words shared by Friends for Soul seemed to cry out with a sacredness that begged to be passed on to all of you. There is much wisdom, truth and grace in this short message, but let us move through it at a slower pace, allowing each gift to really sink into our being.

First of all, too often we don’t ‘see’ who we are, the abilities we have been given, the ways in which we are blessed to touch the world. Because whatever our specific skills may be, we consider them to be given to all, failing to see the beauty of our authentic being. Even if there is another who can ‘do what you do’–it’s not with your spirit, your energy, your passion and your unique way of doing it. There is not another who is like you and has come into this lifetime to live your purpose. When we fully embrace this, we begin to honor who we are and hold our gifts as sacred.

I then love the practice of stepping back to see and savor your creation. This is actually welcoming the energy of your heart to be infused into your being, your creation, your offering to the world. And here’s what’s true friends, we are all here to offer something to the world–no matter how ‘simple’ or ‘quiet’ it may seem, or how ‘great’ or ‘grandiose’ it appears. Each one of us is here with the grace of the Universe available to us as we live out our truth and allow ourselves to be used on behalf of the Divine. How else do we do this except to connect to the passion of our hearts, the sacredness of our souls and the brilliance of our beings?

And finally–at least ‘finally’ in this moment–is the message that our ability to honor, embrace and SEE fully the creations of our hearts and souls becomes the source of ‘replenishment’ to our inner core. As we more and more connect to this space, we more and more allow ourselves to create from the energy of loving presence, to be channels of love, vessels of light shared around the globe.

There is such reverence in this practice. And it breeds a sense of purpose, of Divine service and awareness we are sanctuaries of the Universe here to positively uplift and impact our world. As each of us allows ourselves to be as such, we become those points of light, creating a web of loving consciousness that spans the globe.

Thank you Friends for Soul…for your inspiration and heart connection today. xo