One Word: Listen

This is the word that continues to come up in my own life day after day of late.  And not just in ways you might imagine.  The most repetitive representation playing in my mind is from the song Beyonce’ sings in the movie Dreamgirls, “LISTEN.”  It’s not only the title of the song, but is woven into each verse and the chorus, so she says it many times, with much emphasis:  LISTEN.  A reminder from the Universe of something we can all do better, no matter how well we are already practicing its message.

Understanding the art of listening is playing out in other ways in my life as well.  With members of my family, the lesson is to hear beyond the words being said, to take a moment to observe, acknowledge and step out of what might be hurt or frustrated feelings–and to LISTEN to what the other person is saying from their heart.  This is not an easy practice, nor one that will fill your human self with satisfaction.  What it will do is strengthen the stamina of your soul, and teach you how to connect beyond what is physically present.  In truth, the art of listening is just one of a much finer art:  that of being in tune with Spirit, and with the purest and most authentic embodiment of your spiritual self.

My challenge to each of you:  take the time to listen beyond the words your ears are hearing.  Use all of your senses to perceive what is happening around you, and yes, even within you.  It does begin with listening to your own authentic voice.  Nothing in the realm of Spirit can be taken at face value.  See beyond the illusion into the beauty of truth, grace, love.

And you know my friends……there is one place in which to start this practice, gaining insight and clarity… the whispers….of your own heart……