All I Have to Bare

Let me feel You in my pores
Sweet essence of Love
Washing out all over me

I want to feel Love as though She were an ocean
Her rhythm riding me as a gentle storm
To close my eyes and merge into You

And when I close my eyes
I feel your Love as a Wave that crashes over me
Pulling me, dragging me under
Without breath
Or thought
Or care

Sweet abandon
My own undoing

Stripping away every last shred of resistance
My dignity left lying on Your floor

All I have to bare is me
Beautiful breasts await Your Breath
The heat of sweet lips open to meet Your Tender Kisses 
Arms wide in surrender, giving all of my self to You

I want to feel Your gaze upon my sex
Drinking her in
Tasting her
Losing yourself in Her dark cavernous Light of Beckoning


I want to know how it feels for you to be inside of me

‘Just a little bit more my darling’
You whisper with each new entry into my Feminine folds
My lips are wet with the taste of You

Leaving me longing for more
Hungry for Your Touch
Desirous of our Bodies to connect once again

Pausing only to see into the spirit of each other
Becoming both the Seer and the Seen
Burning in the fiery gaze of a soul’s lust
For HER within and from each other
Our intimacy formed perfectly
Fit together as though designed

I love to feel You
From the inside out
To know Your presence 
Even before You come

My soul longs to feel Your penetration 
Ever more deeply, sweetly, fiercely 

I am laid bare
Spread wide apart
Open, waiting, calling You to me
Hungry for all that only You can bring

I am yours oh Beloved One
I am yours


Essence of a Woman

It began with a simple photo on Facebook–Wonder Woman posted by Ros of Finding ur Wings. She included in the text a statement that for this day, she would not try to be Wonder Woman. My short reply was simply that I loved Wonder Woman growing up, but that we can’t all be her all the time. There’s a lot more to being a woman. At Ros’s invitation, I’m sharing what it means to me to be a woman.

Thinking of being a woman and how it makes me feel, the very first piece that comes to mind is Maya Angelou’s ‘Phenomenal Woman.’ Whatever she is, however she looks–it’s the spark that comes from within that truly makes her shine.

‘Phenomenal Woman–That’s Me’

There are so many directions to go when it comes to sharing about being a woman, I must admit, my mind is circling to determine how best to connect. Let’s do what we know works, go to the heart, listen to her whispers….

Every woman is beautiful.

She is the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. A Goddess in human form.

There is a warmth that emanates from deep within her being, seeking out those who most need the heat of Compassion, Nurturing, Love.

She is the champion of one who cries out, opening herself fully as Mother; letting her arms enfold and soothe even the subtlest of discomforts.

A call comes to her from the Cosmos, to remember who She is; to honor the sacredness of her spirit.

A woman is one who moves with effortless grace. Her every step can move the hearts of many, beckoning us to want more, to seek the Source of our deepest desires.

When she is confident in the fullness of her being, she glows with a fire that cannot be dowsed, igniting the spark in all who surround her.

There is a sensuality about her, living quietly beneath the surface of what seems to be a busy mom and committed co-worker.

We go throughout our days, honoring the tasks set before us, giving ourselves fully to the world around us.

And yet, there is a longing, a deeper truth that defines who we are.

A woman treasures her own integrity above all else. When she speaks, each word holds her own truth.

She sees the light in others, and understands it is but a reflection of that which she carries within herself.

Because she understands we are ALL Divine, she honors all of Life.

A woman lives in the power of I AM, allowing her inner sacred power to guide her way.

She whispers words of wisdom, received through connection with Spirit and self awareness.

She is a beauty to behold, as her very presence calls forth the awakening of every sense.

With the marriage of softness and ferocity she is the lioness of her realm and pride.

A quiet subtlety moves her onward, lending to her the instinct of how to move next.

These are her qualities. This is her inherited place on Earth.

One cannot overlook the splendor of her form, for it is the gift bestowed upon her from the Heavens.

Vast oceans filled with promise can be seen in her eyes.

Kisses of the sacred flow from her lips.

Her hair falls over us as though it is the arms of love reaching out and drawing us inward.

None can deny the beckoning that comes through the swing of her hips, calling to us to open ourselves fully to the ecstasy that awaits.

Gentleness of her touch, felt as the heat of Divine Feminine energy.

There is so much one can say about being a woman, and what that means. She is unto herself, yet deeply connected to the ancient sacred energies of this Earth and the cosmos. She stands strong throughout the course of time, even when our history has sought to bring her down. She is strong, courageous, willing to stand firm in the beliefs of her heart. She will fight to the death for those she loves and what she treasures most.

The essence of a woman is to serve as the chalice, the doorway and opening into a world unseen–yet longing to be felt to the core of one’s being. Sexually, sensually, intimately she is the siren of Divine connection–the medium uniting human and soul. The object of our desires, the radiant being of our dreams. SHE is the Goddess. The Feminine. The voice of our soul, the relentless beckoning to go deeper, open ourselves fully and let the walls come down so that we may enter a space of sacred ecstasy and Divine presence.

I AM Woman. She is ME. She is YOU. She surrounds you, calls to you, aches for you.

Will you answer my friends? Can you let yourself be THAT vulnerable? Are you willing to stand naked with only your soul to bare? This is the call of the Divine Feminine. These are the whispers of the sacred.

Reclaiming Sensuality

I’ve realized recently what I lost somewhere along the way: that sensual connection to life, from every level and perspective. As my own life changed several years ago from one who relied on her physical prowess to feel ‘secure,’ I let go of pieces of myself that were undesirable, ugly, empty. But along with those pieces went some of the ability to really let my senses guide me to that inner sweetness we all carry.

Or perhaps, the words come as I’m writing this–I lost it long before that transformative time in my life. Perhaps THAT bit of myself wasn’t based on the ‘real thing’ either. Certainly I possessed the ability to connect with the fullness of my being to the beauty, ecstasy and sensual pleasure of my world as a child. We come into this life equipped and blessed with the desire to do so. Somewhere along the way, I ‘shushed’ that part of myself, locked her into a closet and asked her–demanded of her that she be quiet.

I’ve thought these last years that I had moved through some of this and indeed, believe I have. There was the time of not wanting to be beautiful, attractive, too feminine at all. As a physical ‘casting off’ of the person I’d been, I rebelled against the female presence that had been flaunted and put on for show in order to feel ‘safe’ and ‘wanted.’ I was determined no longer to be that woman–that girl.

And then with time, I realized the inner desire was really one of seeking connection to the Divine, to the pure and authentic sweetness of the sacred. This inner knowing gave me a new perspective on it all, helped me to see the purpose, to understand how and why I had lived as I did. I ‘got it.’ And I must admit it felt wonderfully liberating to shift perspective and see myself from this place, and to once again embrace the fullness of being a woman.

Yet, it’s all been stirred up once again. Two experiences this week brought about a realization of a very deep, very powerful desire to intimately connect to the sensuality of the Divine in ways that feel overwhelming and a bit filled with fear. There’s a sense of ‘losing control’ and not being able to remain centered–or perhaps to remain ‘sane.’ But the call continues to come…and somewhere, somehow I must answer. If only I could plan and see what that might look like, how to wrap it up neatly in a package that presents herself in a way accepted not just by the world around her, but even more so–by her own inner critic and captor.

The second experience was through the simple process of a conversation around consciously connecting to eating chocolate. Listening to others share without censor times in their life that have brought about a sensual connection through chocolate–I could feel myself begin to hide behind the walls I’d constructed to ‘be’ somebody else. And I’m sad with the realization of it; with the recognition of this place within my being who remains silent because I have chosen her to be so. The fear of what she might be without the muzzle I’ve put on her is paralyzing.

This is a big AHA! moment for me….but not the kind that makes the lights and whistles go off inside onself. Instead it’s the kind that feels wrapped in confusion, uncertainty, fears that feel foreign and a lack of knowing my authentic self. Perhaps there is even a tendency to want to keep her quiet, to continue on in ‘safe’ mode and smile as though all is as it was. But it’s not, is it? No my dear friends….it’s not. And I cannot ignore the call. Thus begins an unveiling, an opening, a blind reliance on the Universe to guide me through this process. I don’t know what it is, how it will look–but I know enough in my HEAD at least, that the fears and the thoughts perpetrated by them will present a picture so much ‘worse’ than anything real that can occur.

Thank you for holding this space, allowing me to ‘talk out loud.’ As we’ve talked about here before, there is some step forward, a bit of validation in letting the truth be heard by others. And so you are each ‘witness’ to this step along my journey, here to uplift and support my soul with your presence. I’m grateful…humbled…and open to moving through this place in myself.

Love to all…xoxo