Blueprint for the Soul

In this tremendous space of transformation we are all finding ourselves, it can be difficult to sort through the many downloads of information coming through, as well as the inherent qualities of who we know we are–and create a path forward. Change requires action. And the evolutionary process at hand goes far beyond the physical and mental level, unearthing old truths and unveiling the crystallized sparkle of the soul at a very universal subconscious level. The changes feel rapid in pace, and our minds and bodies must now keep up with the journey of our souls.

I recently spent time with an amazing woman who offered such richness and clarity, I found myself wanting to dance around the room following our exchange! Sharon Hooper is a master Vision Mapping Strategist, filled with vibrant energy, deep wisdom, a very elegant spirit and the passion to map out the truth of our heart’s desires. It began with a goal or desire–something that mattered to me and on which I am ready to focus. In this case–building a business over time that supports my own inner passion and allows me to be of service while securing income as the next chapter of our lives is beginning. I dream of ‘work’ that is filled with heart, open to the guidance of the Universe and simultaneously allows my husband to enjoy his later years as my inner joy becomes the supporting force in our lives. And I believe that dream IS attainable, especially after spending just over an hour with Sharon.

This is MY passion – guiding others in their journeys, and holding a stronger vision for them than even they know about – yet. In fact, I have to smile BIG sometimes, not egotistically, and as humble as I can be…because when I work with people I can see the vision of a passionate future for them, and of course, I cannot share that. The journey has to take place step by step, AND I don’t want to put potential false ideas in people’s heads, because the journey is for each one of us to walk, and we must do it in our own way. ~ Sharon Hooper

Connecting with one another over Skype allowed our energies to join together vibrationally, creating an invisible line between our hearts. There was a synergy as I shared my soul’s passion and my spirit’s truth, while Sharon’s gift of visioning and intuiting painted a beautiful work of art through the colorfully written words on her easel paper. The art of my soul. It became so very clear, untwisting the monkey mind I play with myself and speaking OUT LOUD the truth of what I feel, who I am and what makes my soul sing. As we worked harmoniously together, it was as though the breath of Life entered into my heartspace, instantly animating the passion that lives with me. Words can’t even adequately describe the energetic elation that filled my entire being. Tingles, laughter, joy–a new sense of BE-ing Jackie became very much ALIVE!

What I would realize as well, was the ‘after effect.’ And truly we knew it as it was occurring–an imprint of my soul had been created and was now filled with pulsing, thriving LIFE. Yes, it has been there all along, but the flower that for so long was a seed germinating is now blooming! It’s been only a week, but the energy that was put in motion from our session is already springing up fresh blossoms as opportunities I couldn’t have foreseen or even imagined for myself. Seeing the blueprint of my soul on that easel paper, having been uttered from the depths of my being, through my lips and over waves of internet to Sharon in Sedona–only to be formed into a masterpiece of art and made REAL–has entirely re-ordered my life–interior and outwardly as well.

We are constantly evolving, and I daresay I am not who I was a week ago–yet I am more wholly myself. There is a sacred movement taking shape beneath the surface, AND playing out in ways that are tangible, clear and definable. What power lies in not only speaking our truth out loud, but allowing another to be its witness–and even more so, engaging the shared energy of awakening a sleeping beauty. And she IS beautiful–this soul that is me. As is your soul, loved one. We are so being called. I’ve been drawn to Sharon and her work for quite some time, and it’s clear the Universe knew what was in store and allowed us to connect when our souls were aligned and ready.

I’m sending my love and gratitude to you Sharon Hooper, along with wishes that YOUR dreams become reality–living, breathing, dancing within your heart and in the realm of your ‘real life.’ May you be blessed beyond measure for the loving service you offer to so many, from the passion of your soul. It’s clear you are MEANT to do this and your time is NOW! Vision Mapping for the Soul–what an amazing gift to the evolution of our planet. Much love….xoxo

Sharon is phenomenal–not only as a Master Visionary, but as a being filled with the light of grace and a heart infused with Divine love. Her energy is warm and welcoming, honoring who you are without prejudice. She has been and continues to be a very inspirational mentor and friend. Below is a short video that will share a bit of Sharon’s  vivacious spirit with you. She can also be reached directly at should you wish to consult with her and learn more. I promise you–your life will change the moment you begin connecting, awakening truth that already lies deep inside you!


Digging Deep

So much of our growth is about ‘digging deep.’ And the beautiful reality of this truth is that there is so very much inside of ourselves from which to draw courage, strength, hope, inspiration–stamina. And when the opportunity to do so comes along, it’s very rare that we see it coming or have time to ‘prepare’ ourselves for its arrival.

One of the greatest Universal Truths is this: ‘we always have everything we need.’ Even when we may not recognize it to be so, the Universe always provides to us what is necessary for our survival and growth. When we shift our view from the illusory level of this world into the Divine space of our souls, we begin to feel the beauty of this contract we have with the Universe. We are always held in the arms of love, embraced with the sweetness of grace.

This week I took Snuggles, one of our rescue cats to the vet to get his breathing checked. As it turns out, he’ll need medication for perhaps the rest of his life, which in itself is not of concern. However, when Snuggles came to our home two years ago, he was terrified of humans and ran from the room whenever we entered. With much love and tender coaxing, he’s come to realize how much he loves to interact with us and he does allow us to pet him and love on him just a bit. Learning that I would have to take it a step further and find a way to ‘catch’ him and coax him even further into allowing me to hold him still and give him medicine on a regular basis, I could feel my own anxiety arise.

I share this with you friends, because after three days of working with Snuggles to get his needed medication into him, I’ve realized something so very true for us all. WE ALWAYS HAVE EVERYTHING WE NEED. Snuggles doesn’t like being ‘cornered’ or ‘captured’ and held. But when I am confident in my ability to lovingly hold him with courage and belief in what we’re accomplishing, the process goes much more smoothly. After a day or two of anxiety over the whole ordeal, I began to just ‘do it.’ And we are making great progress.

We can often not imagine being capable of what the Universe asks of us. Instead we see the obstacles standing between us and the task. How quickly we forget who we are and the gifts with which we’ve been created. Never, never, will we be guided to do something impossible to accomplish. Always we are held in the arms of the Divine, always we are given EXACTLY what we need at any given time, in any given circumstance. Always WE ARE DIVINE, and so carry the sacred energy of being. This is what’s true friends.

Whatever it is in your life that stirs anxiety in your heart when you even begin to consider it–take a moment and really let that thought enter your being. Ask yourself what it is you fear, and what you would need to work through that fear. Listen to the answers. Hear the guidance. Honor your gifts. You have everything you need. You are a Divine being, given the most extraordinary ability of living in this world while connected to a deeper level of presence in your soul. You always have everything you need, and you have only to dig deep to feel those resource–for they are already yours.

We each carry our own beauty and power, we are all reflections of the Divine and each of us is surrounded in grace. We have only to allow these gifts to enter our awareness, to embrace who we are and walk forward in faith. These are the building blocks to engineering a soul with stamina friends. You begin one step, one block at a time–all within your reach….as you listen…to the whispers of your heart……



Beautiful Day

It’s not so much that I have something amazing to share, only that it’s an incredibly beautiful day and I’m loving every moment!  The last week has been a journey of ups and downs, to say the least.  Monday evening and into Tuesday brought cause for tears and heartbreak.  But through each of those, an opening was made for the purity of my soul to shine through, for the inspiration of “letting go” to birth creativity–for my truest self to “be.”

The heartbreak subsided, the sun began to shine and miraculously, in tune with my inner barometer, the weather warmed up!  By the middle of the week, the veil was lifting, and I found myself walking with a bounce in my step.  Through an incredibly transformational experience on our community Facebook page, energy was shifting without me fully being conscious of it.  For the last several months, I’ve been on a journey of seeking–we always are, though aren’t we?  In this case, it was a specific journey….seeking “what’s next?”  How do I animate the energy I feel inside, what’s the right direction and why isn’t it working as I’m trying to “push” it through?  Of course, I didn’t fully realize the extent of the “push” at the time, but being on the other side of that, I can feel it.

I’ve heard talk of the “download.”  Of something so creative coming through a channel most unexpected and so, it brings with it the “miracle effect.”  I wasn’t prepared in the least–but then, I was prepared at the same time.  A paradox perhaps?  THAT my friends is where we find the inception of Spirit…in the high consciousness altitude of the Divine paradox.

It came in quickly–and as though in a flash, things shifted.  Monday it was tears and tissues.  Friday it was cartwheels (ok, yes, I refrained…that last attempt reminded me that taking 20 years off from “tumbling” isn’t to be taken lightly, lol)  and excitement that ran so hot and fast through my veins I could barely contain myself!  It’s here–the birth–it’s happening!  Something amazingly magnificent is on its way, I see it, I can feel it, I know it in the very core of my being! 

This is how it happens, though isn’t it?  We engage the heartbreak to open the crevices that lead into our soul.  We surrender to the emotion and that very same emotion becomes the guide to rebirth.  And so again….I’m THANKFUL.  I’m grateful to be on this journey, experiencing EVERY high and EVERY low that leads me deeper into myself, into authenticity, purpose and Divine connection.  I’m elated to take this journey–and every side path along the way–leading me more and more into consciousness. 

I’m listening still…for there’s more to come.  And whether the high remains, however the “expected outcome” waivers from reality….I’ll continue to tune in and listen… the whispers that speak to me so clear…..from my heart…..xo

Follow Your Heartsong

There are times I feel strongly the desire to express through writing, but the words escape me. This morning I decided to pick up an old journal from the middle of 2007 and seek out some of the poetry I had written a few years ago. Reading those lyrics that seem such a short time ago in my life, I was instantly aware of how far I’ve come and how much has been released over the last 3 1/2 years of this journey. The shift within myself was immediate, bringing about a clearer perspective on who I am TODAY. Uncertainties, doubts, worries about where I am on my present path vanished as I began to read the words of a woman who had no voice. Searching desperately she implored God, her soul, her self to step into the light, into authenticity.

“What’s there in my soul, hiding out in the dark? Flames would burst into fire – just give me one spark. Let me just get a glimpse of this delicate space. Step out of the shadows, show me your face. Something within is calling to me – I can’t quite hear its voice; it’s barely a whisper yet it feels like a scream. Crying out in great pain, begging me for its ease. ‘You’re not making sense’ comes my reply. Though your lips move, neither words nor sound can escape. What is keeping you mute, can’t you see, don’t you know? Why can’t you break free from this master of your soul? You want to, I see desperation in your eyes. The message seems clear – this is now ‘do or die.'”

As I look back upon the growing pains of developing my own voice, becoming an authentic expression of who I truly am inside–I can both feel her pain and at the same time feel the love that has grown in its place.  This woman had to want it.  She had to need it, desperate enough to risk all her comforts to find it.

And through her eyes, I can now see how much I have healed the holes in my spirit.  She has a voice now–and sings beautifully her heartsong.

Don’t judge where you are in your journey.  Allow yourself to feel what you feel, experiencing what you must in order to release old wounds and burdens.  Beneath all of that breathes a vibrant, extraordinary spirit, just waiting for your permission to BE.

We each have our own heartsong.  Its sweet sounds can be heard when we honor who we are in this very moment and take the time to listen… the whispers of our hearts…..

“Show Your Hair”

The following is from The Book of Awakening, subtitled “Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have.”  Author Mark Nepo has written a very poignant short message for each of the 365 days of the year.  It’s part of my new year gift to myself to spend some time with each day’s wisdom, allowing it to implant itself into every cell of my body and enhance my connection to Spirit.  I promise you, as you resonate with the universal truth offered in these messages, you will deepen your interior life….and open your inner ears to the whispers of your heart.

January 5

Show Your Hair

My grandmother told me, “Never hide your green hair – they can see it anyway.”                 ~  Angeles Arrien

From the agonies of kindergarten, when we first were teased or made fun of in the midst of all our innocence, we have all struggled in one way or another with hiding what is obvious about us.

No one plans this.  It is not a conspiracy, but rather an inevitable and hurtful passage from knowing only ourselves to knowing the world.  The tragedy is that many of us never talk about it, or never get told that our “green hair” is beautiful, or that we don’t need to hide, no matter what anyone says on the way to lunch.  And so, we often conclude that to know the world we must hide ourselves.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It is an ancient, unspoken fact of being that blackmail is only possible if we believe that we have something to hide.  The inner corollary of this is that worthless feelings arise when we believe, however briefly, that who we are is not enough.

~ Sit quietly, with your eyes closed, and with each in-breath feel the fact that who you are is enough.

I believe not feeling “enough” is something we all experience many times in our lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are created as Divine beings, in the image of God.  Within our makeup is the ability to understand wisdom, seek out truth and use our free will to choose what works best for us.  There is nothing in our existence that is meant to be robotic or programmed.  When we take on the belief that we are not enough, we begin to press ourselves into the shape that is most acceptable rather than embrace our natural selves.

Let yourself go, wear your GREEN HAIR proudly!  For it is your green hair that defines you as YOU and culminates the uniqueness of who you are.  And my lovelies…..YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Allow yourself to feel this, to take it in.  As the meditation above suggests – breathe it IN.  When you think of it today, breathe in “I am enough.”

When you connect to the Divinity that is you…..your heart will whisper her love for you……

We Are the Change

Here we are!  It’s 2011 and we’ve made it!  Our world consciousness is shifting….and we are alive to be an active part of the movement.  How absolutely invigorating!  I urge you to see yourself clearly, with full open eyes.  Understand the importance you bring to this time in history, the value of your gifts and talents, the most perfect hologram of love….this being that is YOU.

I’m a firm believer in our spiritual “charts” (astrological) and “contracts” (archetypal).  We were active participants in designing each, determining what course was most conducive to our soul’s journey in this life.   Together with our Master, Teachers, Guides and Loved Ones, we looked into this time of history and chose to be right here, right now!  We orchestrated who we are, what we’ve brought and how we will navigate our way through seeing, knowing, loving ourselves and the world around us.  Doesn’t that reality send a spine-tingling awakening call to your spirit?!

The challenges and triumphs that move us along the highs and lows of our lives, these were meant to be a part of our Earth School.  What we experience here molds us into a perfectly imperfect spirit-human being who can affect change.  We EACH have a contribution to the consciousness on our planet.  The smallest thoughts of love and kindness, to ourselves or to others can make a difference.  Truly….we know this already, do we not?

I really love Gandhi’s quote:  “You must be the change you want to see in the world.”  Well, loved ones….we are the change.  YOU are the change.  Embrace the privilege to be so.  See this era in our Earth’s timeline for just what it is….a tremendous shift in spiritual and self awareness.  Feel within yourself the power of that, the beauty of being alive RIGHT NOW.  And then, take a moment to yourself and breathe deeply into your heart, feeling GRACE envelop you in her warmth.  She is ever with you, lighting your way as you take each step forward in your soul’s voyage here.

And in the presence of grace…..listen…..for your heart whispers to you words that only you can hear.