SHE is Not Contained

We keep wanting ‘it’ to be ‘something.’ We go in search of ‘it’ hoping ‘it’ will reveal itself to us. Our minds tell us ‘it’ will be tangible, touchable, definable. And yet, when we go into the space of our hearts all those words and the need for definitions fall away.

Love. Purpose. Calling. Longing. 

What’s the ‘it’ they are leading us to?

Here’s the truth, my loves, there is no ‘it.’

Yes. Take a moment and let that sink in.

Divine Feminine breathing

There is no treasure at the end of the rainbow awaiting our arrival. There is no moment in the middle of a conference where we suddenly feel light shine down upon us and we know what we are here to do.

SHE is not that contained. She is a feeling of elation when our child does something amazing. She is the deep desire we feel for our Lover as our eyes meet. She is the softness of words whispered in comfort to another. She is the rise and fall of our breasts as we take in a vision of something beautiful, stirring our senses into madness for Her.

We long to be stretched bare, to be laid wide open, uncertain of who or where we are, to HAVE to call HER in to our most intimate space where SHE will breathe her Love all over, into and through us.

We find ourselves on this endless search for Her, expecting Her to be standing at the end of the path we’re on, smiling at us with a book full of answers. And yet, She has been here with us all along. Very much like the poem Footprints, She is there when our tears fall, when our hearts sing, when our bodies love and our spirits soar. She is in each moment, if we but pause long enough to breathe Her in. 



Reveling in the Mystery

A strange thing occurred when I saw this post from the Edgy Mystic appear in my inbox two days ago. Heard something inside myself speak, as though time sped up–or maybe stopped–and I was seeing the unopened message waiting to be read, reading it and then commenting ‘I felt like you were talking directly to me’–all at once. And then I went on about my day.

And now, two days later as I’m actually finding time to open the message and read the post, the memory of that moment came back as the inner knowing spoke once again, and near the end of the post where Melynnda* says ‘It’s time….Time to Live your Soul Purpose‘–I felt it. It was as though these words were written through Melynnda*, but meant to be delivered directly to my soul.

The miracles–the Divine and her grace are present everywhere–and in every way. We are LIVING the Mystery.

‘Time’ indeed….isn’t it, my friends?

Edgy Mystic

So much is happening behind the “seen” right now. Like the magic you feel waiting for the curtain to open on a Broadway Musical….all the crew, lights, sound and actors poised. Fingers crossed and prayers whispered. There’s tension in the air. Adrenaline is running high.

But wait, what am I doing on this side of the curtain?  Why am I not sitting in the audience?  Who cast me in the starring role?  Am I ready?  Did I rehearse enough?  Is the opening number strong enough?

What ever you have done is just perfect, right on cue. Your ready, ready as you’ll ever be. It’s almost time……Time to pull the cord and open the curtain. It’s time….Time to step into your true essence.

It’s time….Time to Live your Soul Purpose.


The Universe is conspiring in your Favor~Melynnda*

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Soul Networking

What I love most about this journey is difficult to define I realize, as the words begin to flow through my thoughts. For there are so many sentences, thoughts, truths that could begin with ‘what I love most’ or ‘my heart’s greatest desire.’ There are so many, and for me part of the journey has been to learn to allow myself to move through them at will and not become too attached to one particular step along the way.

And yet, the consistency has been the passion for soul networking. Ah yes, my friends, don’t you believe we all are drawn to the true essence of one’s soul and desire to interact from that space? It does feel for me that finally I’m finding so many places and ways in which to do this–from friends met on FB, to bloggers with whom I’ve connected through my writing, to my beloved family, to other soul companions met through classes, training, etc. Perhaps I could go on and on here describing how we come to connect to others on a soul level.

As I’ve gone through the last few months of what feels to be rapid change in my interior life–it’s been manifesting outwardly as well. One question that continues to come to mind is ‘how can I be of service?’ So many different ways we ask this question of the Universe, aren’t there? ‘What is my purpose? How do I use my gifts in a way that uplifts? Where do I channel the soul energy I feel from within? And HOW?’ Familiar aren’t they?

Here’s the beauty shared with me by a dear friend yesterday: NOW is the present. We can’t become caught up in whether or not this is the plan for years to come. What a relief this feels to my entire being! I can live in the NOW and allow ALL of my heart’s desires to speak, to shine, to share, to love, to serve, to give, be open and receive back all the grace and beauty reflected and surrounding me! Can you feel the releasing energy of this dear friends?

So I’ve gone on a bit more than I expected, but truly, that is the beauty of writing and sharing from one’s heart. Sharing, that does seem to be the ‘hub’ of it all in this phase of my journey. It begins with SOULSHARE, offered together with Jeanette Amlie of Blue Earth Awakening. This is a series through which we enter the sacred space of soul and honor the words, healing and gifts found there. And then the very dear Sharon Hooper and I have begun a fun new venture together, sharing conversations from the heart on our newly designed site Sharon & Jackie. (And it’s been an absolutely delightful process creating these new sites!) We welcome you to join us there and please do share your own thoughts and feelings along with us.

And for me…I love to honor and share the light I see and feel in others. So I’ll begin a series here on this blog called ‘Soul Networking’ in which these beautiful souls will be highlighted and ‘shared’ with you. We never know quite what will touch another. These ‘Networks of Grace’ bring beauty to the world in their own unique ways.

In closing, I thank you for joining me here. For opening YOUR heart and sharing the love that grows and stirs from within. We are truly a community of soul, willing to listen to and honor those whispers emanating from the sacred space of our hearts. With love, I honor each one of you.

Own It!

Personal power. It’s available to each of us, and we are faced with situations in our everyday life in which to claim it–to own it! One of the greatest gifts we can give to ourselves is honesty about who we are, the experiences in our lives and the ever present opportunity to honor our inner truth. Always–ALWAYS–there are choices. Although it’s true each cause has a subsequent effect, each choice is always ours to make.

In those moments of feeling powerless, stuck, and in the space of ‘have-to’–take a breath and ask yourself–what are my choices in this? While not all may be desirable, there are always options and ways in which to manage your power. And while looking at the potential choices available, part of the equation is to consider the possible outcome as well–the ‘consequence.’ In no way is this meant to infer this will be negative. For clarity, here are some synonyms for ‘consequence:’ effect, outcome, sequence, waves. Now consider your choices and ask yourself what the ‘waves’ of each one might be once put into motion–and go further to feel which option is in alignment with your heart and inner truth.

Especially when the same life situation presents itself to us over and over again, there is a lesson, and indeed even a gift, being offered. The Universe is bringing to us the presence in which to own our personal power a bit more. And this, my friends, is the power of the heart and the voice of your soul. This is not power that is carried around on one’s shoulders or the kind that expands the thinking mind beyond its boundaries. Stepping into this place of power reorders one’s life, and too often we are fearful of the impact of such choices.

Love, trust, warmth, inner knowing and soul alignment with the Divine are what truly await your spirit when you choose for your own empowerment. Although there may be seemingly undesirable outcomes here on the Earth plane, when we honor our own truth, always, always, the Universe holds, loves and supports us. At the core of our being, we can connect to the Source of contentment, grace, peace.

Own the truth of who you are and how you feel. For this is the doorway into walking through Earth school in the path of your soul purpose.

Love to all….xo

Murphy’s Law

Questions in my spirit today, all focused on the energy, emotion and power of love: How do you love? And in what way do you allow it to move through you? Where do you become ‘Love in Action’ following the pure essence of Divine love in your heart? What moves you to FEEL love? And do YOU feel loved? So many questions, offering to us a deeper understanding of what love truly IS, how we interact with it and welcome or dismiss its stream of soul connection in our lives.

Gary Zukav, author of Seat of the Soul, has another book titled Heart of the Soul,  focused on emotional awareness. Just a few chapters in it’s clear to see the words and truths being shared have the power to reorder one’s interior relationship with love. We are all blessed with a tremendous capacity to connect to the energy of loving vibrations through our soul truth, requiring us to honor and FEEL our emotions. As we move from fear and pain into love and trust, we not only become more healthy within our emotional system, but we are able to channel that positive energy into the world around us, connecting to our soul’s true alignment with the Divine Universe and welcoming abundance to surround us in whatever way our contract offers. The key my friends, is FEELING.

So many tactics we have to avoid it: work, food, addictions, false optimism. Zukav covers all of these in his book and very clearly outlines how each of them becomes a barrier to our emotional truth. Fear and pain lives within us all, but we don’t have to operate from that space. Through honest analysis of our true emotions, we effectively transmute the fear and pain into love and trust. Seeing clearly allows us to step into our Divine personal power, to claim the soul purpose that is already ours, and to live embracing who we are on all levels.

Our emotions are perhaps the greatest barometer to understanding what our inner truth is. Allowing ourselves the ‘time-out’ moment to ask: what am I FEELING about this? Or how am I feeling today? The space of time in which it takes to connect to our inner climate offers to us an oasis of healing and honoring who we are.

Murphy’s law: Love is all you need. As I began to write this post, focused on the energy of LOVE, Murphy made his presence known. Sitting at my feet, those big eyes of his looking up and filled with a very pure desire to simply…LOVE.

There IS No Time

We so often get caught up measuring the pages and events of our life through the hourglass of time.  Yet, what must be remembered is the Universe operates on her own diving timing, meaning simply ~ there is no time.

What to us can feel like forever, to the Spirit realm is but a momentWe are so used to experiencing our life through the “fast” lane we sometimes miss the joy in each step of the journey.  Imagine a baby who is learning to walk becoming frustrated that he cannot get up and run.  It seems ludicrous to consider that running could even be a possibility for this child at this phase of his life.  But there will be a time when he confidently stands up and runs!  And even then, it may take several years to really be in sync with his body, his limbs, his momentum, his SELF enough to run with ease and fluidity.

Ponder this when viewing the hourglass pictured above:  as all of the sand runs through the top orb into the bottom, the hourglass will be picked up and turned over, only to repeat the process yet again.  This is the same process of our lives.  The zodiac chart and the archetypal chart are circular in form, from the 1st house to the 12th house.  We move around this chart in a spherical motion, sometimes revisiting the places we’ve already been, only to go deeper, becoming intimate with who we are and gaining a heartfelt understanding of ourselves and our soul.

Choosing to see the timeline of our spirit’s journey here as linear only creates discontent and the need to “hurry up,” breeding the inability to savor what each granule of time offers to us.  And so loved ones, remember:  there is no time, in the space of your spirit.  Already you have everything you need from within, and your life path is meant to connect you with its essence.

You are right where you are meant to be.  When you stop to acknowledge and embrace this truth, you step into the purpose of your soul.  And from this place….you can hear….the whispers of your own heart….