“What Do You Know For Sure?”

Oprah began the public dialogue around this question several years ago on her program, challenging us to look within, using clear vision to understand what we know for sure in our being.  A similar thought is often posed by Caroline Myss in her teaching as she states:  “and here’s what’s true” and completes the sentence.  In either case, what is being asked of you in engaging this inquiry is to go deeper within and connect to the purest “stuff” of your interior life.

When you ask yourself “what do I know for sure?” you must take pause.  The levity of the question demands you enter the space of your soul’s sanctuary and remain there until you return with some piece of your truth.  In her work with Mysticism, Caroline focused an entire book on this practice–Entering the Castle, based on the work of St. Teresa of Avila.  Our soul is the castle, the inner space and we must enter into that place with a spirit of reverence, honesty, pure intent.  When we engage the Divine in the rooms of our castle, we begin to ask the questions that frame our very connection both to Spirit and to who we are.

It seems like an easy question to answer at first, doesn’t it?  But in the light of retrieving the response from the vantage point of your soul, there is so much more here.  As you begin to contemplate your life, your beliefs, your god–you call on your soul to answer.  A union is created between you and what is indeed “true” for you.  What you find there may surprise you.  What you find there will enlighten you, strengthen your ability to see yourself, to be confident in who you are.

“Here’s what’s true” my friends:  when you put yourself in the space to really enter your soul castle and seek your own answers, you are in effect calling on Spirit and the power of grace to channel through you and empower the column of light between you and the highest form of Being.  You are entering a very sacred space.  Approach it as such.

This is a magnificently powerful question, with an abundance of spiritual electricity attached.  As you begin to contemplate its place within your own self, you must first enter the space of your heart…..listen….and follow the guidance of the whispers you find there……


If You Let Yourself Go

What would happen if you really chose to let yourself go?  And I mean really let yourself go–into a space that might feel uncomfortable, unknown–and perhaps even exhilarating!  The possibilities of what could transpire over the course of your exploration into such places in your spirit are endless.  As Wayne Dyer says–you would step into living as a limit-less human being!

Truly, there is so much we hold back, keep out and just don’t allow to filter into our consciousness.  Somehow we come to believe this keeps us “safe.”  We fool ourselves into thinking we already know enough, have everything we need.  From the perspective of the soul, we can never perceive the many facets this crystallized jewel envelops.

Holding a crystal in your hand, no matter which way you turn it, or how many times, each reflection of the light illuminates differently.  This is the quality of your soul.  The sparkle of who you are and the gifts you carry take on a new glow at every angle.  Filled with riches and unique qualities, only YOU have what is needed to be YOU.  And here’s what’s true my friends:  only YOU have the power to animate your soul’s essence.

Consider each choice that comes your way–no matter how great or simple it may be.  For wrapped within every opportunity to consider what is best for you, is the gift of connecting more deeply to who you truly are, allowing your spirit to shine.  It lives within you, waiting to be recognized.  You can hear its message….and step more fully into purpose…..when you listen to the whispers of your own heart.

The Art of Gratitude

Gratitude.  Being thankful.  Receiving grace.  Honoring your self, your life, your experiences and all with whom you come into contact.  Imagine being immersed into a day filled with the art of gratitude.

It was years ago that Oprah first talked about keeping a “Gratitude Journal.”  Her suggestion was to write down at least five things you are thankful for each day.  With each entry of appreciation, your ability to see life through the lens of grace increased.  I wonder – how much do we really take the time to soak in the bounty of our lives?

Practicing the art of gratitude calls forth the essence of grace.  We become more and more able to withstand the difficult places in our lives and acquire the gift of seeing positively into each moment.  Our energy shifts into something Universal, transcending the earthly weight of suffering, disappointment and struggle.  We still experience the challenges, our hearts still break.  But through the power of grace–gratitude–we are able to fluently move through it; allowing ourselves to feel the emotions, share our feelings.  And then to find a space in which to embrace the stamina building in our souls with each trial occurring in our lives.

Practicing the art of gratitude will surely change your life.  The more you are thankful for who you are and the course of your journey, the more open you become to what is available to you in Spirit.  Practicing the art of gratitude opens the channels of grace.

Take this time…..be still…..ask your self…..for what are you grateful?  Where do you find the power of grace in your life?  Look around you – what do you honor?  Now listen…..for you will find your answers…..in the whispers of your heart….

Appreciating the Simplicity

There is something magnificently beautiful in the simplest things of life.  Artist Lisa Kubik illustrates this truth in her alluring work of art depicting one of the simplest and most stunning pieces of nature – a flower.  What child is not drawn to a flower when out in nature?  A flower can be an expression of “I love you” or “get well soon.”  There is something about a flower that can brighten our day, bring life into a room or even our entire awareness.

Imagine yourself as a child, running and playing in a field full of wildflowers.  Although they become part of the scenery, there’s something magical in the flowery landscape.  Just as you feel something magical inside yourself when you take a moment to really *see* and *be* with this painting.  Feel it?

If you allow, you will feel yourself smile from within.  Take a moment to observe how your senses respond.  Our eyes can’t help but take in the beauty.  Naturally, we inhale through our lungs as though we can take in the sweet floral aroma.  And giving ourselves the space, we can even imagine what it must feel like to hold this flower in our own hand.  From there – check in with your inner being.  Do you feel the warmth, the appreciation, the gratitude and love that is swirling inside of you?

This is true not only for a beautiful work of art – either on canvas or in nature – but also for yourself.  What do you find of magnificence within?  What Lisa Kubik has done in her artwork is capture the elegance and gorgeously stunning nature of just one flower.  We are given the canvas that is who we are, to paint upon, to gaze upon, to appreciate and love.  Our heart channels the essence of our soul, inspiring us to create the masterpiece that is our authentic self.

Take time today to see into YOU.  See the beauty, the uniqueness, the simplicity that you just ARE.  And really breathe that into your being, awakening all your senses to your own loveliness.  As you become connected to your inner spirit…..pause in this space…..and take a moment to listen…..to the whispers of your heart……

Dove Peppermint Bark

Today has passed by all too quickly….and I am just now finding a quiet moment in which to share.  It’s the love note wrapped around my delicious little bite-sized Dove Peppermint Bark that strikes me.  Although the theme is holiday, the message is pure:

“If old acquaintances be forgot, give them a call and remember.”

To me, this reads:  “If you’ve forgotten to honor and love yourself along the way, take time out to remember who you are.”

No one – and I mean no one – has the power to make you feel so loved, so revered and dignified as you do.  The affections, kind words and actions of others can certainly brighten our day.  But isn’t it true, when the day is over, and in fact when the day begins again – that it is YOU who stares back from the mirror.  What we most desire to see in that visage is one who admires the person we have become.  If we but take a moment….perhaps clear the fog from the glass….and really look into the eyes of our beholder…..we can remember.  Remember the essence of our soul, Divinely created, here on this journey to become whole, to learn the lessons life offers us.  See into the core of our being, understanding, open to the goodness that is ours.  When we do, in that very second we find within the integrity and honor in being ourselves.  There is no other love that offers us such beautiful, pure, heartfelt acceptance.

Don’t forget who you are.  Remember to find time to see yourself with clear vision.  And while you are looking….listen too, to the whispers of your heart.

On Being Broken

The message that continues to make its presence known is centered around transformation; letting go of what we hold onto so tightly, to allow for what is next to come through.

In Avatar there was a line:  “It is hard to fill a cup that is already full.”  When we spend our time and energy holding on to what WAS rather than looking into today and seeing what IS, we are robbing ourselves of the potential we all carry.  Spirit is speaking to us daily, offering us opportunities to create change, to be the architects of our own destiny.  Sitting still, we miss out on the gifts and miracles that will be the catalyst to transform our pain, our need to control, our fear, our self-destruction into healing, trust, peace, self-esteem and LOVE.

Can you imagine?  Love knocks on your door, desiring to be the center of your life, but asking you one thing in return:  you must give and receive her unconditionally.  You must put your ego on the shelf, quiet the need to be right, to be understood, to have it your own way…and choose…to LOVE.  We must allow ourselves to be broken, so that what we cannot see, but most need can enter the cracks of our soul, of our heart, and weave love into every crevice.

It was 3 or 4 years ago now that I did some work with Debbie Unterman, an alchemical hypnotherapist here in Atlanta.  During one of our sessions, I remember so clearly saying that I couldn’t let go, I couldn’t feel or relinquish control because I was like an egg – and if I did let go – I was going to break.  And from that session I learned, it was ok to break, for there would be a new me born of what remained.  I can promise you that my life has changed dramatically since then; perhaps less on the outside than from within.  My controller worked hard inside of my emotions, quieting my voice, dampening my spirit.  There were some very tough places along the way, in which I certainly did feel emptiness.  But love has and continues to fill those spaces, opening me to richness I could only have imagined.

Take a chance, let go, allow yourself to break, knowing the love and light will fill you up if you let it.  Open yourself, your spirit; listen to your own voice.  For it is then you will hear the whispers of your heart.