Your Words Are Your Prayers

In the most traditional sense to many of us raised in the Western hemisphere–prayer consists of getting on your knees, finding just the right words and the right “way” to ask God for what we need in that moment. All too often the desire to “pray” arises out of the desperate need to have a greater power quickly create miracles on our behalf. But truly, does not this concept of prayer at times feel empty, disconnected and without the loving intimacy of joining together with the Divine? Where is the joy? Absent is any sense of being embraced by one who supports us in becoming our most authentic and empowered selves. Instead, it feels as though we stand in front of The Great and Powerful OZ–hoping to be acknowledged and heard, willing to do anything to earn his assistance.

What I believe to be true is that we are always loved and nurtured by All That Is. The Universe WANTS us to find happiness, joy, passion and delight over the course of our lives. Spirit journeys with us into the darkest of our shadows, and celebrates our Divine light of being as our inner spirit shines and thrives. Through all of these experiences, we remain in the arms of Compassion, carried into the depths of who we truly are, with the Universe ever-present as Guide and Caretaker on the journey.

We are Divine, born of the Divine Mother and Father to this entire Universe. The Divine lives IN us–IS us. And so, all of our words, our thoughts, our actions–each one is its own prayer. Indeed we live in a world Divinely created, and so whether we interact with another person or creature, it’s the heart of the Divine whom we meet and engage. If prayer is “speaking to God”–or in our language–talking to the Divine, then it’s true that every word we utter is prayer.

Spirit is always with us, always available to connect with us in whatever way we allow. It’s not something we have to earn or prepare just right for it to happen. It’s our birthright, naturally a part of who we are and what our life IS. We don’t need to do good deeds, sit in the right pose or say the right words to share in the power of Spirit. Nor are we “entitled” to it–it simply IS. Our only choice–to allow it to be so. Wherever we are, whatever we may be doing, we are in a state of prayer–spiritual prayer. A very different form of praying from any religious standard. This is not to say we don’t all have our own rituals, our own preferences and natural style of dialogue. But there are NONE that are necessary to connect to Spirit. That my friends is GRACE in action.

I would invite you to visit the website of a friend, Virginia Ellenson and her site Labyrinth Journal. Virginia has created a unique way of allowing our words to organically form into prayers, much like the meditative walk into the center of the labyrinth and back out. In her labyrinth writing, words flow and create a form of their own that becomes a beautiful prayer. When your heart most feels the desire to deeply connect and you aren’t sure just what the words are, take a moment to visit the Labyrinth Journal and try Virginia’s practice of writing your prayers. All that is needed from you is to allow the words to flow, and you’ll be amazed at what you find within yourself.

What prayers are in your heart today? For these often offer the most profoundly intimate of connection with the Divine. We hear the truth of ourselves, understand our deepest desires and enter into the sacred space of healing through the heart chakra. And the pathway there, loved ones… through the quietest and most gentle whispers of your heart…..

Death as Sacred

I’ve just begun reading “Visions, Trips and Crowded Rooms” by David Kessler:  “Who and What you see before you die.”  Within myself there is something more than mere curiosity at the experience of dying.  Fascination?  Perhaps, but not the kind of fascination that is as a fad or fetish.  This fascination is ensconced in the miraculous event that is letting go of the gravity that weighs down one’s body to the Earth plane–and all that transpires as we make the crossing and connect to the Other Side.  There is a sense of moving into another space of “life” that is beautiful, serene, loving and filled with the stunning light of Grace.

Nearly a year ago, we sat diligently at the bedside of my father-in-law during his final week of life.  Looking back, it’s clear that this experience was not only a transition of being for him, but an awakening in the depths of the soul’s “knowing” for me.  Every moment of sitting with him, I loved being there, enthralled completely by what he might be experiencing.  Whispering in his ear I asked “are you with them?  Your mom, your dad, Uncle Gordon–do you see them?”  Somehow knowing that he must, as he was in and out of sleepy consciousness and presence with us in that room.  All of my self was stirred to attention through the process of letting him go–and knowing he was moving on to a space of love and healing.

Those days were sacred.  What I have learned since then about “the Other Side” continues to intrigue and transform who I am and how I interact with life myself.  Watching my father-in-law move from one level of consciousness–the human, Earth level–into another level of existence where his soul and spirit unite with its purest essence, the Light of who we all are, connecting to the spirits of those whom he loved so dearly, changed my life.  It was a gift to be present for those precious last days, to sit with someone I loved so much, and indeed who I knew loved me too.  A gift he gave to me, to us.

A sense of awe overwhelms me as I realize the gift wasn’t even just to our family, it was to the healing and evolution of our planet.  For as just one of us undergoes an enlightenment in the very core of our soul, the effect is felt by many.  Sadly, we are a people who view death as something to fear, the final chapter, the end of our existence.  And yet, it’s really just a beginning.  Crossing over into another way of being is a step forward into the essence of our spirit, the true form of our selves.

Consider this in  your own life.  For although we do not personally experience the death of a human being every day, we do have many transformations in our lives if we allow it to be so.  Each time we go through this process, there is a death of something we no longer need, a belief that has outlived its time, emotions that have been felt to their fullest.  And as you experience those “deaths” through the process of letting go and moving on, remember this my friends:  Death is Sacred.  It is a gift given to you by the Divine, offering to you a space in which to evolve and become more of the purity that is YOU.

What is it that needs to be put to rest in your own life?  Where are you being asked to move forward, trusting in the Universe to carry you in her arms with love and comfort?  Just as we are there to love and comfort our passing family members and those whom we most love, Spirit is fully present to carry us over the threshold of “death” in our own lives.  Quiet your mind, still your spirit and listen…..for the answers are all there for you… the whispers of your heart…..

If You Let Yourself Go

What would happen if you really chose to let yourself go?  And I mean really let yourself go–into a space that might feel uncomfortable, unknown–and perhaps even exhilarating!  The possibilities of what could transpire over the course of your exploration into such places in your spirit are endless.  As Wayne Dyer says–you would step into living as a limit-less human being!

Truly, there is so much we hold back, keep out and just don’t allow to filter into our consciousness.  Somehow we come to believe this keeps us “safe.”  We fool ourselves into thinking we already know enough, have everything we need.  From the perspective of the soul, we can never perceive the many facets this crystallized jewel envelops.

Holding a crystal in your hand, no matter which way you turn it, or how many times, each reflection of the light illuminates differently.  This is the quality of your soul.  The sparkle of who you are and the gifts you carry take on a new glow at every angle.  Filled with riches and unique qualities, only YOU have what is needed to be YOU.  And here’s what’s true my friends:  only YOU have the power to animate your soul’s essence.

Consider each choice that comes your way–no matter how great or simple it may be.  For wrapped within every opportunity to consider what is best for you, is the gift of connecting more deeply to who you truly are, allowing your spirit to shine.  It lives within you, waiting to be recognized.  You can hear its message….and step more fully into purpose…..when you listen to the whispers of your own heart.

Murphy’s LOVE

This is a picture of PURE LOVE: meet Murphy–an old soul.  No matter what kind of day I’m having, he can channel a sense of warmth into my very core.  The beauty of Murphy is that not only does he give love, he teaches me how to love unconditionally.  He has helped me to understand that I am not just seeking to be loved in this life, but I have within my soul the most pure and raw desire to give love.

This is in stark contrast to my beliefs growing up and into adulthood, and the wounds I carried for too long.  “I just want to be loved” became a self-defining, but also self-defeating statement.  Murph has opened my heart to a more authentic truth:  “I just want TO love.”

Like me, Murphy was wounded.  For him it was a gaping “hole” in the side of his face.  For me, it was years of negative self-programming.  In bringing him into my home to care for him, I began to connect with a very real truth:  LOVE HEALS.  Murph truly needed an environment filled with love.  He thrives on it.  And this is his reflection back to me.  WE thrive on it.  We love to love: to share love, to give love, to receive love.  We need love to feel at our best.  He reminds me to take time to love–coming to sit beside my desk chair, he’ll gently place his paw on my leg.  It’s his way of telling me to take a moment to consciously focus on him and the feeling of love.

Surprisingly, Murphy’s face wound healed quickly when I brought him home to take care of him.  Love healed Murphy.  And love heals me.  LOVE HEALS.  When we choose to allow its vibrant energy to flow through our being, we invite healing and vitality into our lives.  Perhaps the old soul in Murphy knew we would journey into love together–in fact, I’m sure he did somehow.  We came to this place for and with each other.  Murphy warms my spirit, and he’s in my life today only because I listened….to the whispers…..of my own heart…..


Appreciating the Simplicity

There is something magnificently beautiful in the simplest things of life.  Artist Lisa Kubik illustrates this truth in her alluring work of art depicting one of the simplest and most stunning pieces of nature – a flower.  What child is not drawn to a flower when out in nature?  A flower can be an expression of “I love you” or “get well soon.”  There is something about a flower that can brighten our day, bring life into a room or even our entire awareness.

Imagine yourself as a child, running and playing in a field full of wildflowers.  Although they become part of the scenery, there’s something magical in the flowery landscape.  Just as you feel something magical inside yourself when you take a moment to really *see* and *be* with this painting.  Feel it?

If you allow, you will feel yourself smile from within.  Take a moment to observe how your senses respond.  Our eyes can’t help but take in the beauty.  Naturally, we inhale through our lungs as though we can take in the sweet floral aroma.  And giving ourselves the space, we can even imagine what it must feel like to hold this flower in our own hand.  From there – check in with your inner being.  Do you feel the warmth, the appreciation, the gratitude and love that is swirling inside of you?

This is true not only for a beautiful work of art – either on canvas or in nature – but also for yourself.  What do you find of magnificence within?  What Lisa Kubik has done in her artwork is capture the elegance and gorgeously stunning nature of just one flower.  We are given the canvas that is who we are, to paint upon, to gaze upon, to appreciate and love.  Our heart channels the essence of our soul, inspiring us to create the masterpiece that is our authentic self.

Take time today to see into YOU.  See the beauty, the uniqueness, the simplicity that you just ARE.  And really breathe that into your being, awakening all your senses to your own loveliness.  As you become connected to your inner spirit…..pause in this space…..and take a moment to listen… the whispers of your heart……

“Show Your Hair”

The following is from The Book of Awakening, subtitled “Having the Life You Want by Being Present to the Life You Have.”  Author Mark Nepo has written a very poignant short message for each of the 365 days of the year.  It’s part of my new year gift to myself to spend some time with each day’s wisdom, allowing it to implant itself into every cell of my body and enhance my connection to Spirit.  I promise you, as you resonate with the universal truth offered in these messages, you will deepen your interior life….and open your inner ears to the whispers of your heart.

January 5

Show Your Hair

My grandmother told me, “Never hide your green hair – they can see it anyway.”                 ~  Angeles Arrien

From the agonies of kindergarten, when we first were teased or made fun of in the midst of all our innocence, we have all struggled in one way or another with hiding what is obvious about us.

No one plans this.  It is not a conspiracy, but rather an inevitable and hurtful passage from knowing only ourselves to knowing the world.  The tragedy is that many of us never talk about it, or never get told that our “green hair” is beautiful, or that we don’t need to hide, no matter what anyone says on the way to lunch.  And so, we often conclude that to know the world we must hide ourselves.

Nothing could be farther from the truth.  It is an ancient, unspoken fact of being that blackmail is only possible if we believe that we have something to hide.  The inner corollary of this is that worthless feelings arise when we believe, however briefly, that who we are is not enough.

~ Sit quietly, with your eyes closed, and with each in-breath feel the fact that who you are is enough.

I believe not feeling “enough” is something we all experience many times in our lives.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We are created as Divine beings, in the image of God.  Within our makeup is the ability to understand wisdom, seek out truth and use our free will to choose what works best for us.  There is nothing in our existence that is meant to be robotic or programmed.  When we take on the belief that we are not enough, we begin to press ourselves into the shape that is most acceptable rather than embrace our natural selves.

Let yourself go, wear your GREEN HAIR proudly!  For it is your green hair that defines you as YOU and culminates the uniqueness of who you are.  And my lovelies…..YOU ARE ENOUGH.  Allow yourself to feel this, to take it in.  As the meditation above suggests – breathe it IN.  When you think of it today, breathe in “I am enough.”

When you connect to the Divinity that is you…..your heart will whisper her love for you……

Dove Peppermint Bark

Today has passed by all too quickly….and I am just now finding a quiet moment in which to share.  It’s the love note wrapped around my delicious little bite-sized Dove Peppermint Bark that strikes me.  Although the theme is holiday, the message is pure:

“If old acquaintances be forgot, give them a call and remember.”

To me, this reads:  “If you’ve forgotten to honor and love yourself along the way, take time out to remember who you are.”

No one – and I mean no one – has the power to make you feel so loved, so revered and dignified as you do.  The affections, kind words and actions of others can certainly brighten our day.  But isn’t it true, when the day is over, and in fact when the day begins again – that it is YOU who stares back from the mirror.  What we most desire to see in that visage is one who admires the person we have become.  If we but take a moment….perhaps clear the fog from the glass….and really look into the eyes of our beholder…..we can remember.  Remember the essence of our soul, Divinely created, here on this journey to become whole, to learn the lessons life offers us.  See into the core of our being, understanding, open to the goodness that is ours.  When we do, in that very second we find within the integrity and honor in being ourselves.  There is no other love that offers us such beautiful, pure, heartfelt acceptance.

Don’t forget who you are.  Remember to find time to see yourself with clear vision.  And while you are looking….listen too, to the whispers of your heart.