My Vagina Talks to Me

You remember the question I asked one of my spiritual teachers back in 2007? I’ve talked about it here before:

‘Why is it that when I feel most connected to something holy it seems to be followed with seductive energy?’

And do you recall his answer?

‘Oh my darling, that would take hours to explain.’ Coupled with a little pat on my knee as we sat together, outside in the sunshine, in an intimate sacred circle.

And that was all. That was ALL he said. I recently read a post titled The Holy Fuck by Kim Anami, and shared it on my FB page Kissing the Sacred. There are many of you that resonated with her experience because as of today 133 people have shared that link from my page. What Kim is talking about is our desire to connect with the Sacred, and the ability to do so through our sexuality and the connections we make with ourselves and others through it.

Beautiful. It still doesn’t answer the question – what is the connection between these two energies in my body? And what is one supposed to do with continual sacred vaginal sensations that stir her into near madness? Surely we’re not designed to live in that state of longing more often than the ecstatic bliss that eventually follows?

sacred birth

Although, many people do.

That doesn’t feel real. Or right. In my vagina.

This morning I shared a conversation with my very wise, very awake and in tune with the Sacred Feminine sister (real life) Lydia, in which we discussed a very outside-the-box connection to that sensual energy – and in a way that most wouldn’t see or feel. And yet, it was strikingly clear to both of us. Crystal. So much so, it felt miraculous. And for me personally – it began a conversation with my vagina.

In that exact space of time I had a glimpse into the answer to this burning question in the center of my core. I felt and heard Her voice very clear – the Divine voice of our ancient, sensual, awake, passionate and wise feminine selves.

And my vagina was feeling Her too. My vagina was perhaps the greatest receptor and channel of Her energy. There was a constant and yes, quite pleasant, tingling sensation.

I felt the AHA touch and kiss and stir into arousal every inch of my body, my Sacred Feminine body, merged completely. At first it was ‘oh yes, this is where I feel divine guidance.’ Yes. A wave of relief poured over me.

Then, with a softer voice and energy I heard the whisper of ‘Of course, darling.’ Of course. This is the connection! When I am in total, utter union with Her, with me as Her, my vagina starts humming. She’s elated! She’s feeling it all, my vagina. She – is Her.

I believe this is true of all women. The Sacred Feminine’s mouthpiece is our vagina. That’s not to say She’s exclusive, but She is ripe and pulsing in your vagina. In my vagina.

Perhaps it’s not all the answer, but it’s certainly a massive chunk on the way to remembering the rest. And I am just delighted.


Subconscious Movement ~ NoCZ Week 2

 Sometimes I just have to laugh out loud – seriously – LOL. 

Just yesterday I posted that I didn’t have clear direction for this week’s No Comfort Zone Challenge – there wasn’t anything in particular I felt guided to focus on directly. Yes, there’s a list of things to ‘check off’ – but none that were relative in that moment. Surprisingly, I’m still amazed and left in awe with the ways of the Universe and how quickly our lives can ‘spin on a dime.’ 

The list – yes. On the list are several health related ‘do’s’ that I’ve been putting off–one of which is to reconnect with a chiropractor for neck pain. Other little signs have indicated it’s getting worse, and I need to be proactive instead of sit still uncertain of how to address it. 

After reading Marge’s post It Came to Me in a Flash yesterday, I found myself pondering again a commitment I’ve made to work in trade with a woman who has created a very profound process of connecting even more deeply to who we are.  It intrigued me from the first time I heard about it – and the trade works well for both of us. My role is to assist her in expanding the public awareness of the process, through a presence in social media especially and other outlets as well. We were both elated to find one another and begin. 

Until. The holidays came, my life felt over full and I needed to take a step back. I put off our work together and something has ever since felt ‘uneasy’ about it all. I’ve really considered and asked myself if this means it’s not in alignment with where I am. I’ve also stopped and sat full with the awareness that sometimes what is so good for us seems to stir our subconscious resistance into action. Unsure which of the two were my truth, I’ve decided to move forward with the process, to get started and allow it to unfold. Should things become clear, then I’ll act on what I know. For now, I know (knew) to at least be honest with her and give it some time.

We began today, Ahna and me. It was day one of the Opening Energy process. There was a tremendous amount of ‘discomfort’ if you consider the uncertainty and unsettled feeling inside myself. I really, truly had no idea just what to expect. My energy felt unsure, unconvinced, but still open. 

Within 10 minutes it was shifting. We talked about what I was feeling and the honesty of sharing my truth was refreshing. I read yesterday in my book The Expected One that we have only to ‘ask’ for what we want and then it will show up. Granted it doesn’t always happen that quickly or simply, but at times, it does. Just a few more minutes into our conversation today, and Ahna asked if I’m experiencing any pain. I described what I’m feeling (which she was already intuitively connected to) and she went on to recommend a particular type of chiropractic care that feels very much in alignment with what I’m desiring. 

TWO answers my friends. Both in response to my own movement OUT of the comfort zone. Neither of these are steps I was excited to take initially, but both feel so very healing and loving toward myself. So I’m revising what I said yesterday – I DO know what this week’s movement is on my No Comfort Zone Challenge: 

1. Even when the path is not clear or comfortable – take a step. Honor the commitment to Ahna and begin the process. Trust the answers I need are already here. CHECK. 

2. Call the local chiropractor who I feel is in alignment with the treatment I need – make an appointment and get the program STARTED. (Sort of ‘check’ – I called, they’re not open today. So I’ll call again tomorrow.)

These steps were not driven by what my mind decided was best. There was an invisible Flow happening beneath the surface. What is clear once again is that when we consciously choose to listen to our guidance – even the ‘small’ guidance that feels flat, boring, insignificant – we open the channel to the Divine even more. Taking one tiny step moves us forward in giant measure on this journey. Remember my friends, we are spirits in EARTH school. Earth life applies to us all. We can’t just feed the soul, we must honor the mind and care for the body as well. xo

Heart Whispers, Note I

‘Hi Jackie – what’s the question you get asked the most from your fans?’ ~ Edward Palmer, The Wise Sage

How interesting that this question was posted directly on my wall first thing this morning. Edward and I haven’t met, we’ve only become acquainted through sharing on Facebook. Often we’ll tag one another on posts or leave a comment. Today was the first time I recall Edward posting directly to my wall. There’s a synchronicity at work my friends, and here’s why. Today is the very first day of this new column–based on questions from fans/readers. I’ve only promoted this new space a few times, and to my knowledge, Edward wasn’t specifically tagged or focused at any of those times. There’s a rhythm to this question, do you see? Let’s get to some of the questions sent in, and perhaps it will become more clear as we go along. Edward, for me, served as the voice of Spirit today, providing guidance and clarity as this next step takes course.

Am I on the right track? What areas do I need to work on to experience this connection? What signs am I already receiving but not picking up on that confirm this? ~ Angela Kate Ozog

This is one of the questions I see most from people. ‘Am I on the right track?’ The answer of course, is YES. I don’t believe we are ever on the WRONG track because always we are held in the arms of the Universe and there is purpose to the steps we take. Even if there is a more ‘direct path’ to the place we wish to end up–or WILL end up–that doesn’t mean there won’t be some side roads along the way, or even some U-turns to bring us back to a place we know we need to be. Each piece of our journey offers to us the opportunity to connect more fully to the deep truth of who we are.

If we listen more closely, with our heart rather than our ears, we hear two questions being asked when someone inquires ‘Am I on the right track?’ The first comes from our survival instinct and really truly is asking–’Am I ok?’ Yes, love, you are doing just fine. One of my greatest teachers, Andrew Harvey said years ago–if you’re aware enough to ask, you’re aware enough that you’re right where you need to be. And so again I say to you Angela–YES!

The second inquiry feels as though it’s really a call from our souls. As we hear the words from within asking ‘Am I on the right track,’ what’s really happening is that perhaps something is about to shift and our soul is calling to us, beckoning us to tune in more deeply, to really be still and listen to the whispers of our hearts. That would be what you need to practice love, being still, listening and hearing those whispers, They have every answer you need, and they are ALWAYS, always there for you. The truest, purest truth of your life, your journey, your path–comes from within. And that’s where your signs come from. They can be as gentle and subtle as a breeze, or as loud and alarming as a tornado coming through your town. The guidance is always there for you, in every moment. It can be something as simple as ‘go for a walk today, rest today, eat something healthy, let yourself eat whatever you wish.’ These whispers are different for each of us, as we are all so very different and the path of our journey is as unique as the hairs on our head. We must be willing to hear our own heart, to honor our own truth–THAT is the key to experiencing the connection. THAT is the key to being able to connect to the ‘big, magnificent, life-changing’ guidance–listening, honoring and being true to the seemingly ‘small’ guidance. Baby steps, my love; and you’re already taking them. Trust your heart.

I’d appreciate more clarity around any energetic barriers which are holding me back from creating a larger client base in expanding my business. ~ Sherri

My very first sense for you Sherri is to really assess your beliefs around this process. Take time to explore how you feel about money and clients coming easily into your life. Too often we carry old beliefs around this, especially if our work is based in spiritual health. But even when it’s not, we sometimes tend to naturally make ourselves ‘smaller’ so as not to offend or intimidate anyone. We feel we shouldn’t have more than someone else might–be it opportunities, money, love, joy. Over years and lifetimes, we’ve been programmed–or programmed ourselves–to feel guilty when we do well, to be sure we don’t allow ourselves to become ‘more’ than anyone else (in perception at least).

Our self esteem isn’t ‘taken away’ by anyone else, it’s robbed of us BY US. We too easily set aside our inner truth in favor of someone else’s. And none of this, my dear friend, is about us not being good or doing the right thing. It’s generally not even limited to just us as individuals. It seems to be something that we as human beings are collectively still holding onto–part of the ‘old paradigm’ that is falling away. No longer are we meant to feel ‘guilt’ about whether or not we did something ‘right’ or ‘good.’ We already ARE good!

I would ask you to re-evaluate, to write down a list of your genuine, true beliefs about what you feel you do or do not ‘deserve’ or have ‘earned’ Allow yourself the time and space to do this undisturbed and without a filter. Let it sit for a few days without feeling you have to change or make it better. And then, when your heart is ready and sends to you her whispers, find a gentleness within and create another list–this time of the truth that your heart shares with you. SHE is your true compass, and she is calling to you that it’s time for change, release. It’s time to see yourself in your full Divine presence, radiating light, beauty, majesty.

And then set your intention. Allow yourself to really see your dream, and ask the Universe, your guides, angels, Divine beings–whomever it is you call on–to assist you in taking the steps that will lead you to them. Open your heart to the whispers…for they come always. And let them be your guide. Trust–you are exactly where you’re meant to be at this time. All is falling into place already for you.

I don’t feel the need for a question to be answered…but my guides said you would create a perfect affirmation for me to use. ~ Melynnda Button

Thank you for this note Melynnda, as I feel an affirmation out of today’s post will be helpful for all who sent in a question over these last few days. We can all use the encouragement of our inner spirit and the connection of community to uplift us and guide us to the center of our soul’s truth.

I listen to the whispers of my own heart, honoring the truth of who I am and allowing my light to shine bright. I am EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be. The Universe smiles her love through me.

And so in closing my friends, I return to Edward’s question posed to me this morning, and it feels serendipitous that the gift he gave to me was validation of my own heart’s whispers. For I too, am EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be–in this time, in this place, in this moment.

Sending my love to each of you….

Creating My Reality

It’s happening once again, and I can hardly believe it! Each time one of my heart’s dreams begins to manifest, I must admit–I’m delightedly surprised!

Nearly seven years ago I wrote for a metaphysical newspaper here in Atlanta. Each article was filled with rich content, linking readers to spiritual and healing providers and services locally available. For quite some time, I found great fulfillment in this work and loved connecting to a variety of people and experiences. After some time though, I realized one of my greatest desires was to be a columnist who responded to questions sent in by readers. But I was young in my work, the paper already featured Louise Hay’s column, and there was very little possibility of replacing HER! Understandably so.

That dream has stayed alive and well within my heart, although perhaps set aside a bit to mature and receive nourishment from my own journey along the way. As I’ve been preparing for a radio program conversation with my dear friend Shelly Wilson, we’ve been talking about my work and the idea for writing a column has come full circle, only this time with the full possibility of being realized!

I must tell you all how absolutely thrilled I am to be connecting to this passion inside my heart–in REAL time. Being able to interact in this way with a large base of readers/viewers is such a gift, and one that also allows me to continue with my love of writing and sharing wisdom. Please do send in your thoughts, your questions, your heart’s desires, and let’s get the dialogue started! The more we connect to the truth of our hearts, the greater a channel we become for the Divine beings that we are.

To learn more about the Guidance Column, please visit here. And loved ones–KEEP DREAMING!

Sending my love to you all! xo