The Art of Gratitude

Gratitude.  Being thankful.  Receiving grace.  Honoring your self, your life, your experiences and all with whom you come into contact.  Imagine being immersed into a day filled with the art of gratitude.

It was years ago that Oprah first talked about keeping a “Gratitude Journal.”  Her suggestion was to write down at least five things you are thankful for each day.  With each entry of appreciation, your ability to see life through the lens of grace increased.  I wonder – how much do we really take the time to soak in the bounty of our lives?

Practicing the art of gratitude calls forth the essence of grace.  We become more and more able to withstand the difficult places in our lives and acquire the gift of seeing positively into each moment.  Our energy shifts into something Universal, transcending the earthly weight of suffering, disappointment and struggle.  We still experience the challenges, our hearts still break.  But through the power of grace–gratitude–we are able to fluently move through it; allowing ourselves to feel the emotions, share our feelings.  And then to find a space in which to embrace the stamina building in our souls with each trial occurring in our lives.

Practicing the art of gratitude will surely change your life.  The more you are thankful for who you are and the course of your journey, the more open you become to what is available to you in Spirit.  Practicing the art of gratitude opens the channels of grace.

Take this time… still…..ask your self…..for what are you grateful?  Where do you find the power of grace in your life?  Look around you – what do you honor?  Now listen…..for you will find your answers… the whispers of your heart….