There’s a Kind of Hush

My spirit revels in it–the blanket of peace that has fallen over our home. The simple act of putting away the Christmas tree and getting furniture to in its place has brought a natural harmony back into our space. It’s as though I’m breathing it in–a hush, a softness that moves quietly and effortlessly, a presence of the sacred hovering gently. My soul savors this state of being. 

As I felt the title of this post, it began with ‘there’s a hush’ followed by the lyrics “There’s a kind of hush, all over the world tonight”–the energy began to expand outside the walls of my home. I can envision that blanket of peace now surrounding our planet as a mother would embrace and calm her own child. 

The song goes on to talk of ‘lovers in love’ which to me is symbolic of LOVE energy. And what I realize is that love does flourish when we allow her the space to breathe. How easy it is to inject chaos, fear, busy-ness into nearly every moment of our lives. This was the first year I felt strongly some of that crazy, frenetic energy as the holidays approached. Some pieces were left until the last minute as part of my ‘planning’ to wait and shop with my mother-in-law when she came. All I ended up doing was wearing myself down with the RUSH of running around to be sure everything was done. I found myself asking ‘for what?’ While there was good intention behind the actions, the energy dissipated as chaos took control, leaving me certain that next year will bring change. 

As for me, I’ll gladly take the HUSH over the RUSH. And I’m feeling that hush as though it’s channeled directly from the Universe–the greatest gift that follows this holiday season. Over the next several days, in the quiet of my spirit, I’m contemplating our entry into 2012 and my own goals (yes, I said it – GOALS) for moving forward. The ‘No-Comfort Zone’ Challenge remains fresh in my thoughts…I’m excited to step out of my box and feel the stretch of growth. 

My love to you all…xoxo

Just because I love the song, here’s a clip of the Carpenters singing ‘There’s a Kind of Hush.’


Ever Present

As I look out the window this morning in contemplation about today’s post….there is a stillness in the air. It’s that fresh morning calm when humans are mostly asleep, inside their homes and still quiet in our neighborhood, enjoying the serenity of Saturday morning. The squirrels aren’t yet up and scattering about as they play and gather leaves for their autumn nest. Birds remain tucked away in their quiet places too. And there is a sweet hush present here inside the house.

And yet, I’m struck by a line from The Peaceful Warrior:

There’s never ‘nothing’ going on.

What Socrates was intending to teach Dan was that the energy of our Universe is ever present. Beyond what we can see with our human eyes, there is always something greater, deeper, very profound at work. The trees are growing even though we don’t see it happening. I’m certain that somewhere beyond my window there are little bunnies hopping about, for they love the quiet of dawn. Even here in the house, although people are quiet, the cats have already enjoyed in their breakfast, and Stanley is now contentedly curled up on my lap as I type this.

Clouds are moving in the sky, people are awaking to the start of a fresh new day. And even the tiniest of Nature’s creatures, the ants are surely already up and at work. There is a pulse of Life that is ever present dear ones. And She beats as steadily as does the native’s drum, the healthy heart, the music’s rhythm. She is ever present, ever breathing the beauty of living into Her planet and all her Divine creatures.

Remember this as you go through your day. ‘There’s never nothing going on.’ Always there is the energy of BE-ing surrounding our Universe. And here’s the most appealing aspect of this truth: always we are called to allow it to embrace us fully, always this loving grace is present to weave itself into the very fibers of our being and through us extend outward around the globe–touching all of Life. This is one of the greatest gifts offered to us as human beings, the warmth of Divine presence. She is always with us, divinely orchestrating Her symphony of Life–ever present.