Animating ‘Living in the Moment’

It’s so easy to say, to use as a mantra, to teach others.  ‘Stay present in THIS moment.’  Eckhart Tolle has devoted an entire book to it, as have many other spiritual teachers.  We’ve talked about it here in the Spirit Journal.  In order to connect to our greatest potential as humans and spirit beings, it’s essential to remain present, to allow ourselves to be open to all that exists in THIS moment.

This basic, but potent spiritual practice has more and more found a rhythm in my life.  I’ve shared with many of you in various ways the message one of our ministers taught one Sunday nearly 20 years ago: ‘wait to worry.’  Ok, so something is weighing on you, it could be a disaster, painful, expensive, unnerving, etc.  Set aside a time on your calendar in the future just for the worry.  Chances are, the anxiety you’re feeling now will be gone by then.  And it’s the anxiety, stress and worry that remove us from our purest selves…and the potential each moment offers to us to live authentically.

As my ‘work’ has been in transformation of late, remembering to be patient, nurture an open heart and allow whatever the Universe sends my way have all been engaged in a sacred dance within my being.  So many of us feel vulnerable to ‘put ourselves out there,’ to let down the walls and be fully seen for all of who we are. 

In collaborating with scholar, mystic and author of the The Hope Andrew Harvey and the Whispering Energy community, we are focused on heart-centered networking.  This means connecting through the heart, the whispers, the purity of your very presence.  It also means choosing to be open, seen, heard.  Malathy Drew teaches that as you move forward in this work, you will naturally confront your fears and anxieties.  It’s what we choose to do with them that counts.

I’ve seen mine, and have chosen to ‘wait to worry’ about what could potentially be uncomfortable.  In doing so, I sat down last week with Tina van Leuven of Inner Delight to talk about my work, intentions and writing.  Had I put too much thought into it, it would have certainly created an unraveling in my soul, a haunting in my spirit and an absolute panic over my entire being.  Instead, what transpired was a lovely, pure and heartfelt conversation flowing directly from the truth of my soul.  I chose to ‘live in the moment’–to be at one with all that was present in that space for me, for Tina and for all who view the message and connect to their own heart whispers and inner potential.

And so my friends, from someone who has the propensity to be very self-critical and whose journey has been all about allowing her voice to be heard–out loud–I promise you it was so much easier than my mind could have anticipated.  We are our own worst enemy.  And our monkey mind creates turmoil that would else be nonexistent.  I see so very clearly how much personal power was claimed for my spirit through this process.  A tremendous shift has occurred, and I feel more deeply connected to the Divine AND to my Divine self.  This then becomes a ripple effect, extending outward into the world, in ways of which we can’t even be aware. 

This video shares a bit about heart whispers and how we connect to their presence and gifts.  It also signifies an opening….letting ourselves be seen and heard…..connecting authentically to our divinity and sacred presence…..all through listening….to the whispers of our hearts….

Much love.



Network of Grace

It’s been a bit since I’ve sat in this place with each of you…reflecting on the energy flowing in and out of our lives.  And it seems as though there is a tremendous influx of action and movement toward change.  The kind of change that makes a difference, in the greatest and even the smallest of ways.  Smiling at a stranger in the grocery store–just because you want to.  Hugging your loved one, speaking a kind word, committing to a cause, picking up that piece of litter on your path, petting your cat or dog with admiration for the amazing creature they are.  All of these have the potential to be infused with Divine love.  Each one carries the power to transform the energy of the moment and move you into a space of grace.

For years, I’ve wanted to be connected in a very real way to networks of grace, in which a conscious mode of living is priority number one.  As I’ve mentioned before, I’m truly in awe of the energetic unity shared through the social outlet of Facebook.  And yet, this is the very place in which it is possible for ALL of us to align with a force so much greater than we could imagine.  Not the “only” place, for certain.  But in my own journey of late, it has become a very significant hub of connection….to Networks of Grace present and rapidly growing and expanding around the globe.  It’s there my beloved teacher Andrew Harvey is making a difference through the message of his book The Hope and his creation of the Sacred Activist.  Through this movement, we are living our truth through the passions of our heart–and THAT is the stimulus to the action we take. 

It is through heart-centered living and interacting with our world that we BECOME the CHANGE.  For if you are here reading this, you certainly desire to BE it.  You are seeking consciousness, fine-tuning your relationship to the Divine and willing to put your beliefs into practice.  This is it my friends–this is it!  Living and BEING in the field of grace.  And we become channels of the Divine when we allow that grace to flow from us…like a brilliant spotlight shining outward from the heart chakra.  WE are the channel of Divine love and healing.

I encourage you, however you feel guided from your own spirit, to allow your passion to lead you.  Let it spill forth from your being in whatever way it desires.  For it lives in our very soul…and is the voice of our deepest longings.  Take this moment, tune in and listen….for you will find the spark of it in the whispers of your heart….