I AM Whispering

Quiet Whispers


Prayer settles my heart because it is the place of communing.

My heart knows speaking and listening as one.

My desires are near me and prayer is my nearer voice.

Whispers of my heart pour out in the breath of prayer.

I am a part of what is wonderful.

I am filled by what is holy and good.

I am receiving what I need and giving what transforms me.

I am so alive from a whisper and a prayer.


~ Carolyn Flinn McCool

Shared through Women as Visionaries with Lore Raymond.

This left me breathless with my own internal validation of truth as I read it. It came to me from one of the Sister Souls in my circle, Edgy Mystic Melynnda. Affirmation, blessing, prayer….heart whisper. I’m passing it on to you, dear friends. Beautiful. 


Cocoon of Illness

Rarely do I actually ‘get sick,’ but this last week was a clear exception. I seemed to have caught the virus going around and felt poorly for several days, even spending the entirety of Saturday on the couch. As you know by now, I believe everything has purpose, including illness. Sometimes just to give us space to rest or focus on taking care of ourselves. We–especially women–aren’t always so good at turning our loving and nurturing inward, and yet we would drop everything to be sure we were present for a loved one. Certainly that is part of what was occurring with my illness. There’s been a lot–and I mean a LOT–of tense activity with our three teenage children recently. Accidents & traffic tickets are beginning to pile up. As parents, we’ve been pretty open with them growing up, and now it all shifts to having to deal with something beyond mom and dad–the lessons are endless. So certainly stress and an outpouring of energy and resources to others has played a factor. 

But even with that realization, I was unprepared for what I was going to feel on Sunday when I woke up feeling great! It was literally as though I had entered into this bubble of time and space, only to come out renewed and feeling so alive. Never before have I encountered an illness in quite this way. This felt very much like a death and rebirth. Some of my instinctual ‘fix-it-ness’ died while I was in that cocoon of self awareness. I surrendered–without even realizing it actually–some of my drive to take care of everyone else, to make it ok, to be sure they all have what they need. Instead, the lesson my son’s spirit has taught me in this last year–that of trusting the Universe/God is holding us all and can take care of what is needed–expanded into more of my heartspace. 

I’ve understood illness can be an impetus to connecting to the Divine, to healing and releasing what no longer serves us. And yet, this was so much more than those words convey. It was so very much like emerging from the tomb, awake and aware of Life once again. There is a deep appreciation of who I am, what my life is. When I look at my husband and children I feel so much love. Being in our home fills me with gratitude and yes, even a desire to honor it by keeping it picked up and cleaned. I feel like I want to eat better. Some people have an intense life changing experience that is filled with the sound of angels singing. This was much more subtle while in process, but feels exhilarating on this side. 

Everything–everything in this life is a gift to us, even when it doesn’t feel to be so. Grace comes disguised into our lives at times, and we can only recognize her when we stop to look back at the paths of our journey. Yet, if we are open to seeing her, we find She was there all the time. Reminds me of Footprints….there was only one set ‘because I was carrying you.’ Even when we didn’t know it. xo 



Ebb & Flow

Hello my beautiful soul companions. Although it’s been some time since I’ve written, I’ve visited here often and spent a few moments with each of you and the energy of this space we share together. I’m wondering how your own journeys have been, as I know mine feels to be in a continual state of transition. Some would say it’s the shift we are all encountering at this very pivotal time in our Earth’s–and indeed our entire Universe’s history. Others would venture that perhaps it’s the natural ‘mid-life’ movement we will all experience as we approach ’40.’ And then there’s the life changes we are personally undergoing, with our own children more and more becoming young adults rather than children. I think, perhaps, the list could go on endlessly–not only for me, but for us all. When in reality, the truth must be that life is a perpetual state of being–being present to all that is moving, transitioning, transforming and shifting around us on a daily basis.

Even the daylight we enjoy is in continual motion. For we welcome the dawning stream of light each morning, only to usher in moonlight’s womb with the darkness. And with the changing of seasons there is a new dance of daylight that plays upon us. Storms roll in at times, bringing in the grey and darkness, offering to us the quietude of inner contemplation. We even change our clocks to accommodate the amount of light that shines into each day, and to make best use of her presence with us.

Why then would we not walk in step with this evolution of light? We are light beings ourselves, attuned to the brilliance of Divine presence as much as to the radiance of the sun’s warmth and shining rays. Evolution is a part of our being, our journey here on this planet. The light we carry within moves, shifts, shines, dims–remaining in a constant state of flux. It’s an intricate rhythm being kept between our souls and the day-to-day life of Earth school.

And so to each of us I offer this: Let the music move you. Allow yourself to ebb and flow with the movement of waves upon the shore. For what you find when the tide washes in, is the opportunity to start anew; to see with fresh eyes the potential and expansion within your spirit that is as tremendous as the specks of sand that grace the coastal shores.

All my love to each of you….xoxo

Gentle Reminders

You can grow as fast as you want to. ~ Caroline Myss

The truth in this statement is that ‘want to’ isn’t merely a matter of our wills choosing and forcing our growth to occur. Rather, it takes a full embrace of the growth process within all of our being. There is an alignment needed in order for change to enter our lives, and while taking that bit of space to CHOOSE it is important and perhaps a very big first step, it isn’t the only piece of the puzzle.

Transformation can move at a rapid pace, and sometimes with its own focused gentle rhythm. And while we CAN grow as fast as we want to, the ‘want to’ must be felt on so many levels. We can ‘want to’ for years and fully believe we are ready, wondering why it’s not happening, what we must be missing, and all the while the Divine is lovingly assisting us in shifting the interior of our beliefs on the most mundane and the most intimate and sacred of layers. Often, we aren’t even aware of the places where change is most required, for we aren’t used to looking that deeply.

This has been true of my own experience as well. It seems for years I’ve been focused on finding that place within myself that guides me from the energy of love, passion, pure connection through the heart of my soul to those people, things, activities and experiences that honor my being, light up my energy and speak the language of my soul. I’ve known for so long that I must CHOOSE change, which I did and I have, and yet it has still taken years to really come to this place where I feel that focus manifesting. While it appears from this vantage point that the transformation is moving at a rapid pace–and indeed it does feel so too–the reality is this space of my life in which the changes are happening with lightning speed is merely a step far down the road in the process of CHOOSING, in the focus of ‘I want to.’

I realized just how quickly it’s all been moving when I took time to be still as I worked with two beautiful women recently. The first was Shelly Wilson, a Reiki master from whom I received long distance healing last week. Very little was required of me–to just lie down and relax. Rather than lie in silence, which I love, I chose to have random music playing softly in the background. The Universe certainly had a hand in the entire experience in a way I’ve not felt before with long distance healing or focused intention. Without any knowledge of what Shelly was doing on her end, I felt the energy move through each one of my chakras, stirring emotions, cleansing residues, radiantly shining as it moved through me. I was acutely aware of its path, and learned only later that as I was experiencing this, Shelly was working to cleanse and activate each chakra. The dialogue she sent to me of what was occurring on her end during the session was remarkably similar to what I was feeling. I’m amazed still at the miraculous connection of it. And I was equally amazed how wonderful it felt to just even lie down and take a space of time out of this fast-moving space I’ve been in for several months. A gentle reminder from my being that rest is needed. Growth is desired, but rest is an integral part of the process. Ah, I’d forgotten how to rest in this way, and the work with Shelly was step one in remembering, honoring.

The second came through a very lovingly guided live session with Fay Hart. I’m still learning about her work, but just the bit of time we spent together created an enormous shift in how I communicate with my body. This work is desperately needed in our culture today, for we’ve disassociated with the wisdom and pure truth present in our bodies. And even more so, what we do experience as pain or discomfort, we’ve learned to respond with the desire to ‘fix’ or ‘get rid of’ it. The mind had to be quieted in order to allow the body her turn to speak. Tears welled up as I heard Fay say ‘your body is learning to trust you.’ Yes, she is. Thank you. It was a true AHA! moment.

This process with Fay also felt very much like the next step of the shadow work we’ve all had to do in order to become our whole selves. Now we are embracing the ‘darkness’ of our physical discomfort, welcoming it–and in doing so shining the love and healing of Light into its place.

Time with each of these women felt like a gift of awareness, an opening into something deeper within myself. These gentle reminders of who I am and what my WHOLE being needs from this ‘new’ perspective brought an awareness and richness of being I’d not felt before. We are body, mind, soul–and it’s time to embrace, honor and welcome the full aspects of all. It’s time to integrate ALL of who we are on so many levels. For as we allow ourselves to become ONE, we lovingly send that energy into the world, realizing ALL is ONE. Love to you my friends…xoxo

Traveling Deeper into Authenticity

We are as Dorothy: following the ‘yellow brick road’ only to learn we ‘had the power all the time.’

It feels as though the transformation process is moving at a rapid pace just now. And as I am observing the journey of others, it’s clear this is not true just for me. I believe strongly that we are in a very crucial time of evolution; a space in which our choices carry enormous impact. Making even the smallest decision in our lives seems to release a chain of events that is so much more tangible than ever before.

The deeper we journey into the very soul of our authentic selves, the more our lights shine, the greater the energy we are manifesting. No longer is it just shifting quietly inside us, but the vibrancy of it is animating in a rather wild and miraculous way in our outer lives as well. The two have become intricately intertwined. Where once living a spiritual life meant meditating, burning incense, taking time to be in ‘quiet’–we are now being called to ACT on behalf of our inner truth. The quiet meditation is still part of our practice, but it is no longer enough. CHANGE requires ACTION. And these actions are not merely good deeds.

This energy emanates from the very depths of our souls–the place where our passion lives and breathes, with the brilliance of the perfect diamond. As we encounter enormous acts of inhumanity around the globe, we must turn to something equally as powerful to shift the energy. Prayer is always one of our greatest tools, and I do believe prayer has the power to align us with Universal will. Yet, there must be those of us who are willing to act on the beliefs that fuel our prayers and stand up, speak out and carry the torch on behalf of our planet–OUT LOUD.

As with everything there is a balance, and in no way do I intend to say that everyone must become an activist, taking up a cause and leaving behind our lives in its favor. There are those for whom a quiet inner life is their calling. And I do feel certain they too must live outwardly what they believe as truth in their souls. There are others who stand at the forefront of the movement for change, compassion, ‘Love in Action.’ But what must be true for all of us–however we live our lives–is that we will be asked to stand true in our beliefs, on whatever scale connects to our energies. And when that call comes, we must answer with authentic presence.

For me, the desire to be authentic is reordering so much of how I have lived. OUT LOUD sometimes feels uncomfortable. I can no longer simply keep people happy with quiet resignation of who I am. This is ‘Love in Action.’ And it moves beyond just myself and into a passion to share that love, honoring and allowing others to be their own version of Divine LOVE.

I invite you to travel deeper into your own authenticity and really explore what this all means for you. How do you stand tall in the ‘I AM’ presence that is our sacred being? And what must change in order for you to honor your own personal, inner soul calling? Are you willing to let go of the safety that comes from acquiescing to false truths within yourself? Our time is NOW, my friends. Each one of us is being called. The journey looks different on everyone, but its underlying truth remains the same: I AM a Divine being filled with sacred essence and have been gifted with the grace to live my truth.

Much love.

Just as You Are

As part of the fall program Revolution4Evolution, I’ve been taking classes and preparing myself to stand fully behind my beliefs that WE are the change. One of the teachers and the visionary behind the program Malathy Drew assured us that this work would shine a light on the places where we have yet to align our actions–our outer world, with our beliefs–our inner world. I understood it when she said it, and could see how that would be absolutely true.

I now find myself LIVING it. Part of what I’m currently working on is creating a short ‘welcome’ video for my new FB page. Loving words as I do, it seems it would be so simple: just sit down, set aside the nerves and talk from the heart. Oh dear friends, it’s not going ‘according to plan.’ Try as I might, there’s something I struggle to move past in this process and the Universe has her own Divine timing. My mind understands the message: BE AUTHENTIC. YOU ARE PERFECT just as you are. And yet, something deeper within has taken on a very different belief and is now wrestling to maintain its hold.

This space is unexpected and unnerving. There’s a great sense of frustration and again–my MIND understands surrender is necessary. But here’s the odd paradox contained within this inner conflict: there’s also a Divine timing in the act of surrender. Just knowing it, realizing it’s needed–these are not enough. There has to be a very profound shift within the interior of oneself that alchemically begins to RELEASE the toxic beliefs and dialogue contained within the shadows of our being.

Something so simple–proving to be painfully difficult. Even while I realize there is a transforming presence in this space, I continue to feel exhausted, frustrated and at odds with it. So often, we are transformed and connected to the Divine through the simplest of our life’s experiences. What feels so ‘small’ becomes enormous when we are facing the truth of ourselves and letting go of remnants from our past programming.

I’ve attached a photo of another of our beautiful, Divine feline companions. Pete was a rescue and has brought to us the energy of being enough ‘just as you are.’ He has no idea one of his eyes is missing. His life is no less filled with love and serenity. Pete is always willing to purr a sweet whispers of love and has a very peaceful and content presence about him. My heart fills with love….and I am reminded that I am already perfect as I am. Time to let go of expectations for it to ‘look’ a certain way–even those I didn’t realize were deeply rooted in my being.

I thank you for allowing me to share with you, and ask for your love and prayers. Just being in this space of allowing the truth to be stated and feeling the power of these words and this experience is healing. I’m certain my heart is whispering….and for me the work is to see and release the layers blocking my soul from hearing. My spirit is willing…and my intention today is to connect to the inner voice and just allow it to be so. Much love to you all…xoxo

Unexpected Visitor

I’ve just learned something new about myself! Really, like so much we ‘learn’ about ourselves, I’ve always known it, and so I’ve just RE-discovered it. I’m inspired by Nature–she is one of my greatest guides and today this realization strikes me deeply. A full dialogue to share with you all was already present in my mind as I opened this page to write. And then in the blink of an eye, it all shifted and the storyline has changed. Isn’t this the way of our own journey?

As I prepared to write, I did something I always do–glanced out my window, looking INTO the trees, feeling enraptured in the energy of shadows dancing on green grass beaming in the beautiful sunshine. Follow me, as this journey is taking many turns through the truths playing out in my interior conversation: I began to type ‘beautiful Georgia sun’ and was stopped in my tracks with the Divine cosmic reality of the nature of our planet. The sun here in Georgia is not belonging to her alone, this is the radiating source of energy that shines on us ALL, in every moment. We may not always FEEL the glow and heated warmth she gives, but we are always beneath her light as it washes over, into and around our planet. At nighttime, when our back is to her, she continues to shine. Not feeling her presence is in no way an indication of her absence.

Can you feel this truth my friends, as the truth of the Divine? Always we are in the arms of embrace, always we are held, loved, comforted and guided. Always–even when we have turned our back to the grace surrounding us. Do take a moment to let yourself feel fully the realization of this truth.

Nature. Ah yes, that’s where this post began. My guide and loved one. I’ve known it to be so, but even more so in the way my soul is feeling it in this space. So often we wish to complicate it by wanting to know ‘who is my soul guide?’ So simple, loved ones. One of our greatest is Nature herself. And SHE is everywhere, in every space we enter. There is no way to be separate from her. So the truth becomes that we are always receiving guidance…and when we feel distant from that reality, it is WE who have turned away from it.

There is peace in this knowing–a kind of serenity we all search for and long to feel. Here it is–open, available and ALWAYS shining into the heart of who you are. Be still a moment, close your eyes, feel the warmth of sunshine washing over you. And listen….for you will hear your heart doing what our hearts always do…..whispering words of grace and wisdom…..xo