“Love Yourself Enough”

I don’t like to be redundant in my writing/messages, but this statement feels as though it’s JUMPING out at me–almost like a mantra.  “Love yourself enough to heal.”  It’s included on the “Forgive Yourself” card in the Wisdom for Healing–50 Lessons in Personal Empowerment deck by Caroline Myss.  But truly…”love yourself enough to heal” can be applied to so many areas of our lives.

Love yourself enough to recognize and confront addictive behaviors.  Love yourself enough to choose to step away from a disempowering relationship.  Love yourself enough to stand in the mirror and see the beauty in you.  Love yourself enough to be still and hear the voice of Spirit.  Love yourself enough to take care of your body, eat healthy and maintain physical well-being.  Love yourself enough to feed your spirit daily.  Love yourself enough to use your mental gifts to empower yourself and others.  Love yourself enough to release what no longer supports your inner growth and contentment.  Love yourself enough…..

And couldn’t we just stop the whole sentence right there?  Love yourself enough.  There really isn’t always a call to add an “ending”–a directive.  So often we (I certainly) wish for the DO to accompany the BE.  Love yourself enough.  Period.  Just be…in the space of loving yourself enough.  Is there any end to where this could take us, truly?  It becomes a “limitless” (in the words of Wayne Dyer) existence.  The possibilities for our soul, our love, our life are endless when we simply make this choice to “love yourself enough.”

So this mantra I will take with me today.  Perhaps….or indeed it is the answer to my own inner seeking of this morning.  This was my message from Spirit….and the one to which I am listening.  “Love yourself enough Jackie.”  For I know in truth it’s the voice of my own inner soul, speaking from that place where my Divine being meets THE Divine Presence.  And I’m listening, as I hear it speak directly…from the whispers of my heart…..

“Love yourself enough.”

Wayne Dyer 1.19.11

A reminder to us all to live in the present and allow today’s opportunities to assist us in creating our own reality.  The past does NOT define who you are!

“Practice enjoying the present moment, rather than using it up consumed with guilt over the past or worry about the future.  Refuse to allow any thoughts based on your past to define you.”  ~ Wayne Dyer

Castles in the Sand

Listening to the waves make their way onto the sand washing away anything in their path, and then retreat again, it’s easy to imagine the castles that are or were once built along the shore.  Some take a great deal of time to build their sculpture-quality castle, securing a strong foundation and adding the finest of details.  Others may build quickly crafted walls, with very little garnish.  In either case, the waves will come and the castles will fall.  Even when built far up on the shoreline, eventually the water prevails and the shore returns to its natural state.

Isn’t this true for us, too?  Are we not the castles in the sand?  We can craft or create whatever we wish in our lives.  It may stand tall for many, many years.  Or it may fall at the first hint of a rolling wave.

Consider this from the perspective of what you wish to create as your reality.  Wayne Dyer says “What’s true in the morning, has become a lie in the afternoon.”  What we feel is important today, this week, this year – at this exact moment – is always prone to change.  Think back to a time in your life when you can from this vantage point confidently say “I’m not the same person I was then.”  This is the transformation of life.  We do not stay the same, nor are we meant to do so.

We are given the sands of the shore on which to sculpt the desires of our hearts.  And we are also given the grace of the waves to wash away what no longer serves us.  Still, it remains true at the end of the day – every grain of sand that once stood as our castle continues to be part of us and contribute to the whole of who we are.  Although the castles may be washed away, the sand is still the sand and can be used to build yet again.

Now, take this concept and apply it to your life TODAY.  Build the castle you desire….and allow the one that is crumbling to take its place back in the sands of time.  Nothing is lost, for the potential of the builder is ever-present.  You are the builder.  You are the creator of your own destiny.  Gather your tools and begin to create what you most desire.  This is a new year, 2011 – embrace it and allow your truth to unfold.

And as you know, my friends…..the way to your desires and the truth of who you are….is through the whispers of your heart.