Love Whispers to Me

~ The Choice to Love ~

Love – because I choose to.

I want to.

It’s me.


I love you because that’s who I am.

My heart tells me so.

Love is not equal


Asked for.


Love is free

Always accessible

Available to all.


There are no rules

No requirements

To love.


I can love any time of day

Anyone I choose

Anywhere I am.


I AM love

And I have only to connect to its presence.


Loving isn’t always about the other person.

I love—

For me.


My heart wants to love

My spirit is love

My soul knows love intimately.


I am love.

I choose love.


Loving is for me.

My heart needs it

And even wants it.


My soul feels whole when I am loving.

My spirit sings

My self smiles.


Whatever I can do today

Whatever I can’t do tomorrow

I can ALWAYS love.


~  Love Calls to Me  ~

Love waits for me behind the door

Welcoming, inviting me into her warm embrace

As I step through the threshold.


She is always there

Chanting silently

“Choose me, choose me.”


She will wait with patience and understanding

She will wait while I decide.


Will I choose love?

How can I possibly find my way to her through the mine field

Of fear, disempowerment, hurt, wounds, expectations?


How do I maneuver these obstacles

Stay the course

And meet her on the other side?


It seems so difficult

But then all at once becomes clear.


She is there

Shining, glowing, warm, radiant

Offering joy, peace, connection.


And so I begin with the choosing.

I choose love.


And one step at a time

I walk toward her.

Feeling love’s heat enter again

Into my heart.


With each step forward

She expands into my being.

Filling every cell

Every finger, every toe.


Tears of release flow gently down.

There goes my anger

And then my fear

Hot streams of my pain and pride run down my face.


And I keep walking

Looking up

Realizing how close to her full, beautiful presence I have come.


My heart is soft


Opening up fully to her.


I reach out my hand to touch her

Her gentle arms open to me.

We connect

A warm and deep embrace.


And when I open my eyes to look again

Her form is gone.

Yet I feel her so completely in my entire being.

She is with me still.


AS me.

We are one.

Love and I.

United—joined in grace.


I am relaxed now.

My heartbeat speaks the language of her

Of me

Of love.


We are one now.

Love and I.

I am love.


~  by Jackie L. Robinson  2.16.11  ~




You Already Know Who You Are

I believe it’s true that we come to this life with the full knowing of who we are.  Inside our being lives connection to our chart, which holds all the details of our spirit’s journey here.  I also believe the lessons we are here to learn, the people we will meet along the way and the purpose of our presence in this time of history have all been decided upon well before we actually arrived.

We come here with the knowledge in our soul of who we truly are.  But part of the journey is to become immersed in this world that is Earth school.  It’s very clear that as children begin school some of their “innocence” which is their very pure connection to Spirit starts to fade a bit, and the social ‘do’s and ‘don’t’s take affect.  All through our school years and into our early adult years, we are influenced by what the world expects from us, what others think, who we “should” be and what we “should” be doing.

But take a moment and consider this:  we have come here as ourselves – lost ourselves in these expectations – only to work our way into remembering who we are yet again.  When life offers us an opportunity, and we are dissatisfied enough in Earth school to reach out and take it, the reconnection begins its transformation.  The things that were so important once in our lives lose their luster.  Fame, success, fortune all leave us empty.  The soul knows its way back.

You already know who you are.  Every fiber of your being carries the memory of why you are here.  These memories are not like Earth memories.  They are not clear in the mind.  They are *crystal* clear in your heart and soul.  There is not another on this planet who shares this knowing about you.  Why then, do we allow others opinions and beliefs to shift our course?

Yes, lovelies, you already know who you are.  Doesn’t just that statement make your heart sing?  Can you feel your spirit smiling upon repeating it to yourself?  Transition what you allow to impact you – or perhaps just how you allow it to do so.  Hold onto what you know is true today, in the recesses of your heart.  Try this – find a quiet place today and ask yourself what you know for sure about you.  Be still, filter out the background noises in your mind, and listen…..

Listen…..for it is the whispers of your heart that are your truth…..

On Being Broken

The message that continues to make its presence known is centered around transformation; letting go of what we hold onto so tightly, to allow for what is next to come through.

In Avatar there was a line:  “It is hard to fill a cup that is already full.”  When we spend our time and energy holding on to what WAS rather than looking into today and seeing what IS, we are robbing ourselves of the potential we all carry.  Spirit is speaking to us daily, offering us opportunities to create change, to be the architects of our own destiny.  Sitting still, we miss out on the gifts and miracles that will be the catalyst to transform our pain, our need to control, our fear, our self-destruction into healing, trust, peace, self-esteem and LOVE.

Can you imagine?  Love knocks on your door, desiring to be the center of your life, but asking you one thing in return:  you must give and receive her unconditionally.  You must put your ego on the shelf, quiet the need to be right, to be understood, to have it your own way…and choose…to LOVE.  We must allow ourselves to be broken, so that what we cannot see, but most need can enter the cracks of our soul, of our heart, and weave love into every crevice.

It was 3 or 4 years ago now that I did some work with Debbie Unterman, an alchemical hypnotherapist here in Atlanta.  During one of our sessions, I remember so clearly saying that I couldn’t let go, I couldn’t feel or relinquish control because I was like an egg – and if I did let go – I was going to break.  And from that session I learned, it was ok to break, for there would be a new me born of what remained.  I can promise you that my life has changed dramatically since then; perhaps less on the outside than from within.  My controller worked hard inside of my emotions, quieting my voice, dampening my spirit.  There were some very tough places along the way, in which I certainly did feel emptiness.  But love has and continues to fill those spaces, opening me to richness I could only have imagined.

Take a chance, let go, allow yourself to break, knowing the love and light will fill you up if you let it.  Open yourself, your spirit; listen to your own voice.  For it is then you will hear the whispers of your heart.