Want A Little More? ~ Links to Love

Lots moving and I’m really opening up the conversation. Around what specifically? I don’t have a label for it, but here’s my best description: Around sinking so deeply into ourselves we cannot help but move with the pulse there. Around riding the waves of our internal hunger into an ecstatic undulation of Life. Around loving with a fiery passion all of who you are. JUICY?? Yes. That’s the exactly what it is. ~ Jacqueline 
~ Arousing, soul-provoking musings and quotes always offered on Kissing the Sacred Facebook community. 
 ~ Immerse yourself in a reflection of divine holiness, beauty, vitality and grace. Thank you to Cat Forsley for her magical video creation of my sensual poem Woman on Fire.

 ~ On the Sacred Feminine and Sensuality, listen in to my conversation with Shelly Wilson from October 2014.
~ Rosangel Perez and I discuss the energy of the Awakening Woman on her program  Cafecito Break in April 2014.