Women’s Temple Practice

In collaboration with Arlia Hoffman and the Atlanta Women’s Temple, I’m delighted to facilitate the ancient ritual of Temple gatherings. We are a circle of women who wish to regularly come together and share in communion as part of our soul practice. My personal passion for this work emanates from a deep love of the feminine, and the belief that we sink more deeply into the beauty, power and fullness of ourselves as we honor our own presence in the company of one another.

Arlia and I welcome you to join us in community for a gathering of women in celebration of the sacred feminine. Together we invoke sacred rest, dance of spirit, communion of souls, and nourishment of soul and body.

Karol Bak God
Artist Karol Bak


Atlanta Women’s Temple is currently on hiatus and our Athens Temple practice is at full capacity and closed to new members. We’ll be planning open events in both locations later this summer and in the fall of 2017, so please check back.

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